CHAPTER NINE – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle

Chapter Nine – SECRETS

Months had passed after Cardigan revealed that their culprit was a student, and three other people possessed special entities of ancient origin which protected them. Months had passed since Cardigan revealed his face to the two Ghanaian Detectives, he was a handsome darkskinned lad with pink lips, strange brown eyes, and a ponk haircut. Regarding his great intelligence and his looks, it seemed quite impossible.

Because of his intelligence people thought him to be less handsome, but his looks were against that. Cardigan was an Orphan who was picked up by an extremely rich low key headmaster who had set up a special Detective school for orphans, however it seems young Cardigan’s gift of mass intelligence surpassed all students there.

Cardigan changed the name of the case, they were investigating to the Triune, since three noble families of the past possessed these strange entities which they created out of blood. However cardigan planned on making a final move at the day, when the new president of the country would be announced. The day he believed to be his final and last days on earth.
Months had passed as Cardigan disbanded his fellow young detectives to ward off the case and leave the rest to him and the two detectives of the Ghanaian Police Task Force.

” Tutuwaa Osaa, is the Commander of Death and responsible for the mass murderers happening in the country. Our Second Culprit is Nii Taki Omotey The Commander of an entity called Possession. Our third Culprit is James Nwum the Commander of The Entity of Ice and Fire and also responsible for the deaths of most students who bullied him whiles in school. All these three the Triune are responsible for wild murderers, and they need to be taken into custody immediately, However the fact is that we know that these three possess ESP like power or should I say paranormal abilities, I will have to find a way to prove to the world that these three are responsible for the supernatural deaths happening in the country and hence their Punishment is death.” Cardigan commented whiles looking at the three suspects on the screen, with wide eager eyes and keen focus.

” Huh?? How and when did you come to all these conclusions Cardigan??” AC.Agyeiwaa asked
” Yhh, Cardigan Tutuwaa is a girl of age ten, are you telling me she is that intelligent and cruel to kill in such a well planned and precise way??? ”

” Black’s research was of great help to me, I made him partake in a special investigation in the three Noble Families, you remember when I announced to your entire Detective Squad that the matter we where handling was extremely dangerous and showed them the video of the paranormal killing of the Parliamentarians.”

” Yes, we do remember that day how can we forget??” AC.Agyeiwaaa said.

” Well, it was a plan thing.”

” What??? How?? I don’t get you Cardigan??”Deputy Chief Ankobia asked in great shock.

” Yes, Chief I told them to quit the Job and investigate the Issue low key, since our killer Death needs a face to kill and everyone well knew that Detectives would be on the case, their lives would basically be in danger. As well as the entire Police Headquarters. An announcement was made to the entire country that the entire Detective team of the Ghanaian Police Agency had Quit their jobs in fear of the strange Paranormal deaths and hence only I and my friends the Oracle were investigating the issue.
I made the enemy direct their attention on me And my friends, instead of worrying about the Detective Force, especially Death’s Commander a young girl bent on defeating the Oracle with her great intelligence.”

“What??? You made them quit their jobs?? How would they look after their families?? And they listened to you??” AC Agyeiwaa commented in shock.

“Well, each of their family’s wants and needs have been taken care of, and their bank account is enough to take care of them and their entire generations to come. With the help of the historical background of these families, I managed to track my suspects, making the low key detectives handle the rest. I had Detective Lomotey who’s investigation was very vital to me, since he was a teacher to Tutuwaa Osaa, who spoke to herself when she was alone, I made sure all were under investigation. Even you AC.Agyeiwaa and Chief Quabena Ankobia.”

” What?? you had us under investigation?? Which means you still don’t trust us.” AC.Agyeiwaa said furiously.

” Calm down Agyeiwaa, he did it to protect us, watching our backs for us.”

” What??”

” Thanks for Realizing the reason Deputy Chief Ankobia. You two each have Families and we’re always supposed to return home, however I have quite a shocking news for you two- you were being followed by Nii Taki Omotey’ s men, In suspicion that you two were still investigating the cases, however you yourselves can recall what i told you before renting the hostel.”

” Yes, you made us dress like students and never allowed any of us to sleep over. I see making the enemy think we always headed for lectures.”

AC.Agyeiwaa said quiet surprised about the Young lad’s method if doing things.

” That’s part, from the beginning as I made the announcement clear that all of you had quit, It was for people to think that you yourselves have forsaken the detective business and wanted to pursue another course so you could do in order to get more income. That’s what I made the enemy think. Detective Olu and Baba risked their lives most for this investigation.”

” Risked their lives??’ DC.Ankobia said in shock.

” During their Investigation on James, they intentionally engaged in bullying him most, after the Other five students, were frozen. They made it clear that James was also in control of an entity. Their bodies were burnt weeks after I declared war in the entities. I shall make sure that their deaths would not be in vain. However I have not informed the other Investigators about their deaths yet. In order not to cause panic. As I said earlier on the first day I arrived at the Interpol. People would loose their lives, for the sake of Justice. And I won’t make their sacrifice useless.

Kindly connect me to the entire media, for tomorrow shall be my final days on earth.”

Cardigan said with a smile.

” What do you mean by that??” DC.Ankobia said in fear, as he pressed a button connecting him to the entire media.

Tutuwaa and Honorable Omotey who had forged an alliance due to what happened few months ago turned their attention to the radio.

” Greetings citizens of Ghana, I am Cardigan, I came personally to challenge the culprits responsible for the super natural killings in our Country.”

” Challenge??? That fooll!! Knows no boundaries huh???” Death spoke.

” We shall slaughter him like the way, we did to his entire tribe” possession added, Possession appeared to be a form if white light energy humanoid.

” Tomorrow, the day of the election. We shall meet at the field of war, where my ancestors lost their final war, I hope you know where that currently is. If you are scared don’t come.” Cardigan said and went offline.

“If we are scared, we should not come??? How arrogant!!!” Death said angrily.

” Don’t fool youself Death! He is just trying to play us, am sure by now he has discovered who we are and our names. He knows we possess strange paranormal entities and he wants to find a way to prove it to the world!! Hmm, we shall see. Honorable Omotey I hope with all your money you also have the tech which hacks into all the Media systems right??”

” Yes, you are an interestingly clever girl Tutuwaa.”

“Greetings people of Ghana and Cardigan, I am Massacre! We shall be there Cardigan! Cannot wait to see your face! Don’t come if you are scared!” Tutuwaa said through the transmitter, by also hacking through the media, everyone was completely scared, this was the first time ever the murderer had spoke to the entire world, the entire nation with a strange tampering voice, so that no one could recognize her voice. Fear had grown into the hearts of the citizens, for the fate of the country would by determined The coming day.

As each rival sat behind their Computers, these were the words they said offline.

” I know you plan Cardigan!”

” I know your plan Tutuwaa!”


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