What Kiss Means

​Author: Kelvin Annorson Age: 13 A kiss is a sign of affection An answer to a suggestion  And an act of perfection  Lips intersect lips Hands touches hips  Desire of wanting more dips  Sinking as the heart sips It makes a man have eternal bliss  All because it is a perfect kiss Hold me tight, … More What Kiss Means


Author: Kelvin Annorson Age: 13   L O V E  is a beautiful thing, A holy performance of sin, Love is a passion and feeling, That portrays the innermost by revealing. L O V E  is beyond boundaries and perfection, That for told and for tells like a revelation, Love tells what one feels inside, … More L O V E

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Tales from Madina is now public, we introducing a new page called”SUBMISSION”, this page will have four new sub pages, 1.Short stories, 2.Poetry, 3. Articles and 4. Secrets. Under Short stories: the public would be allowed to send in their own stories to be published on talesfrommadina.com for free Under Poetry: the public would be … More Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles