Painkillers do not kill the pain Only leads not to the path of sane From a killer to an addict, who do I blame The pain reaches so deep like roots These urges and craving I give in to Just one more to curb this pain Addicted to the pain I can’t lose this pain … More OVERDOSE

He shot his shot

Shooting your shot has never been easy, it demands you put aside your pride and tell the one you really like, how you feel, the drawback is, your feelings might not be mutual 💔 There’s no formula for shooting your shot, you just have to be creative and cross your fingers. A reader drew inspiration … More He shot his shot

I shot my shot…

Decided to do a social experiment, the aim was to find out how many select female friends of mine would want to marry me in the future, the bait was “You know what? Mark today’s date, ‘cos despite our differences, I know I’m gonna marry you one day” below are screenshots of their first reactions … More I shot my shot…

A Stranger In Kumasi

For the past 6 months I’ve been living in Kumasi, doing my National Service. It’s been an awesome journey so far. I am teaching in a Basic school at Aboabo, I’ve made some really nice friends and created bonds with people that could last a lifetime. What I love about this place is the cost … More A Stranger In Kumasi

Crazy World

So is it an irony that you enter this world with tears yet those around you have smiles on their faces? Whereas when you are placed in a coffin, these same faces are filled with tears? Life’s like a mist. We are all pawns in the game between; Life and Death, Good and Evil, Love … More Crazy World

FINAL CHAPTER; CHAPTER TEN – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Ten – CARDIGAN The morning had drawn clear and cold, as the sun gave a breeze of a silent warm air, on young Cardigan who observed the Sun’s beauty from the fourth floor of the school building. This was his last day in earth, and he chose to enjoy it by observing and feeling … More FINAL CHAPTER; CHAPTER TEN – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle