I wasn’t really a fan of group chats on Whatsapp until I was added to this particular one. I only knew one person in there, it was really awkward at first, but I decided to keep an open mind and stay, they asked me to introduce myself and upload my photo, I did a … More THE KUMASI TRIP

Friendzone [Part I]

I spotted this girl at matriculation, we were both level 100 students, the girl was fine. If there was another word that could describe someone who had surpassed the level of beauty, I’d use that word. She had this pretty face and physic that every husband would wake up every morning just to see. She … More Friendzone [Part I]

The Covenant

In class six, my classmates started teasing me with her, It was funny how it all began, and it wasn’t as if we were close. It started as a mere teasing season, and it gradually became a menace. I think it started some time ago when Mary came to visit me at home when I … More The Covenant