Sacred cradle.

Muttering in sleep, letting out open secrets. A locket made out of oyster shells, I’d gladly share with her. Coming home to meet her pretty face, is like sunshine through the rain.   Took his sperm, and stored for purpose. Amidst the pains and the screams, I can’t say she bore me with ease as … More Sacred cradle.


Is there anything else I should get you before I get back to bed? If there is please make it quick I really want to be an early bird tonight. I don’t want you waking me up in the middle of the night again like you always do, asking me to go find you a … More Labour

The Orphan

Mama, papa, you left when i was young I’m now living with a stranger I can’t say life’s good or bitter I didn’t ask to be born Is this life all there is?   All day by the fire, I feel the smoke in my lung I work more and complain less, tho’ my life’s … More The Orphan

am i the father?

John was a gentleman who had four kids, Yaw Ofosu Amoah 19, Ama Joana 16, Obaa Yaa 14 and Timothy 9 , all his kids were gorgeous, beautiful kids, except for the youngest one, Timothy, who was nothing short of gruesome. He was the exact opposite of his other siblings, many referred to him as … More am i the father?