Depression, Sex & Therapy – Part II

“Sorry Dre, sorry, excuse my manners, you asked me to be your girlfriend and I find that funny ‘cos in my mind I’ve been your girlfriend for the past six months, all these while I was waiting for you to join the relationship, I’ve been your girlfriend all along, I’ve been waiting for you to be my boyfriend, and you just turned up, so welcome babe and sorry for laughing” she said.

“So Doc that was how Stephany became my woman” I said with my head bowed down. Then he said, “Excuse me, but this doesn’t explain why you would want to take your life? You need to tell me the full story in order to help you, do you understand me? I need to know all the facts so I can help you.”

“We went on a date three months ago, Stephany said she wanted to talk to me about something and she wanted to do it in person. I realized during and after our dinner Stephany wasn’t her usual self, she was quiet most of the time, she looked worn out and stressed out, like something was weighing on her mind, so I asked her to talk to me, open up to me, ‘cos whatever it was, I knew we were going to make it”

“Dre I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do, last month my two years rent advance expired, I’ve been living on borrowed time, my landlord has been on my tail these couple of weeks, he’s really stressing me out and threatening to throw my stuff outside if I don’t renew my rent or move out, I could have paid but my step-brother convinced me to invest my money in bitcoin few months ago, he told me my money will yield a profit five times my investment, so I gave him all my money.”

“I only realized I’ve been scammed when I realized I could no longer reach him and no one in the family has seen or heard from him lately. Yesterday my landlord almost locked me out when he bought new padlocks for my door, my tears and pleading for some more time didn’t work, I asked him what I can do for him to give me a few days to figure out how to get him his money and he suggested the most disgusting thing ever, he asked me to be his girl lover and I could have the room for as long as I want and all I had to do was to agree to casual sex anytime he demanded it.”

“I told him to give me three days to give him an answer to his proposal, Dre, I have less than 48 hours more to start thinking of the unthinkable. I know it was wrong hiding all this from you but I didn’t want to bother you with my problems, I thought I could figure out this mess for myself, but right, I need you, I’m not asking you for money, ‘cos I don’t know your financial status right now, all I am asking is for you to let me perch at your place for a month or two till I figure this thing out, you might be thinking I could have stayed with one of my girl friends but the thing is, I trust you more than I trust them, you know how complicated girl can b…”

“Hush…baby hush…you can move to my place, no problem” I happily said. She was really relived and excited and I could tell from the looks on her face. I said, “How long do you wanna stay? A month? Three? Six? A year?” she answered, “A month or two, but definitely not more than three months”, I placed my finger on her lips and said, “Calm down B, take your time, you’re welcome at my place, no rush okay”

“The next day I called in sick at work just to help my girl pack her things from her former apartment to mine, it was tedious work but we managed. I realized my cotenants were eyeing and peeping through their windows just to find out who this girl is, moving in to my room, honestly I was low key enjoying the eyeing and staring, it had a nice feeling to it”

“She didn’t stay the night we packed her stuff in, she said she would come the next day, she wanted to say farewell to her former landlord and to give him his room key. When she came in the next day, mmmmhh that was the fun part, but I wouldn’t wanna talk about that, you’re probably don’t want to know”

“What happened?” asked Dr. Warren. “Oh nothing interesting, we only shared the same bed together for the first time” I answered. “Was it good?” Warren asked, “Shit was the bomb! One of my best nights of my life” I said. “Really?” he exclaimed, “Then tell me about it, I wanna know everything”, I smiled and said, “you sure about that? It’ll be pretty graphic”, “The more reason why I wanna know” he said.

“Okay, I got home from work in the evening, really tired ‘cos I had a very long day, I open my door and I see candle lights everywhere, on the floor, on the dresser, tables, almost every inch of the living room, I was stunned, I turned back to go back outside to check whether my prepaid meter had run out or there’s dumsor, then a voice echoed in the room “Dre..babe, I’m in the bedroom”, so I walked slowly tiptoeing so I wouldn’t knock down any of the candles, I get to the room and holy shit there she was, Stephany, in a black lace see-through lingerie, curled up like a mermaid on the bed, gosh you should have seen her, she was glowing I swear, the luminescence of the candle light was shining and shading in her face, she was a goddess I tell you and she said, ‘Welcome home Dre”, that was the ish”

“I asked her, ‘What’s going on?’ she said, ‘Dinner is served’, hahaha that moment a surge of electricity passed through my pants, the great Iroko tree was hard’, she asked me to take a quick shower ‘cos dinner is getting cold’ pointing to herself, I took my clothes off and went under the shower, I kept wondering which gypsy I run into to give me this good fortune, she totally blew my shocks off, I wasn’t expecting this at all, when we started dating we agreed to no sex before marriage but seeing this that night, I knew all bets were off and I was about to smash that pussy so hard she’ll call me Hulk”

“I was still under the shower, I was absent minded, didn’t realize when Stephany walked in, she hugged me from behind, and reality returned to me, I turned my back and there she was, butt naked, it was the very first time seeing her completely skin naked, I glanced through every inch of her body, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her breast, dammmn those nipples looked delicious. Her nipple ring was dark and beautiful like N’galo Kante. I bent down slowly to reach for one of her nipples, placed them on my lips and began sucking, the jolt of electrifying excitement that run through my body eehh, for a second I thought I was Shazam”

“I carried her to the bedroom, I laid her down like a baby, pushed closer to her and placed my hand behind her back, we were kinda curled up like two snails, my lips on her lips kissing passionately, my other hand between her cleavage rubbing her nipple between my fingers, slowly massaging her breast. She was moaning through her nose, her breathing said it all”

“I spread her on the bed like butter on bread, asked her to closed her eyes and just feel it, I started rubbing my face between her breasts, licking every inch of skin I could find, her nipple was staring at me so I went for it, I swallowed it whole and sucked it like I was paid to do it…her moaning was melody in my ears. Kissing her belly button down to her vagina, with my hands massaging her breasts, I opened her legs wide apart with my head, her clit was throbbing and jumping, she was wet as rain. I just dug in, I had my face between her legs eating her out like a refugee. Took my tongue out and placed it on her clit and began licking her in circles, she was hyped as fuck, her thighs were trembling, dammn she had soft thighs like cotton candy”

“She pushed my back to the bed and held up my semi-hard penis, she started smiling, rolling her eyes at me while slowly jerking off my penis, up and down…up and down…up and down, I could feel blood rushing down my heart straight to my penis, she changed the tempo, began jerking it harder and faster, up down up down up down, man I was so hard I thought my dick will break off, she then open her mouth so wide and swallowed the whole 9 inch, shawty was deep throating my penis, I could literally feel the tip of my penis touch her epiglottis”

“She was licking me like a lollipop, she even used my dick as a toothbrush, she was one freaky girl. I cum in her mouth twice but she still didn’t stop, she kept deep throating the hell outta me, for a sec I thought she was gonna bite my penis off, she even spat on my penis and licked that shit back, she was amazing. When she was done I had to get up and wipe my ass with a toilet roll because all that saliva and cum had dripped down between my butt cheeks”

“Now I asked her to go on all four, she arched that back like she was doing the #KitchenStoolChallenge, her slimy we dripping vagina made it easy to push in my penis and fire some strokes. With each stroke, feeling my penis penetrate down the walls of her vagina and touching her womb felt like absolute bliss, I spanked her ass from time to time and she screamed like a little girl being taught a valuable lesson…”

“She said, ‘Dre my turn’, she asked me to relax on the bed, she got on top of me, and slowly pushed down her vagina on my dick, she started twerking on my penis, all you could hear is ‘ta ta ta ta’, that’s the sound of her ass hitting my balls. It was almost musical, it was beautiful, we were making music, she was moaning ‘awwhh awwhh awwhh’, Doc if you were there you’d hear that Switz Beats shit we were cooking, ‘awwhh ta ta awwwhh ta, awwhh ta ta awwhh ta”

“Okay Cledre, I think I get the picture now, seems like you really had fun, so what seems to be the problem then?” Dr. Warren asked. “Doc I woke up in the morning, eight months ago and realized I didn’t love Stephany at all, I don’t know if I ever loved her and it disappeared or I thought I loved her, but that morning I didn’t feel anything for her.” I answered.

“Correct me if I am wrong, you have known each other for a little over two years now, how are you now realizing you don’t love her anymore? How is that possible? Because you still stayed with her all those eight months” he said. “Doc. that’s exactly what I am saying, I tried telling her so many times, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t say anything to end it, I began thinking and thinking about it, trying to figure out ways to open up to her, but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.” tears filled my eyes.”

“Cledre why do you think it was so difficult for you, to tell her what has been bothering you the past 8 months”, I began, “Doc It wasn’t that easy, I tried, God knows I tried, I just couldn’t. The thought of telling her it was all over, the pain she’d have to go through, I couldn’t bare see her go through it. She has done so much for me, made lots of sacrifices for me, I couldn’t just wake up and throw her out just because I never loved or don’t love her anymore.”

“So you felt you were tied to her because you didn’t want to seem ungrateful for everything she had done for you right?”, he asked. I nodded to acknowledge the question”

“But what of all those eight months after your realization, you stayed with her, I’m sure you loved her well enough to stay through it all?, Dr. Warren.

“Truth is, I was just pretending to love her or care for her, anyway you wanna call it, anything during those eight months wasn’t real, and with each passing day the thought and burden turned into excruciating pain on my mind, I couldn’t bare with it anymore so I decided to end it all. That way she’ll have a reason to move on and I’ll finally get to rest in peace.”

“Cledre, you were depressed, situations like these are not uncommon. Out of 10 Ghanaians, 4 or 5 people at any given time is suffering from depression. Some depression for some people resolves on its own, just give it a matter of time and with or without you, it is just going to self-correct, so some of it will resolve naturally. But if it does not get resolved and left untreated, it can go from bad to worse and can lead to other psychological and health issues, some may include suicidal tendencies”

“Symptoms of depression are obvious to some people, anxiety, guilt, loss of interest, mood swings, insomnia, loss of appetite or restlessness, lack of concentration or suicidal thoughts, self-inflicted injuries, weight gain or loss or repeatedly going over thoughts in your mind, over thinking, some would choose to be alone than go out with friends or socialize with others…but to some, symptoms of depressing aren’t that obvious, they seem normal and carry out their daily activities with little or no signs of depression, example is you Dre, I’m sure no one suspected you had a problem until you snapped gulped up those pills, that’s how untreated depression works.”

“Dre these are some of the ways to deal with how you’re feeling, stay in touch, don’t withdraw from life. Socializing can improve your mood, keep in touch with your family and loved ones, which means you have someone to talk to when you feel low. Be honest with yourself, admit you have a problem and take steps in getting better, seek professional help if possible, especially when you start to feel that your life isn’t worth living or when you start having thoughts of harming yourself, these are signs that you need to talk to someone urgently”

“Dre today’s session is over, see you on our next session, stay safe and think positive and oh Cledre Stephany is 2 weeks pregnant”



story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2018 by @AbokiCleDre

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