A Stranger In Kumasi

For the past 6 months I’ve been living in Kumasi, doing my National Service. It’s been an awesome journey so far. I am teaching in a Basic school at Aboabo, I’ve made some really nice friends and created bonds with people that could last a lifetime. What I love about this place is the cost of living, with regards to food. Food is so cheap here that it’ll be breaking news if someone ever died of hunger. There’s this gobɛ joint at Aboabo Kotoko, close to where I teach, all I need is 3 Cedis 20 pesewas to buy lunch. Gobɛ 1.50gh, kɔkɔɔ 1gh, egg 0.70gp.

Kumasi is a really awesome city to live in “IF” you know your place around or you have friends who know the city. Unfortunately for me, I am a stranger here even though I’m from this place. Couple of months ago I was enjoying experience of getting to new places and talking to new people, it was nice asking strangers for direction and trusting my better judgment and instincts to find my way around even though I clearly had no idea where I was going.

I think I have enjoyed the better part of trying to adapt to how things work over here compared to Accra, so much so that it’s beginning to feel too normal. These days I’ve been feeling cloistered, my life has been routine nowadays and it’s boring me. I spend most of my time playing online games, Candy Crush and PUBG Mobile. I would have enjoyed these leisure activities if not for the fact that Mobile Network sucks from where I live. You’d think we deserve better network from Vodafone and MTN considering the amount of money we spend buying internet bundles on the daily.

Some online strangers have managed to keep my peaking seclusion at bay, I have this synergy with these amazing gamers; ‘KwameBoaheng’, ‘ManuGyamfi’, ‘OneCedi’ all diamond ranked on PUBG Mobile, it’s never a dull moment online playing with these guys, you feel connected with these people even though the world you find yourself in, is virtual. There’s also ‘Captainelle’, ‘44Vybz’, ‘Wumbeson’, ‘Champvaughan’, all great gamers. Here’s to many more games together and many more chicken 🍗 dinner. If you wanna vibe me my ign: CleDre

But on the real I hate the fact that I’m feeling lonely in this city, all my friends are in Accra so its difficult not to feel this way. I miss them a lot, we talk phone and text on the regular but its not as exciting as being close to them. Few hours before writing this, I felt it a mistake coming this far away to do my National Service, I mean I had a really cool job at Legon, it paid well, I was my own boss and I saw pretty girls everyday, but I left it all to come here to feel this way, its hard. It’s a little difficult vibing with some of the locals here, they have certain traits I really wanna stay away from. Some of the girls here are fine but me this, my mouth die.

One of the things that keep me from feeling lonely many miles away from home and my mother’s cooking, is reading blog posts, reading poetry and writing stories:

“I’m in the next class, the moment I hear another “fi” from this class, y’all getting the ‘my cane’, your teacher is having a meeting with the headmaster, the least you could do is pick up your notebooks & read or better still sleep! Your noise is disturbing my class, so please keep it down, know what? Hey you, yes you, write down names of talkatives for me” I walked out from the class feeling like a guru who just spilled a gourd wisdom on this kids. But the irony was when I walked into my classroom with my own pupils talking & fooling around, I got pissed, took out my cane & ‘piw piw’ two canes on their back, I spared no one, I gave them a simple maths problem to solve, 5813×74 but they want to use the whole day to solve it.

I went round inspecting the work I gave them on the board. And as usual I had my cane in my hand, ‘piw piw piw’ on the backs of those who hadn’t even written the maths problem in their notebook, let alone make an effort to try and solve it. They cried like babies, but I cared less, I took more than 30mins explaining with examples on how to solve this simple multiplication. Those who wrote the question but got the answer wrong only got a kock on the head. The exceptional ones who got the answer correct got a high five from me.

As I was going round my class inspecting the work, I heard the next class, the class 6 pupils making noise again. I wasn’t angry but annoyed; I asked them to keep quiet, even asked someone to write names for me but still those sons Adam & Eve wouldn’t keep mute. So I took 2 canes and walked in their class again, “hey you, where are the names?” my exact words, “yeeii” a couple of students murmured. “Hey didn’t I asked you to write me names of talkatives? Where are they?” her mates started laughing at her, she tried to explain in English but the brofo was bad, so one clever student told me, “Sir she couldn’t spell the names of those talking so she didn’t write the names”

I wasn’t surprised but I felt pity on her that her mates who were no better than her were laughing just because she couldn’t spell a couple of names correctly, so here’s what I did, “hey what’s your name”, “Ruweida” she answered. “Ruweida you know those who were talking before I walked in don’t you? Point them out, hey the rest of you listen, if she points you out, just come and stand in front of the class, & I don’t want to hear excuses” ‘piw piw piw piw piw I was just giving it to them left to right. Then it got to the last person, I asked her to come & take her cane but she was reluctant, she was trying to be stubborn.

I walked over to her, held her by the waist and gave her ‘piw’, then this girl started crying like she was in labour, weeping like I just stuck a blade to her heart, this girl was causing a scene, I became aware of what she was trying to do, she was overreacting in other to escape punishment. I knew if I touch her with the cane again she will fake fainting or play dead, so I switched to an alternative. I asked her to sweep the school corridor every day for 2 weeks, that was her punishment. The other kids were murmuring in disagreement but I ignored them.

She started sweeping each morning & after school closes, and of course I supervised her, I monitored her for 1 week, the following week I figured she wouldn’t forfeit. After realizing I wouldn’t be supervising her anymore, she started coming to my class to report her work done. She came to my class each day to tell me she had swept the corridor. One time I stepped out of my class for a while, and I came back to meet this girl waiting for me to tell me she had finished sweeping the corridor. One pupil of mine said she had been waiting for me for close to 30nins even though there was a teacher in her class teaching. When the 2 weeks was up I asked for her name, she said she was called “Asana”. I thanked her & excused her to join her mates in class.

Everything was back to normal, so it seemed…

Asana became a familiar face on campus, everywhere I saw her, I called her name to smile at her. It went on for a while till it got to a point where anytime I walked pass her class her mates will call me to either wave at me or poke Asana to look at me or wave.
Anytime I walked into Asana’s class, she’ll put her head on her desk or behaving shyly. Her mates will be teasing and laughing at her anytime they saw me. But I was too busy going about my business to acknowledge those childish classroom gimmicks.

I came in after break to see a note folded carefully under my bag pack, I took it out to read, “Dear sir, I am writing you this letter to tell you how I feel about you. I just want to tell you that I really like you a lot. Anytime I see you or hear your footsteps walk pass my class I feel some way. Anytime I see you, I feel happy. Sir you make me happy, sir I think I love you very much. And I am writing this letter to tell you how I feel about you – Asana.”

I crumbled the note immediately & hid it in my pocket! My heart began beating outta my chest. I didn’t know what to think, my initial thoughts were “what the heck!”. I was so shocked & surprised at the same time. I walked to her class to call her but she wasn’t there. I asked her mates to send her to my class soon as she comes back. I waited the whole day but she never came. I asked around & I was informed that she went home during break time & no one knows why.

This girl gave me a lot to think about on my way home, I didn’t know what to make of this, it was really scary. The next morning I went to school feeling very awkward. I went to her class to greet her class teacher who was marking some class work. Immediately Asana saw me she hid her face under the desk, I smiled at myself and walked out.

During first break I told everyone to leave the class to play then I asked someone to go call Asana for me. She slowly walked into my class avoiding eye contact. She stood about 3 meters away but I asked her to come closer, I then assured her I wasn’t going to punish her or anything, I just wanted to talk to her. She came closer but kept her face down, I asked her how she was doing, she whispered “fine”. Then I asked her if she was the one who wrote the note to me yesterday, and she nodded yes. I asked her why she wrote that note, she shrugged. Then I asked her if she liked me, she whispered “yes”, I smiled and asked her if she loved me, she didn’t answer. I asked her if anyone else knew about this note, she said no. I was relieved.

I asked for her age, she said 13. I marveled at her and told her ‘naaa you’re too young, you shouldn’t be writing these things to me’, “sir sir I’m not young, anything you want I can do it for you” she retorted quickly. I wowed at her sudden found confidence. “Anything like what?” I pressed her. “sir anything you say I’ll do it” “have you had a boyfriend before?” I asked her. She said yes, a guy in her hood but broke up him months ago. “what did you do for him?” I quizzed. “sir anything he wanted, I visited him, sometimes cook or wash for him”. “did do you sleep at his place” she was reluctant to answer but nodded instead.

The bell rang for break over, my pupils were coming back to the class one after the other, so I told Asana to go back to her class, she should meet me after school, I’ll stay a bit late in class to mark, I’ll be alone so if she can wait till then, she can come to my class I’ll be waiting.

She left my class smiling.

Just like her, I was anticipating the closing bell. It rang at 2pm, my colleague teachers asked if I’ll be joining them, since I usually go home with them. But I told them I had a pile of exercises to mark so I’ll be staying in late.

I began marking soon as they left, gradually everyone left the school premises, from how quiet the school was, I could guess I was finally alone in the school. In walked Asana. I stopped marking & asked her to sit across me. I looked straight into her eyes and said, “I didn’t realize how pretty your nose was, it fits your face, you’re very attractive, she blushed. But you’re a student & i am your teacher, don’t you find that weird? If that’s not enough, you should consider your religion, you’re a Muslim, I’m a Christian, do you get my point? And besides you’re too young for this. “sir I’m not that young ” she insisted. ‘Are you sure?’ I asked, she nodded…

I beckoned her closer to me, then I asked her if I could touch her breasts…She smiled and said nodded yes. I asked her to sit on my laps & asked if she doesn’t mind unbuttoning her shirt. She looked left then right to check if anyone was coming or watching us. Moments later her shirt was hanging loosely on her chest. She had this white inner garment on, but that wasn’t enough to hide those pointy nipples.

She covered her face & mouth when I moved my hands closer to her chest but I didn’t touch her, she noticed I was hesitating so she kissed me. “eeeiii” I thought to myself as I looked on as this girl was mouthing me. I was stunned at how good this girl was, so I kissed her back. In as much as I enjoyed it, my conscience didn’t sit well with me.

I asked her to button up her clothes, ‘cos where we are, anyone can just walk in on us & I wouldn’t have a legit reason to explain why we were the only ones still in school alone at this time of the day. She did as she was told. Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore she said, ‘sir, I can come over to your place tonight if you want me to’. wow I sighed. “that wouldn’t be necessary” I stated. That led me to ask her if her parents slept before she goes to bed, she shook her head and said, ‘my parents are no more together, they don’t live together anymore so I am staying with my grandma.

‘Okay, if we are to do this, we both need to understand certain things, first of all, no one else needs to know about this, you don’t tell your friends or anyone about us, if you do, I’ll deny it. Don’t expect gifts or anything tangible from me, I don’t want physical evidence or anything that could be traced back to me, if it’s financial help you need, let me know at least 3 days before the day you need it, if you want to see me, don’t come to my class, come only after school, if you have any academic related problems you can come and see me, is this understood?’ she nodded in acknowledgement.

Okay go outside & check whether there’s anyone around & come back and take your shirt off completely, She went round the school premises & came back saying we were alone, she had a sudden change of mood, it was like a mixture of shyness and nervousness. She came back and sat on my lap, she then took her shirt off completely but turned her face away from me. I began to rub my hand on her chest, I found her nip, & I caressed it. Her breathing changed, it was getting intense by the second, she couldn’t hold back, she grabbed my face & began painting it with kisses. She buried my face between her bosoms & pushed her nipple in my mouth, she watched on as I skillfully & passionately sucked her breast. Her body was seizuring with excitement like she was epileptic, I went up to kiss her on the neck She sneaked her finger underneath her skirt. I ignored it as I had my eyes on her breasts. She told me she was uncomfortable sitting on my laps so she wants to sit down on the teacher’s table. Awkward, but I told her to feel free. She was sitting on the edge of the table & I was just in front of her, I resumed my neck kisses & she whispered something in my ear, ‘sir please f**k me’ soon as those words came out I stopped whatever I was doing. Then I asked her to get dressed up. She asked me what was wrong but I told her nothing. She asked me if she did anything I didn’t like but I simply told her, ‘there are certain lines i am not willing to cross, & this is one of them’, she was confused.

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