Everything was on fire, everything was crushed to the ground, burnt cars, dead bodies as if the earth was struck by a powerful meteor. The atmosphere smelled of death, and fear, was this perhaps the end of humanity??

I asked myself, as I walked on the crushed buildings, both tall and short all crushed to complete nothingness, black smoke filled the entire air, where was I when all these happened?? I asked myself as I trailed along the dystopian World.

The clashing of swords and explosions from a distance caught my attention, then I hurried towards the north where the Destructive clashing of weapons took place. Oblivious to the cause of this complete Annihilation of humanity, I sought an answer to my questions, And I believed the clashing sounds would provide and quench my thirst of questions.

My soul was weary, I felt some kind of heaviness pull me down, but I was eager to find out the cause, I was eager to find answers to my questions.

Then that was where I heard these words.

” Never knew you would have gone this far Obiri.” A base but calm voice said.

” Hmm, What do you expect? Berima, Grant us your right eye and Maybe you shall die a peaceful death, All your friends are gone Time Walker, You lost the war. It’s just One of you against Seven of us, are you still going to put your faith in that right eye of yours?” The other voice Teased.

That was my name he mentioned, but who were these guys? I moved closer to check, hiding behind a huge chunk of one of the crushed buildings. I then saw clearly, a man Around the ages of Thirty, He had a frizzy hair, with braided sides of his hair, he was chocolate skinned, and was clad in an all black sleek Synthetic kaftan with open edged Kente sleeves and Kente scarf draped around his neck, the thing that stood out most was his right eye. A bright big Opalescent Strange Eye, and it seemed the Seven Ancients wanted it.

His aura was calm, I do not know, but he had Afro Frizzy hair like mine, he looked like me I presumed, but the only difference were the braided sides of his hair stretching down to his back. He stood before Seven Souls, Two to be women and Five men, all clad in Ancient Clothing. They looked weird, motionless and each had strange glowing symbols on their fore heads.
I was so scared, my heart felt no rest, what was happening here?? Where these guys responsible for Destroying entirely everyone??

” The Era of Time Walkers is over Berima, it has ended!!” The Taller One said clad in a red and yellow colored cloak, loincloth, and hand bandages.

” WAKE UP!!!!!!!” A loud voice shouted Berima Okokroko out of his sleep as he fell from the chair in class, cutting off his strange dream.

The entire class burst into laughter as he toppled over to the floor due to the Teacher’s screaming. Madam Ayitey the Literature teacher of 1A1 who wore funny looking catlike spectacles, a curly afro wig, a brown old suit top of hers, a white inner and a short black skirt which passed her knee, she looked to be in her forties a no nonsense woman.

The class kept laughing and laughing and laughing, until she silenced the entire class, Berima stood to his feet placing the fallen chair at it’s rightful position.
Berima was tall, lanky, chocolate skinned and very handsome, he had Afro Frizzy hair, And was very popular in school tho, However he hated school, and felt it was a drag to always wake up from Monday to Friday preparing to go to school. To him school was ridiculous. He was a sixteen year old Fresh man of Accra Southern Senior High School.

” Now young man!! Tell me what I just explained to the class, Failure to answer my question you shall find The rest of your Term weeding the thick bush around the Uncompleted block.” Madam Ayitey threatened.

He stood silently for a moment watching into Madam Ayitey’s face. His school uniform was yellow and ash, He always closed the last button of his shirt but never tacked in, no matter how immaculately he ironed his uniform. His school shorts was ash and very short, Berima like something most in his life- shoes. He would save with his feed money just to buy a new shoe or the latest sneakers in town.

He wore sleek white Adidas Shark and long white clean socks. As he stood watching at the face of his teacher, which it seemed to look like, his mind was somewhere else, Thinking of what he saw while he slept in class before he was rudely interrupted.

The end of the world, Time Walkers, The Seven Strange Ancient warriors and Last of all the Strange Opalescent right eye. He thought through these, It was as if he went into the Future. But that was simply impossible, Time travel was only a Fantasy, something shown on Television stations.

” What the Heck is going on?” He asked himself in shock, holding his right eye which gave him severe pains


Copyright © 2019 by Darius Kwabena Partey

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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