Feeling nostalgic after dreaming of her, I woke up stuck in the blues. And the fact is, “Abrakadabra”: she cast a spell on me, her words like magic. Her face photographed on my brains, the feeling was nostalgic,  was I going insane.? I loved to tease, she liked to laugh. Her voice was clear, her … More Nostalgia!


Author – @GeorgeWritings Every step, every decision, every love or hate, every gaze; We walk into a trap. If doubt, dread or fear and sicknesses gives us a tap. Death pays a visit with slaps … and the same way in our heart sorrow takes a nap. Death had never understood our body. It takes … More Death


​Author: Kita Twitter:@Anitaaaa_n They said the place with the most dreams is the cemetery, just that they never came to life. Perhaps some worked hard, just so hard for that dream. Others were just comfortable to dream in their sleeps, the land of Hades brought further relief. But how about those who never dreamt? Never … More Suicide

C’est La Vie

Author: mdJaey   C’est la vie… So what happened when I was age 7, 8 or 9..? What happens when I get tensed and can’t count to 10..? What happened when I was ten and had my first Crush..? A very honest girl called Tina; Ernestina to be precise… What happened when my first love … More C’est La Vie

Wet Dreamz

I went to play football with my friends on Friday, around 4:30 pm. I came home around 6:00 pm. I was very exhausted; I went for my bath, ate something and went straight to bed, I think around 8:30 pm. My team had lost, so I wasn’t in the mood to talk or watch TV … More Wet Dreamz