Author: Kelvin Annorson Take me back to the days, where peace prevailed everywhere Where old and young, alike gathers to listen, whether dignified or mere Where old ones told young ones stories of past Where young grew to tell their children and forever in their heart it lasts Anansesem, wasn’t simply a mere adage or … More Anansesem


  I wasn’t really a fan of group chats on Whatsapp until I was added to this particular one. I only knew one person in there, it was really awkward at first, but I decided to keep an open mind and stay, they asked me to introduce myself and upload my photo, I did a … More THE KUMASI TRIP

The Perfect Wedding

I asked her to come with me, it’s a beautiful late evening, the sun was gradually setting down and taking a stroll along the beach doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She didn’t want to go at first, she said, “It’s cold at the beach, I won’t feel comfortable”, but I told her, “Okay, here, … More The Perfect Wedding

Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles

Tales from Madina is now public, we introducing a new page called”SUBMISSION”, this page will have four new sub pages, 1.Short stories, 2.Poetry, 3. Articles and 4. Secrets. Under Short stories: the public would be allowed to send in their own stories to be published on for free Under Poetry: the public would be … More Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles