CHAPTER EIGHT – Cardigan And The Order Of The Oracle


It was a sunny Monday afternoon, the skies were clear as crystals, revealing the beauty of the golden necklace on it, as it spread it’s beautiful unmatched ray’s towards the earth. The day had come for the last political campaigning and it was announced nationwide through the radios.

All students had gathered happily, before the GIP(Ghanaian international Party) All students in somanya gathered before the podium set up before them, as his Honorable Nii Taki Omotey, stood before the large crowd of students, the flag bearer of the GIP, his fellow political candidates had already spoken, causing a large cheer and fance amongst the students

Nii Taki Omotey was a stout lightskinned handsome man, who was always in dark shades. He stood waving his hands left and right as the crowd kept cheering him up. Jumping and screaming in joy.

” What’s upppppppppppppppp!!!!!” He shouted, as the students became extremely overjoyed giving him more and more praises, praises that shook the entire ground. The speakers were spread all around the area.

Tutuwaa who stood some distance away, watched with keen eyes all fellows and members of the GIP who sat on the podium, with red and gold scarfs all around their necks.

” You know, you guys are the best ever, I can’t imagine myself living without the youth in this world, you guys really, really, inspire me. And I promise on my very heart, my very breath, my very kidney, my very soul. That if you vote for me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh- you will never ever regret it. I shall make sure every single citizen in this country has access to an iPhone!!!” He shouted.

As the entire crowd began to scream like mad people, they kept cheering him over and over and over. ” I promise that, when you vote me, I shall turn this country into a technologically advanced one, from anti gravity cars, to anti gravity trains, anti gravity motors and what have you” This killed the students most, as they screamed like they were out of their minds rendering praises to him.

” Filthy liars” Tutuwaa said as she kept look at the members of the GIP, but something suddenly happened which caused the entire crowd to be quiet within seconds.

All speakers in the area were being hacked into, as a strange ghostly voice spoke, which was it????.

” Greetings people of Somanya, I am Cardigan.”

The name caused everybody to be drowned in shock and silence.

” What??? Cardigan???” Tutuwaa said in shock.
Cardigan was the best detective the world ever had.

” As at now, I am amongst the members of the GIP, watching you from the podium right now, especially you, Death. And it’s Commander.”

” What????????????, How did he??????, It’s impossible!!!!!, How, but how????” Tutuwaa said in great shock, as she began shivering in fear, everyone was shocked with all eyes now aimed at the members sitting behind Honorable Nii, in search for who was cardigan.

The members began to look at themselves, each suspicious about who Cardigan was???, A great commossion arose.

“What??? I have to do something, something quick,” Tutuwaa said in panic.

” But, but, this is impossible!!!!”

” I can see you are panicking, Death!! You together with your Commander.” The voice spoke from the radio.

” Massacre, Take off all their heads!!!!!!!!!” Tutuwaa ordered, in haste.

Suddenly out of nowhere all members of the GIP, became headless, as blood spilled all over, causing havoc and chaos in the crowd. However Nii The Flag bearer found a way to escape, there was chaos all over, as a great stampede arose. People began to ran away for their lives.

” Hahahahaaaaa, speak now Cardigan, speak now, can’t you talk anymore, or are you shy????” Tutuwaa said overly excited.

” I am now free” she commented.

But suddenly the voice from the radio spoke again.

” I now see, so my theory was correct, you need a face to kill, and you have a strange power to kill from a distance, most of all you currently reside in somanya, which is now very clear to me that you basically came to Somanya for a special mission to kill members of the GIP, thank you for giving me this great chunk of info, see you later in Accra..” the voice said.

Tutuwaa stood there unable to move, she was unable to move. He eyes opened in great shock.” He tricked me, he played me.” She said.

” That trickery, that confidence, that arrogance, that intelligence, no wonder it’s a member if the Yayra!!!!!” Death the strange entity said angrily with regret.

” He spoke directly to both of us, so he knows of our power??, did you just say a Yayra???”

” The tribe responsible, for sealing us all…” Death said.

“Us all???” Tutuwaa asked.

” The flag bearer was able to escape, do you know why????”


” He is like you, he commands Possession, a strange entity just like me, he is like you Tutuwaa, he also wields a key, that annoying Yayra was able to trick us all revealing that we have all revived” Death said angrily.

” He tricked death????” Tutuwaa said in shock.


Cardigan squat in the floor before the transmitter as the Oracle and two of the Police detectives who stood open mouthed watching him from behind.

” As you have all seen, our suspect currently resides in Somanya, and is a student, since there is no President, I made contact with the Commander of the military, giving strict orders to the campaigners to campaign only in these three places, Somanya, Accra and Kumasi, however I made him arrange the campaigns in Somanya only for students.

A bus was arranged for all students In Accra to observe the campaigns in Somanya, whiles a campaign which was held for workers and other criteria was being held in Accra, as for Kumasi all criterias had to meet there.

Strict orders were given to all TV stations never to broadcast the campaigns, and due to our killers goal of killing men of higher positions and the ability to kill only with a face, there was a higher probability that our killer would attend one of these Campaigns.

I also transmitted different messages to these three locations, and it seems luck fell on my side. Our culprit is a student. A student who commands death.

However another interesting info is revealed here. There are rumors of the flag bearer escaping the hands of death. That is no coincidence my friends.
He also is in command of an entity, which protected him from death.” Cardigan informed.

“Impressive Cardigan.” Agyeiwaa said in thought.

” So this is the power of the Best detective ever. He even has authority over the Military. There is no doubt Cardigan, you are truly the best, to be able to deduct this much information, from this political campaigns, and the way in which he tricked the killer to reveal his location, and profession, this is truly impressive, but how is it possible the flag bearer of the GIP also had an entity??” C.Ankobia asked himself in thought, observing the young lad from behind.

Cardigan took of his mask and told them, ” This was the moment you all were waiting for, isn’t it??” The detectives opened their mouths in shock, as they caught sight of his face…..


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