10 Days To Valentine – Part III

Day 9 – Val’s eve


“Hello! Helloooooo…hello!”

-“James! Hello…can you hear me?”

“Yeah I can hear you now, dude where have been? I haven’t seen you since last Friday? Where have you been? You didn’t show up at work yesterday, boy what’s going on? You now incognito or what?”

-“Whooo whooo cowboy! Hold your horses hahaha one question at a time bruh, relax gee”

“Sia! Don’t gee me! I’ve been calling your phone all weekend but nothing, it never came through! I called Enyonam her phone wasn’t going through either! WTF is going?”

-“Relax my friend hahaha nothing bad is going on, you just need to relax a bit, you beginning to sound like my mother fam, I’m fine bruh, just hear me out for a second haha”

“Kwasia! You dey laugh! I’m not worried I’m just tired of telling everyone I haven’t seen you since last week. ‘cos I was the last person you were with before you ghosted. You didn’t show up for work yesterday and people were asking of you from me. The old man wanted to report you as a missing person if you can’t be reached or heard from you tomorrow. And your stupid ass is over here laughing like DKB said something funny! For F sake I’m calling you through Whatsapp…start explaining yourself fam!”

-“hahahaha relax man, right now I am at the Galataria La Romana”

“What’s that?”

-“It’s a café, soon as I connected to their WiFi your call through”

“A café where?”

-“yep, downtown fam, in Santiago Bernabeu hahaha”


-“yeah fam, I’m in Spain baby! Hola Amigo Como esta? Hahaha”

“Spain? As in Europe Spain?”

“Dude how many Spain are there in the world? Yeah Spain, I’m just around Real Madrid’s turf”

“Dammmn you’re out of the country! Wow! How the hell did that happen? Real Madrid you say, dude give me the 411 now!”

“Okay so, after you dropped me home 1am Saturday morning after having a blast with those fine cool girls, I was a bit tipsy but not drunk, the feeling was just right. All I wanted was to go to bed, but soon as I opened my door I saw Enyonam sitting on my bed, apparently she’s been waiting for me all night. I gave her a key to my place when we started dating. She asked me where I’ve been all night. I told her I was out having fun with you but she said she called you to check up on me from you but you told her I was on my way home. Man at this point I didn’t know what to say.”

“I knew we were about to have a big argument. I was happy about it, ‘cos I knew if we had an argument, she’ll walk out and I’ll be able to use that as an excuse to dump her the next day. With this in mind, I just fueled the argument with yelling and a couple of hurtful inconsiderate language until we were both shouting on top of our voices. I snubbed her when I had enough of this petty argument and went to bed. It was very late so I knew she’ll be crushing the night and probably leave in the morning.”

“The morning came early. I was in bed when I smelled something burning. I got up immediately and smelled my way to the kitchen. I stopped a few yards away and tip toed to the kitchen, peeping only my head through the door. I saw Enyonam cooking. She was wearing one of my shirts, her nipples were gracefully standing and pointing out through the shirt, dammmn! I was turned on! She’s bigger than me so my shirt was wrapped around her tight. The edges of my shirt was loosely flaring on her butt, she had this lacey panty on…”

“yo yo yo yo Dre spare me those sexual explicit details, OMG you’ll have me picturing your girlfriend naked the whole day, I know I am single and gnashing but please skip that part of your tale and tell me what happened next”, James said

“Hahaha her thighs OMG…you shoulda seen it fam..”

“Nope, I don’t wanna see it fam, skip that part you pervert!”, James replied.

“Hahaha…okay, so she was cooking for me. Which was actually funny and sweet ‘cos I knew this chick would be a goner by morning but here she is in my kitchen cooking. So I sneaked back to bed and pretended to be asleep ‘cos I thought I saw her about to head out from the kitchen. Few minutes later she comes to bedroom with a tray with breakfast on it. She wakes me up ‘Dre…Dre…Cle!’, I pretend as if I just woke up by stretching myself, I squeeze my face like there’s sunlight hitting my face but charle the curtains were all down hahaha

So I now sit on the bed and I say, ‘Good morning’, she replies and said, ‘I made you breakfast’, and I say, ‘oh wow, it smells good, thank you’, she smiles and watches me eat. Dude she was smiling, & that freaked me out, this chick is out here looking like we didn’t have a yelling competition last night. Half way through my meal, this girl says, ‘Dre I am sorry about last night, I didn’t mean to yell, I’m sorry, this meal is a peace offering, I don’t wanna be fighting with you, I love you’…”

“Whoooooooooooooo hold up fam! Dre rewind”, James was shouting on the phone. He continued, “Dude did Enyonam just use “I’m sorry and I love you” in the same sentence?”, James sounded shock!

“I know right! Jay I was shocked! I had to swallow my half chewed food already in my mouth very fast just to process what just happened.”

“Dre I think I need a bucket of popcorn whiles listening to this tale charle”, James teased me.

I continued, “That instant I knew this food wasn’t just a peace offering, this chick was up to something. But I couldn’t tell what so I played along. I didn’t wanna be a jerk so I also had to apologize because she apologized or else it’ll seem I intentionally said those mean things last night. You should have seen the smile on her face when I apologized, she was beaming and glowing at the same time. Man I knew something big was about to happen.

“I finish my breakfast with many thoughts in my head. I picked up my towel and went to take my bath, I kept longer than I usually do. I came out only to see Enyonam fully dressed with her bags packed.

“Packed bags? A chick with her bags packed can’t be a good thing Hahaha she dumped ya ass didn’t she? Just like how you anticipated right?” James was laughing hysterically on the phone.

“No man, she didn’t dump me even though I wanted her to, so I asked her ‘what’s going on?’, she looks at me and say, ‘I’m leaving’

“Wait what!? But you just said she didn’t dump you but you’re saying right now that she’s leaving??”, James interrupted.

“Bruh would you stop interrupting me while I speak? How will you know something happened if you keep interrupting me? Just quiet and listen ah!”

“So at this moment I knew I was about to get dumped but I acted surprised and concerned, I asked her, ‘what do you mean you’re leaving?’, she smiles and says, ‘I’m leaving and you’re coming with me’, at this point I was confused, so I asked her, ‘leaving with you where?’, she whispers ‘It’s a surprise, just get dressed, wear something really nice, we don’t wanna be late’, I am still confused but I said nothing and I just did what I was told.”

“I pick up my car keys then she says ‘leave it, where we’re going we won’t be needing it’, I turned around and go like ‘Woman what hell is going on?’, she laughs at me and says, ‘Dre trust me, do you trust me?’, I didn’t wanna argue so I nodded. She took out her phone and calls an Uber. We got in the car and the driver starts driving. I decided not to ask any more questions ‘cos I knew I wouldn’t get any answers.”

“45 minutes later we arrived at Kotoka International airport, I look around and asked her, ‘babe, what are we doing here?’, she replies, ‘Let’s check in first, then I’ll answer all your question’, it sounded like a good deal so I agreed.

We went through security and checked in. At this point I knew we were about to fly, but I didn’t know to where exactly. My first question to her was, ‘what the hell is going on? Why are we here?’, she says, ‘calm down, we just taking a trip’, ‘to where?’ I asked her, ‘to Spain she answered’, and I’m like ‘whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?…what are we going to do there?’, ‘to have the time of our lives, and don’t worry, I’ve taken care of everything, it’s a surprise so Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!’, she got me. I was indeed surprised charle, but deep down I was excited.

Our Airplane started boarding, I switched my phone on airplane mode, BAAMMM incognito, BOOMM I ghosted. I’ve been chilling with Enyonam in Spain since Saturday night. Between Saturday and today, we’ve been to like 16 different restaurants. We went shopping yesterday fam and guess what, she paid for everything I didn’t pay a dime or nickel. She said, she’s got everything under control fam. I’m having a blast James!

“Cle, I envy you”

-“I wouldn’t expect anything less”

“I am speechless right now, I don’t know what to say”

-“that reminds me, please cover for me, tell boss my mom was sick or something so I went to see her in the village and there’s no reception here that’s why no one could reach me, tell him I’ll be back on Thursday please”.

“Okay fam, you got it! I hope they believe your cock and bull.”

-“Thanks bro, you tha man! I owe you one”

“you bet ya ass you do!”

-“yo man, I’m heading back to the hotel so I’ll call you tomorrow, same time okay”

“okay fam. CleDre, before you go, tell me this, so between you and Enyonam everything cool between ya right?”

-“Not really fam, I’m still dumping her when we get back to Ghana”


story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

email: 101cledre@gmail.com/AbokiCleDre@gmail.com

twitter: @AbokiCleDre

facebook: StraightOutta Madina / Talesfrommadina.com [fan page]


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