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1st April 2016, I remember I was at the Cyber Arena Internet café trying to set up a blog for myself. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing, I thought having blog for my stories and poetry online was just awesome, that way I don’t lose records of it since the stories I … More @ 1


​I’m mad, I’m very angry I’m filled with rage, I feel like breaking something, anything, but I can’t I can’t ‘cause I’m broke, I cant afford to replace it I want to punch something but there’s nothing close Feel like I’m possessed, my rib cage moving up and down Fuck I’m I even writing? FUCK … More Goodbye

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Tales from Madina is now public, we introducing a new page called”SUBMISSION”, this page will have four new sub pages, 1.Short stories, 2.Poetry, 3. Articles and 4. Secrets. Under Short stories: the public would be allowed to send in their own stories to be published on talesfrommadina.com for free Under Poetry: the public would be … More Submit your story, poetry, secrets and articles