The five stood on hover leaves right before the gigantic flower, which looked at them with strange glowing insibidi eyes on its flower head. They appeared like ants before a giant tree.

“King Protea??? One of the oldest flowers ever to exist, South Africa’s King Protea” Berima commented with awe.

” Wow, interesting I’ll admit you are kind of good at history.Hmm not everyone knows what kind of flower this is, hmmm, don’t let what I just said get over your head – dum dum.” Aranaa teased.

” What did you just say??”. Berima asked proudly, ready to argue with Aranaa.

” Come on, guys, guys ” Abam said trying to calm the both down, they had never gotten along since day one.

” King Protea it is. Since it’s one of the oldest Flowers, it has proved to be our Time Travel Port.” Time Elder Tohazie commented.

” Interesting.” Berima praised. As the huge flower eye opened it’s eye like a garage gate allowing All five, entrance into it.

Berima looked all round with great awe and wonder. He had never beheld sights like this. Within the flower appeared to be an all white hall, a large spacious one exactly like the palace, and only three wonders of nature could be seen there.

A glowing pool of water stationed to the west side of the hall, a pit of sand stationed to the South part of the hall, and a strange tree with glowing leaves stationed to the East part of the huge hall, the hall was heavy with the scent of nature itself, the air was extremely clean, maybe too clean.

” What are these ones for??? The pool of water, the pit of sand and the glowing leave tree??” Berima asked.

” The three Mediums of Time Travel. These Three Nature’s have far existed before Man and beast itself, hence these ones are our Time Traveling machines. The water, the sand and the tree are no ordinary Ones. They were created with Ancestral Arts- The study and Manipulation of Ashe.” Time Elder Tohazie said.

” Ancestral arts huh?” Berima said.

“Yep, people mistaken Ancestral arts to be Magic. However they are solely wrong. It’s a science on its own, A Science beyond ordinary science. Mainly studied by those we call The Cosmic Linguists. Ancestral Arts my son, is a large Topic on its own, will enlighten you more on it after this mission.

” Interesting. Eda told me about it. But not the Cosmic Linguists part. An interesting science it would Quantum mechanics.”

” Yeah, it’s a little bit difficult than quantum mechanics my son, very difficult.” Time Elder Tohazie said.

” So what’s the mission?” Berima asked.

” The King of the Ashanti Confederation, OSEI TUTU has been murdered by the King Slayers affecting the Timeline. Meaning all his descendants have been wiped off the surface of the earth. And secondly there will be war.”

” War???” Berima said un shock.

” Yes, Nana Osei Tutu was honored and known for joining together all Asante Kingdoms, if he is gone in the past, The Confederation will not take place anymore and hence there shall be war in present day Ghana.” Aranaa explained.

” Yh, the Timeline has been altered, or should I say the Continuum Prime, which is the Central Timeline of the universe is being split apart, hence creating a new Timeline, where All descendants of Kings are dying and the existence of unexplained wars. We are to restore back the Central Timeline into it’s Original state.Berima.”

” The King Slayers, they want something. And they don’t care how many times they mess up with the Continuum Prime.” Abam said.

” So you mean There are currently existence of multiple Timelines??” Berima asked.

” Kind of.” Eda answered.

” That is why people are vanishing, all over Africa, Their existence is being wiped out of the Continuum Prime. Hence since the Continuum Prime has been messed up with, multiple Timelines are sprouting out of the Timeline creating Alternate dimensions, where If Osei Tutu, and the other Kings didn’t exist what the world would have been like. Am now getting a hold of it.

Comparing The Continuum Prime to a single branch of Palm branch with no leaves. However if there is a mess in time, that is where other longer leaves sprout out of the branches.” Berima said with a smile.

” Hmm, interesting- you are a quick study.” Elder Tohazie commented.

” So as at now, the current Timeline I just came from is a branch, A new Timeline where The First Kings never existed. Berima added.

” The main trouble here is that the Space Time Continuum is being affected and now we need to repair it.” Tohazie said as he moved to the pit of sand writing down Some Strange Tifinagh symbols on it, the sand was of gold and loamy soil, as it filled their nose with the scent of fauna and Flora. It was strange but beautiful, the mixture of the gold and black sand was quite remarkable.

” What is he writing???” Berima whispered into Abam’s ears.

” Tifinagh-Tamazight sometimes known as Libyc is an ancient language used by the Berber people which was used in the Second Millineum BC.” Abam informed as Tohazie Drew these strange writings also know as Libyc on the sand.

” It is one of the oldest African Languages, or should I even say the Oldest African Language.” Eda added.

” Wow, this is awesome.” Berima whispered as he observes Tohazie write down these symbols.

” Since it is the oldest, it is used as a code for Time Travel.” Aranaa added.

” Join me now guys, we don’t have much time to waste.” Tohazie called on them as soon as he was done. His two Tech looking Arrow kits were arranged horizontally behind his back.

All Four rushed to stand on the pit of sand to which Tohazie wrote the symbols on. The Symbols began glowing as the sand began to twist and twirl under them slowly, sinking them as the sand grew rapid swirling and twirling around their bodies like hurricanes, as it dragged them within it slowly. Berima became so scared but the look on the faces of his friends were so calm. Suddenly the sand with Great force dragged them within it at once. As it calmed down. They had vanished, they were sucked in.

YEAR: 1660





The night was silent and cold, The wind was fresh, crickets sang songs with the crooked voices of theirs as Bush dogs howled loudly during the night. Bats flew within the darkness as Owls watched silently down the Small village of the Oyoko clan with their huge scary and yellow eyes.

Suddenly a strange glowing clock symbol appeared on the Black Soil of the land as a large twirl of sand appeared around it.

I felt my body, being reformed from the Mouth of the earth. As if I was being recreated from the sand by the Divine One. All five of us appeared somewhere within a Bush. Few meters away from the Clay surrounded village of Oyoko.

I looked around my body to see if any grain of sand had dirtied my dress, but it was Soo weird, I was as clean as clean. The night was only but a silent and scary one. Suddenly Tohazie held out his Pocket clock, as gold and black sand like the one in the pit, Rose from it writing some strange symbols in the air. Libyc Symbols I guess, I remembered them clearly. But I did not have the skill to understand it, until my eye activated on it’s own.

And there I saw, I understood it, Soo simply without having to ask anyone where we were.

” We just Time Travelled??? To 1660?? Now this is the best Time Travel medium ever.” I commented.

When I first heard Time Travel, I thought we would sit in a special Time Travel Machine like I saw in The Hollywood movies. But this was different.

I felt the Ancient Air, blow over my skin, the leaves moved in silence.

” Yhh, we are here to save Osei Tutu, however we have arrived One hour before the Kingslayers, will arrive and murder him. We are to protect The Child.” Tohazie said as all five of us bent down hiding ourselves within the bushes.

” Well, we will have to think of a way to get pass those guards” Tohazie added as he looked to my face.

” You are the Boss here, tell us what to do.”

” What?? I am?? ” All four nodded their heads, waiting for me to tell them what to do. Even the Great Hunter himself.

I watched the guards for a while, I closed my eyes, trying to call on the power of my strange right eye.

It activated, and my sight changed greatly, everything was vivid and detailed, I could zoom through walls my eyes looked straight into the palace of Baby Osei Tutu, I did not know it was him tho, until I saw the mother and father sitting on the mat, while the mother held the young child in her hands.

” What do you see??” Tohazie asked.

My eyes could see everything, in strange glowing colors of Ashe. My eye would be an interesting case of study for the Cosmic Linguists. Since it was a strange Science beyond science.

Ancestral Arts is what they called it. The study of the Science beyond Science. I never knew my eye had that ability. Anytime I tried closing it, wishing i would do something with it, it just activated.

” I see a baby boy, a man and woman sitting around the child in the palace, the Palace however is being protected by guards. Six of them, very strong ones I can tell, guards are roaming all over the palace.” I said as I kept enjoying the strange awesome sight of my eye. Who knows what else this eyes could do? It was Soo strange. Even those Well versed in Ancestral Arts believed it to be a myth.

Apart from seeing five minutes ahead, it could zoom as far as far. And encrypt Ancient writings as well.

Well, I accepted it, I made a promise to someone, to whom I cannot speak about, for I was told not to say anything of what I know about the one I promised.

Only I saw her, and Only I made the Promise of Eternity.

” In other for us to get there we need to split, I and Abam will be on the lookout for the Kingslayers, Tohazie, Aranaa and Eda will have to move into the palace to serve as servants.” I informed as they all shook their heads in agreement.

Each of them took their strange Pocket clocks pressing it’s side button as a twirll of black sand engulfed them, and suddenly stopped changing our cloths to those of the Same Era, we the guys had only our loins covered with loinclothings, but the ladies covered both loins and bossoms.

The two of us crawled closer to the guards, whiles the Ladies an Tohazie followed from behind.

” Wait here.” Tohazie whispered as he bypassed us. He suddenly moved with a strange gust of wind as if he vanished from our midst taking down all two guards in one swoop.

He was an ancient legend, what did we expect.

” You can come out now .” As four of us stood to our feets. I and Abam had to be on the Lookout , so we stood as guards over the Entrance of the doorless and gateless village of the Oyoko.

My skinny body, and Abam’s big tough body. Both of us held Spears in our hands, chesting out and looking upwards with frowning faces, like what the guards did.

Tohazie handed us very small special futuristic ear buds to which we placed into our ears.

The night was as silent as ever.

And the others had left to protect the Future King of the Fante Confederation.

We were to signal them if we encountered any of the Kingslayers.

Theirs was to protect them,

” Which of the Kingslayers do you think was responsible for killing Osei Tutu before his Time.” I asked.

” Hmm, I can’t really tell you know.” Abam answered and added.

” Your Right Eye. What other things can it do. Apart from seeing into the future And seeing through walls and extremely far places.”

” Hmm, I never really know what it can do until a fire moment. It’s awesome tho.” I answered.

” Hmm, You are to pass this Test however. In order to get access to your Akrafena.”

” The one to which Eda created with her Ashe?” I asked.

” Yep. Most Time Walkers posses An Akrafena. What Eda forged before you was a hologram tho. Our Pocket clocks are the real Akrafena. However The Akrafena who possess those not only exist in one form, it usually takes the shape of all kinds of Ancient war swords.

The Akrafena changes to all kinds of swords when using it in battle. Akrafena basically means soul sword, and since this swords are connected to Time Travel, they change to other African swords, whiles battling with them.”

” Cool, this is Soo cool, I can’t wait to possess an Akrafena if my own.” I said with a smile.

” Yh, can’t wait for you to get it either.” Abam said with a smile as I smiled back.

Aranaa held in her hands a bowl of water before Maanu Kotosii and Owusu Panyin.

All the Rectangular shaped huts in the village had The symbol of a Falcon on them, within the palace itself the Clay walls were designed with the Logo of the Oyoko clan.

And that was a Falcon which represented self confidence and Patience, all members of the village wore around their necks the Totem of the Falcon, Members of the Palace wore the Totem of an Eagle, around their necks.

The Room was heavy with the scent of fine oil. As burning Candles lit the room. Maanu Kokosii mother of Osei Tutu held the beautiful fragile child in her hands. Otumfuo Nana Kofi Osei Tutu Opemsuu. That was child’s real name.

As Aranaa handed the water to Maanu Kotosii, she smiled back to Aranaa as she took the small calabash of water to drink.

Tohazie stood before the room of the Child and parents as a guard, he stood next to a tall black all serious Guard who hardly smiled. The guard had his body all tattooed.

Holding a spear in his hands.

” You are new here I guess. A victim to one of the Clans we have defeated in battle I suppose.” The Guard said in Akan.

However the Pocket clock of all Time Walkers translates everything into English for them, and also translating any language to which they wanted to speak in the Country they Time Travelled to. Hence if Tohazie spoke in English the guard will hear it in Akan. And if the Guard spoke in Akan he would hear it in English.

“Yes” Tohazie replied not ready to converse with the Guard.

Aranaa stood with some other servants around both couples. Owusu Panyin was always playing with the Fingers of his young child. He looked to be around the ages of thirty, same for his wife.

The room became Soo quite, as if no one was in there.Then the cry of baby Osei Tutu alarmed the Mother to sing an Oyoko lullaby for her child.

Aranaa did enjoy the lovely song, as the servants sang along with both couples, Aranaa was quite lost, but then she started to join them in singing. The Baby could not help but enjoy the song with baby laughter.

It was an interesting scene, and a lovely one.


” Hmm!! So this is where the First King of the Asante was born huh?? ANYINAM. Is what Anasi called it., Ghana sure has interesting History.” A woman cloaked in a white cloak said as she stood on the branches of the Extremely tall trees, she stood at the Apex of the Tree. Watching down on the village as the wind billowed her cloak, in the silent and strange darkness.

Her cloak was of pure white and red line edges. It was a “dhope” one.

” Sure is.” Another said, standing on the Apex of Another Tree. The voice looked Masculine. They stood there for few seconds and vanished in a form of gold flares.

As I and Abam stood silently before the Entrance of the Village we beheld a figure of darkness from within the straight path that led to the village. It approached us, as the wind flickered it’s cloak.

” What is that ” I asked Abam, who held his spear ready in action.

” It’s them, I can sense it, I can feel it. I can see it.”

” The Kingslayers???” I said in shock, as my heart began to beat rapidly, I was Soo scared. I had never beheld a Kingslayer before, but from the rumors I had heard these guys were too strong they could only be fought by the likes of Tohazie and the rest. The Eight Order to be precise and me.

But I had no skill in combat, only my eyes. I was nothing. Before we could take a step we were biten by strange looking snakes from nowhere. I became paralyzed and fell to the ground. I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak, I could do nothing. Abam still stood firm looking around. Trying to protect me as well, as the strange figure moved in a speed, I could say was faster than lightening.

He had strange long claws, he was too fast. He moved in a way that Abam could not sense him at all. As he striked Abam all over with his strange poisonous claws. As the hoodie of the Fast moving figure fell backwards. I saw the Strange face of a hyena. A humanoid Hyena.

It was Kpelekpe of the Yoruba Mythology.

” Time Walkers, I see. You guys really are a disgrace. Hmm, I am even bored, will have to assist Uraeus as fast.” He said and bypassed us easily as if we were nothing. I could only see Abam’s body in the floor lying few meters away from me. As it oozed with blood.

My friend was killed, slain I cold blood, That was when I saw the reality of dealing with beings stronger and ruthless, for some reason it bypassed me, and smirked. From what I knew these Guys were once humans, but what would cause a human to grow into a ruthless beast, who enjoyed killing. What were the origin of these Ancient myths.

I wished to know about their pasts, that was all I did lying prostrate on the dirty soil, as my eyes fell on dead Abam, tears found way out of my eyes. And all I could do was watch in agony.

This was reality. The reality of Time Travel.


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All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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