Frenemy – Part II

1 year later

Jingle playing: you’re listening to Wrek 91.1 FM, Quality, Diverse Programming

DJ Ray King: you stilled tuned in to Wrek 91.1 before the music break my co-host just got some good news for y’all

Ms. Renée: yeah some good news folks, if you’ve been listening to us last year, on season 2 of “Make it work”, I know y’all remember Kim and Cooper right? Those two were in tense

DJ Ray King: you don’t say…

Ms. Renée: I know right… well this morning I got a call from Kim and guess what?

DJ Ray King: mmm…tell us

Ms. Renée: she got engaged to Cooper last night, she sent me a picture of her rock, gosh! It was so big.

DJ Ray King: Guess congratulations are in order to Kim and Cooper if y’all listening, I’m really proud of you, you guys really made it work. Put me on the guest list alright

Ms. Renée: I’m also proud of you guys, “Make it work” is really proud of you. Ray, like I’ve been saying, relationships ain’t all about the sunny days, sometimes there’s storm, you don’t run away from the storm, you face it, that’s where you need to “Make it work”, don’t give up. Congratulations guys.

DJ King Ray: congratulations. You ready for today’s episode?

Ms. Renée: Definitely King

DJ King Ray: so what do you have for us?

Ms. Renée: well…Ray, going through our mailbox I found this interesting mail from a 48 year old woman who is hoping we could help her make it work with her boyfriend who is 26, apparently she hasn’t heard from him in a while, he doesn’t pick her calls and was wondering if she did something to him to put him off, she wants us involved to make it work, what do you say Ray?

DJ King Ray: I say let’s call her. You still tuned in to Wrek 91.1 FM, don’t touch that frequency. Next track on my list is Mario – how do I breathe, we’ll be right back

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Now Playing: Mario – how do I breathe…

Ms. Renée: thanks for staying tuned, on the line we have Mrs Nafisa…

Ms. Nafisa: It’s Ms. please, divorced.

Ms. Renée: sorry ma’am Ms. Nafisa how are you doing?

Ms. Nafisa, honestly I’m glad you guys reached out, I tried everything, I hope you guys can help me out.

DJ Ray King: we’ll help anyway we can

Ms. Renée: do you mind starting from the top? What happened? How did you guys meet?

Ms. Nafisa: few months ago I had my son tutor me on how to sign up and use Facebook, I was only trying to catch up to technology and besides most of my friends were there so I decided to give it a try and I did. Few days after setting it up I started getting some number of friend requests, it was exciting that people wanted to be friends with me so I accepted most of them, some I know personally others I didn’t, complete strangers but I was still excited. Then I got this friend request this handsome guy, he had lovely photographs in his profile and he was from Ghana living in Atlanta…

DJ Ray King: what’s Ghana?

Ms. Nafisa: a country in Africa.

Ms. Renée: ooh he’s from Africa

Ms. Nafisa: well…you can say that, but technically he’s from Ghana, a country in west-Africa, not the entire continent and besides I’m also Ghanaian.

Ms. Renée: oh wow! That’s really cool…

Ms. Nafisa: yeah I guess. So I accepted his friend request and an hour later he sent a simple hi to my inbox and I replied. Then we began chatting, he was very funny and considering our mutual root we had lots to talk about. We spent hours chatting online then I gave him my cellphone number. Phone calls were much better, I could hear his voice so I knew he was a real person not a scammer or a robot, he was real. We talked at night all week. After a month or two he said he liked me and wants us to be a thing. I wasn’t surprised, we always flirt on the phone and honestly I also liked him but I told him we couldn’t be a thing because I hadn’t seen him before. He told me he’ll work on that…

Jingle: Quality, Diverse Programming Wrek 91.1 FM

Ms. Nafisa: after a week he called saying he was coming over from down town, he wanted come and see me. For me it was so sudden, I didn’t like the idea at first but he talked me into it and I agreed. He booked a hotel near where I stayed and that night we had our first dinner together, it was magical, it went better than I imagined, we’ve been talking for months now, so the connection was there, it was like a spark ready to ignite into something beautiful. He made me so happy that instead going back to his hotel, I asked him if he wants to drink coffee at my place, he said yes. The sex was amazing! He sexed me real good, so good I called in sick the next morning only to stay home with him and have more s…

Jingle: 91.1, 91.1, 91.1 FM

Ms. Renée: Nafisa I know you’re excited right now, throwing back to good old memories but can make you not make it too vivid ‘cos we’re on air, so please

Ms. Nafisa: I get you, okay so we had a good time all week. It was time for him to leave, his one week was up so I invited him to my house, I wanted to make him dinner and possibly get some action before he leaves. Morning came quickly and I was so sad, I didn’t want him to leave. I helped him pack and even called him a cab. He was ready to go, soon as he opened the door, my heart skipped a beat. It was as if someone was ripping it out from my chest. I flew across the room and hugged him from behind, I knew I’ve only known him in person for a week and it was probably too early to say what I said next but I did anyway.

DJ Ray King: what did you say?

Ms. Nafisa: I said I love you

Ms. Renée: awwwww that’s so lovely

Ms. Nafisa: yeah it was so lovely at that time.

DJ Ray King: so what happened next?

Ms. Nafisa: fell in love. I asked him to say with me for a month

Ms. Renée: wow! Really? What did he say?

Ms. Nafisa: He agreed to stay for a month. And we had the best time any couple could have done. He always came to pick me up from work and drove me home, we sometimes have dinner outside other times I’ll make dinner and we had lots and lots of se…I mean lots of good time together. I paid for gas, for dinner for everything, I took him shopping, I was literally taking care of him, at that time it wasn’t a problem ‘cos we were in love.

DJ Ray King: so what seemed to be the problem if y’all was in love.

Ms. Nafisa: eventually the one month was over and he had to leave for real this time. He called in an Uber and left. I told him to call me when he got home but that call never came in. I never heard from him since. Called his number like a million times but he wasn’t answering. The only time he answered he told me never to call him ever again. I was heartbroken I had no idea what I had done and if I’ve done anything to hurt him I was willing to apologize and make it work. Guys I really need your help with this one.

DJ Ray King: Renée what do you say?

Ms. Renée: There’s always two sides to a coin so I say let’s call his boyfriend and make it work.

DJ Ray King: y’all heard, we’ll try and get him on the line so don’t switch that dial, next jam on list is Bruno Mars – straight up and down. We’ll be right back.

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Now Playing: Bruno Mars – straight up and down

Ms. Renée: hello CleDre, this is Ms. Renée, here with me is DJ Ray King, and you’re on 91.1 FM

CleDre: hi guys, pleasure to talk to you…

Ms. Renée: you’re on “Make it Work” on Wrek 91.1 FM

CleDre: yeah your producer told me when she called

Ms. Renée: then I guess you know why we’re calling you

CleDre: naaa not really, she said I was gonna be talking on radio, I liked the sound of that, so that’s why you hearing my voice, not sure what’s going on, mind telling me?

Ms Renée: no need to be alarmed, it’s all good, just relax, we just wanna talk to you, we have your girlfriend on the line, she just wants to talk

CleDre: which of them?

Ms. Renée: okay, do you know Nafisa?

CleDre: uuhmm what’s going on?

Ms. Renée: Nafisa is on the line, it seems you guys are in a complicated part of your relationship and she just wants you guys to make it work, like how you guys were when you first met.

CleDre: hahaha what relationship? What did she tell you guys?

Ms. Renée: well…she said when guys met, you had a good thing going on, you started something beautiful then you ghosted, you don’t pick her calls no more and you don’t hit her up. She wants you back and if there’s something she did, she’s willing to apologize.

CleDre: is that right? Hahaha just tell her I’m not interested, she should move on like I did.

Ms. Renée: she’s on the line so you can talk her.

Ms. Nafisa: Dre baby, whatever I did, I’m sorry, I just want to back, we can really make it work, I know it in my heart.

CleDre: hahaha your ass is so desperate for me? Wow! Who would have thought hahaha anyways like I said I’m not interested.

Ms. Nafisa: you ain’t shit, grow up!

CleDre: wow! I ain’t shit? You just turned cold real quick, what happened to Dre baby? You want me back? Your ass crazy, and I don’t like any old crazy ass

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

DJ Ray King: Dre, why don’t you tell us what happened? There seems to be more you ain’t telling us

CleDre: I really didn’t wanna do this on air but her ass just pissed me off, she crazy.

[talks off air on the background: Yo Percy, tune in to 91.1 I’m on radio homie, record that shit, I’ll listen to the play back when I’m done here aye]

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

CleDre: sorry about that. Now my side of the story; yeah true we hooked up a few months back, I was just in to have some fun with her, just sex, nothing more, no crazy emotional shit, I just wanted the sex but I guess she wanted more, seems that old oak tree wanted a relationship hahaha I wasn’t down for that for real

DJ Ray King: that’s messed up bro

CleDre: I know right? Ain’t that cool? That shit was nice! But on the real y’all must be thinking I’m bad person, but honestly I’m not. She was just a pawn in my game

Ms. Renée: what do you mean by that?

CleDre: back in Ghana, his son and I we best friends until that fucker messed me up. He accused me of stealing his girl but I didn’t do that. His stupid ass cost him a girl he wanted. I wrote a love letter for him to rewrite to this girl he really liked, when that idiot wrote the letter he didn’t sign or write his name, later on he asked me to deliver the letter to this girl. Catch my drift now? The letter had no name and I delivered it, so when the girl in question received the letter she thought it was from me, so she replied and addressed it to me. Nafisa’s stupid dumb son thought I was stealing her girl, he made me persona non grata in the neighborhood, all my friends hated me, I had to move away from the hood. Before coming to the USA I had info that my ex was pregnant and the baby was mine, but she aborted the baby ‘cos she thought there was no way I was coming back to Ghana now that I’m in the USA, that’s 2 abortions and they were all my babies, that shit still makes me mad when I think about it. I later discovered Nafisa on Facebook, Jamal’s mom, through mutual friends and the good news was, she wasn’t far from me. I had to do what I had to do, I got my revenge through her and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since!

Ms. Nafisa: you sick twisted psycho bastard!

CleDre: you didn’t think I was sick twisted bastard when you were chocking on my D right? I got pictures of you on my D. you look really cute. If you ever call me again I’ll leak that shit online, ya heard?!

Ms. Nafisa: I’ll report you to the police.

CleDre: hahaha really? And tell them what? That you had consensual sex and wanna report it? You can’t do shit! Tell your son I got you real good! In fact, I’mma email this recorded audio to your son, tell him I said hi. Sorry Wrek FM but you just can’t make it work this time round.

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Jingle: Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1, Wrek 91.1 FM!

Ms. Renée: I’m so speechless I don’t know what to say, I’m wowed! I think that’s enough radio for today don’t you think Ray?

DJ Ray King: absolutely!


story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2018 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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