in the bathroom (explicit)

I was allowed to stay up late as long as I wanted on a Friday night, I had no school the next day so that arrangement made sense. It was a little over 11pm, I was watching a movie with my mother and Patricia. I could hear Mum and Pat, like I usually call her, talking, I was half asleep, my eyes were closed but my ears heard everything around me. I wasn’t eavesdropping and I wasn’t paying attention to the movie either, in fact I wasn’t thinking of anything, it was as if I was meditating.

A while later Pat excused herself to go take a bath. Couple of minutes after that my Mum shook my legs vigorously and said, “Hey!! Won’t you go to bed?” and I replied, “I am not sleeping…”, “Then open your eyes and stop wasting my electricity” she retorted quickly. With one eye open, I saw her shaking her head as she walked away to her room. I was staring at the TV trying to understand this scene in the movie I was watching, because I had lost track of where I was before I went absent minded.

All was quiet and still, the chirping crickets and the TV were the only sound I could hear. Then I got up, and tiptoed to the bathroom. Patricia had been there for some few minutes, I knew this because I saw her walk in here with her towel wrapped around herself. I dunked and tipped with my toes as I got closer to the bathroom door. Then I heard a splash sound! She was rinsing herself I presumed. I froze instantly! I looked around to check if anyone was watching me. The lime scented soap filled the air, I leaned closer to find a hole on the bathroom door to peek my eyes through.

I was just in time to see her lift her right breast to scrub beneath, she raised the boob up gently and slowly passed the sponge beneath that beautiful, ‘such a turn on’ I thought to myself, she had lather along her neck down to her chest and dripping down her back, her body was wet from the earlier splash I heard. I was trying to be as quiet as I can as I peeked long and hard with my mouth open. Mesmerizing was the only adjective I could think of to describe what I was staring at. She had breasts as fine and long as an eggplant, buttocks that seemed solid as an orthopedic mattress. For some reason she turned facing the bathroom door, ‘OMG’ I thought to myself as I swallowed saliva to savour this rare moment.

I didn’t know what I was feeling but I liked it! Goosebumps all over as I enjoyed this spectacle. I began thinking how it would feel to grab those breasts and feel it within my fingers. She now knelt over to scrub along her legs and toes, her ass was arched up, and I could see everything, I mean literally. That dripping wet flower between those buttcheeks was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, in that moment I began shaking and twitching with one eye slightly opening and closing, I wasn’t sure what was happening to me but I loved it! I got carried away and accidentally pushed my head too hard against the bathroom door as I leaned against it, and it opened.

“Shit!!” I murmured. The door wasn’t locked. Pat pushed the door back and there I was speechless and confused. She looked surprised with both eye brows raised, she looked left and looked right as if to check whether I was there with anyone else, the she began smiling. I was so confused, I wasn’t sure why she was smiling, until I traced her eyes to my shorts, it was drenched with semen. I looked down to myself and felt so ashamed. I thought she was going to slap me in the least or scream her lungs out for Mum and Dad to wake up. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t, I froze completely, my legs couldn’t move, I was trembling in fear, I couldn’t even apologize. All I could was to bow down my head in shame.

Then she asked me to take off my shorts, as if I was under a spell, I did as I was told, my dick hanged long and hard between my legs. “Take off your shirt and step inside with me” she commanded. The look in her eyes I could tell she meant it, I swallowed a spoonful of saliva and took off my shirt, she took a step back and gave me space to enter. “Click” She locked the bathroom door. “Do you like what you see?” shaking her breasts in my face, I nodded. She giggled, “Do you want to touch it?” I nodded. “Go on, touch it” she said. But I was too scared and shy to move. She took my right hand and placed it on her left breast, ‘OMG I’m really touching boobs’ I thought to myself. It felt great, her breast were wet, slippery, soft and tender. She then squeezed my hand on her breast and began moaning softly “mmmhh aahh mmh, yeahh gently Dre, that’s it, don’t stop mmmhhh ahhh mmhhh”, I found her nipples and began playing with it, the moaning and breathing changed a little.

I had no idea what I was doing but it was obvious she loved and was reacting to it. I now had both hands pressed against her breasts, massaging it as casually as I can. She clanged onto me by pushing me closer to her body. I had one of her breasts in my mouth sucking it like a plunger! Her moaning was much louder than before. She placed a hand on her mouth, trying not to moan too loudly. In that process she reached for my dick and started yanking it slowly. I relaxed and fell back against the bathroom wall to enjoy whatever she was doing.

She fell on her knees and parted my legs, she swallowed my dick whole and began sucking it, it was electrifying what I was feeling, ‘OMG my dick is in someone’s mouth’ I thought to myself. It was amazing, I could feel her teeth scratching along my dick. She had her tongue all over the tip of my dick, I think I died in that moment and went to heaven, she had my dick in her mouth smiling up at me with an evil smirk, she almost laughed when I climaxed and tried climbing the bathroom walls. I was panting like an athlete in a marathon.

She asked me to wait and catch my breath as she hastily takes a quick shower. I stood in one corner of the bathroom and watched as she bathed. It was as if I wasn’t in the shower with her, I began asking myself how I ended up in this situation. “Cle! Cle! Cledre! Dre!” it was Dad calling me, I felt dizzy and scared, my heart was racing very fast, I placed my hand on my mouth to stop myself from shouting or responding to my Dad’s call. “He’s gone to sleep!” Pat answered back. There was an abrupt brief silence, and I could hear footsteps heading towards the bathroom.

“When did he go to sleep?” my Dad asked behind the door, “Few minutes ago Daa” she replied. “He left the TV on, I don’t know what’s wrong with that silly boy, he thinks I use leaves to buy electricity” my Dad said angrily “Will you finish bathing soon?” my Dad whispered. “Yes” Patricia answered. Pat saw me crouching cowardly and frightened in one corner. She giggled and said, “Don’t worry, he’s gone”. The experienced kicked me back reality, just when I was getting back to my senses Pat said, “Let’s go to my room”. The looks on her face suggested it wasn’t over, just as a slave following his master, I followed Pat to her room.

She locked her door when we got in the room. She let down her wet towel on the floor and laid on the bed, she asked me to join her and I got on the bed, she smiled at me and asked me to kiss her. I was shy at first but I did exactly as I was told, we had both our mouths lip locked sharing this passionate long kiss, my hands were all over her body. I began kissing her neck and shoulders, she moved like a sexy eel with each kiss on the neck. She got hold of my erect dick and started jerking it off, each jerk made me hard as a burnt brick and it felt so good! She held her right breast up at me and asked me to suck it, and I gladly did! I was sucking this boob and I suddenly heard the door knob to Patricia’s room turning, someone was behind the door was trying to get in.

It was scary, I wasn’t sure what was happening it was 1:50am, the door knob turning was persistently, it kept turning for close to 30 seconds, someone was determined to get in, armed robbers, my childish conclusion. “Pat! Pat! Paat!” it was my Dad calling, I was relieved. “Why is the door locked” he whispered. “The lights in your room is on, are you awake?, It’s me open the door” Patricia placed a finger on her lips and did ‘shssss’

signaling me to kept quiet. He knocked on the door next and said, “C’mon switch off the lights in your room, electricity is costly these days” and he went away. I was scared now, I was now getting back to my senses because not once but twice I was this close in getting caught by my dad. I tried getting down from the bed, but Patricia said, “Don’t go! Don’t worry, he’s gone”

There was this calmness and assurance in her voice that calmed me down. She then asked me to move between her legs, she opened up her vagina and asked me to find her clit and rub it with my finger. “Ahhh yeaahhh mmmhh oh yeahh ooh yeahhhh oh babby mmhh” she kept moaning, “Faster Cle faster”, as usual I did as I was told.

In no time she was soaking wet, my fingers were all slippery and slimy fingering her with 2 fingers.

She asked me to lick between her legs, it sounded weird at first but as usual I did as I was told. I had my tongue deep inside her, her thighs felt so warm, she spread her legs wide open for me to dig in. Her thighs trembled with each lick on her clit, I could feel her thighs vibrating on my face between her legs. ” mmmhh aarrgghhh fuuuuuukkk yyeahhh aahh baby, fuck me dre!” She gripped her sheets with her fingers. I licked round and round the tip of her clit, I had my tongue in her vagina pushing in and out, innnn and out, in in in deep and out till she climaxed in my face, ‘What an experience, I thought to myself’

“How do you feel?” she asked me. “Good” I replied. Then she said, “Put your dick inside me”. I looked at my dick and said, “It’s not hard anymore”, she smiled and said, “Move closer to me”, she swallowed my dick whole again and sucked me till it was as hard as diamond. She spread her legs wide open and allowed me to do what I can, I slipped my dick down her wet vagina, penetrating down the walls inside her, I pushed in slowwwly and slowly and began moving in and out, in and out, in and out, innnnn and out mmmhh aaghhh yeeaahhh harder harder harder. She gave me that doggy style and opened up wide for me to penetrate, going in and out, innn and ouuutttt! In and ouutttt! “Ahhh ahhmmm Cle, mmmmmhhh faster! Faster!”
Little did I know this experience was just the beginning of many nights like this to come. After that night we made love like this at least thrice in a week. She taught me how to make love to a woman, she taught me all the moves and styles she knew. Patricia wasn’t just our maid but the love of my life.

3 months later.

I just got home from school to meet a family gathering, lots of familiar faces, uncles and aunties. I realized they were all sitting around Pat, it seemed like an intervention. My mum welcomed me home and asked me to change, she also told me there was food on the table, so I should go and eat and do my homework. But I lost my appetite when I heard Patricia crying, I didn’t notice the tears on her when I walked in as she had her face bowed down. I went to peek through the window to see what was happening, uncle Fred and Aunty Pearl were shouting at Pat especially, asking her to speak the truth! But all she did was cry and beg.

Aunty Becky stood up walked over to Patricia and slapped her with her slippers and shouted “Who got you pregnant” Tell us the truth or we’ll send you back to the village to rot!

My heart sunk! Instantly I knew the pregnancy was mine, but I also knew no one would believe her when she points me out, after all I am only 12 years and she was 26.
“Aunty Becky I swear Daddy is responsible” My mum joined Aunty Becky and gave Patricia two more slaps! she said, “Kwasia! Do you think my husband finds you worthless piece of shit attractive enough to sleep with you?”

Contrary to what my mum said, everything made sense now. I realized my Dad had also been sleeping with Patricia. Why else would my dad whisper when he tries talking to Patricia when they’re alone? I knew one thing was for sure, Patricia is everything but a liar, the only time I’ve heard her say a lie was saying my Dad was responsible for her pregnancy.

ewiase ehu ooh.

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