10 Days to Valentine – Part I

Day 10

“Hey…it’s lunch time, are you coming?”, I got this feeling someone was talking to me, but I was so deep in thought that the voice seemed distant so I ignored it. Until a firm hand held my shoulder and shook me. It was James, he repeated what he said earlier on, “Are you coming? It’s lunch time”. With this look on his face, he asked, “man are you okay?”, I took my head off my desk and looked at my watch, it was 15 minutes past 1pm. I wasn’t sleeping but I was absent minded.

I looked at him, smiled and said, “Yeah I’m okay and it’s your turn to buy me lunch today”. You should’ve seen the look on his face I when I told him it was his turn to buy me free lunch, he whispered, “Sh*t! I should’ve sneaked out to eat alone and left you behind”, I laughed hard and said, “Thank God you shook me back to reality, thanks, lunch tastes better when it’s free.

On our way out James said to me, “You don’t seem like your usual self today, like something is on your mind or bugging you, you wanna tell me what it is?”, I sighed and told him we should get something to eat first. Finding a place to have lunch was a headache for my best friend and I, this is because where he likes to eat, they don’t sell what I like to eat and where I also love eating, he doesn’t also like what they sell, unless we both agree to compromise and eat at one place or I agree to eat what he’s eating. Since it was his turn to buy me lunch and I wasn’t really in my usual self to argue about where I wanna eat, I just sat in his car and he drove to his favorite joint.

He ordered for Fufu and Goat soup and I opted for their Banku and grilled Tilapia. Half way through his food he asked me, “Yo Cle, so what’s up? What’s on your mind?”, I had food in my mouth, I didn’t want to talk so I pointed down my food and mouth, indicating I had food in my mouth and I wanted to finish my food first before I was willing to talk.

15 minutes later he asked me, “Are you done now or you want something to drink?”, I told him a bottle of Club Shandy won’t be bad. He ordered for 2 bottles even though I asked for one and he ordered 2 bottles of Guinness. I always teased him whenever he took Guinness but he always had this funny excuse of saying that Guinness was a blood tonic. The first bottle of Club Shandy felt really good, I was now in the mood to talk.

“It’s my girl, Enyonam”, I whispered. James shouted, “Is she dead?”, I yelled back, “Kwasia is who dead”, he replied, “Oh charle you mess up, okay sorry, is she sick?”, I just stared at his face and said, “Ahh why do you have to assume something bad happened to her?”, he laughed it off. He took another sip of Guinness and said, “Ahhhh the chick give you broken heart that be why your mood change hahahaha I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, that girl eehh abi I warned you about her, didn’t I?”; what he said was so funny I asked him, “You and I, how did we become friends? You fool too much charle”

“She’s not dead or sick and she didn’t break up with me, I’m just worried ‘cos it’s that time of the year again”, James pushed closer to me like he wanted to listen to some trending gossip and said, “What time of the year are you talking about fam?”, “It’s 10 days to Valentine charle, ah which rock are you living under?”, he stared into the air and wondered, “10 days? I know Valentine is here but why 10 days?”, he had a point but I just told him I was only counting down the days.

“If I remember correctly last year you told me you’ll be having mad fun with Enyonam on Valentine’s day so wassup?”, James asked me. I answered him, “Exactly! I know I told you that, but if you reckon I told you that on Valentine’s eve, I left work very early on that eve, and that was when I told you that I would be having fun with my girl, but in case you ever wondered, I never told you my plans with her or how our day ended right? That’s what I am worried about.

“We’ve been dating for 8 months, Valentine’s Day was barely a week away, I wanted our first Vals day to be very special so I had a few plans in mind. I almost had everything figured out. On Vals eve I invited her to my place, I gave her bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate to set the mood right, I asked her to cook something for us before we start watching movies. Whiles she was in the kitchen making something, I was going through my folders to select the right movies…

“…I didn’t have lots of ingredients at home, so she could only make noodles. We started our night watching Adam Sandler’s Blended 2014, I loved that movies ‘cos it was funny, our night began with many laughter, everything was going on as planned. For our next movie I asked her to pick, and she picked Beauty and The Beast 2017, I enjoyed that movie not because of the story but because of the cast and video HD quality, it was a high budget movie so the graphics was top notch, but of course I already knew the story of Beauty and The Beast very well. Our 2 hours watching Beauty and The Beast was worth it, my girl loved it, she cuddled my arm laying in the couch all night…

“…For our last movies of the night, I picked Black Coffee 2014. One of my favorite love movies of all time, it’s a funny movie too so we both enjoyed it. That was the last movie for the night. Watching the movies my girl kept bugging me about wanting to sleep early ‘cos she had work the next day but I told her to relax ‘cos I had everything under control. I told her to call in sick first thing tomorrow morning. What I did was I went to the pharmacy hours before she came to my place, to get a fake doctor’s prescription and since it was fake and my girl wasn’t ill I paid 50gh cedis to the pharmacist for it but I made him write a receipt of 150gh cedis, she’ll present it at work in case they ask her why she couldn’t make it to work the next day, she’ll tell them she was admitted at the hospital and that’s the receipt of the bills …”

“…The morning came early ‘cos we slept late at night. Whiles she was sleeping I sneaked in the kitchen to cook. I brought her breakfast in bed, I made tea and kyibom, it wasn’t a fancy meal but I knew she’d love the gesture and she did. You should’ve seen the looks on her face when I brought in the food, she jokingly said, ‘I haven’t brushed my teeth’, but I told her it didn’t matter, I even kissed her sef, I told her today was Valentine’s day and I want to make her feel like a queen”

I asked James to bring me another bottle of Club Shandy ‘cos I was done with the second bottle. James started yelling for the waiter, he knew I wouldn’t continue until I saw another bottle on my table. James ordered 2 more bottles of Club Shandy for me, ihn ears dey bee am too much.

“…In the morning I told her I had a complete spa treatment for her, from facials to massage to pedicure and all the cures. I dropped her at Haven’s Spa in Accra, I knew it was going to be a long day so I told her to take her time and enjoy ‘cos I’d be taking her for dinner later that evening..”

“…When she came home, you should see her face, my girl was literally glowing, she looked fresh, happy, very beautiful and relaxed. I took her to the bedroom and told her I had a beautiful present for her. I gave a parcel, she opened it and it was a beautiful red silk and satin long straight dress. Enyonam loved the dress. And when she wore it, I was like “Dammn!!”.

Without wasting time I took her to Ashur. My baby girl was the woman of the night, she attracted eyes from everyone and she loved the attention, she was my lady in red. For appetizers I asked for a bottle of red wine. For starters she ordered Yellowfin Tuna; Marinated with citrus dressing, with roasted cherry tomato coulis, mozzarella and caper-oregano dressing. For the main course she ordered, T-Bone Steak; with parsley potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes. Rocca sald, parmesan and rosemary jus. For dessert she took, White chocolate Panna Cotta served with berry sauce…”

James interrupted me saying, “How the hell do you remember all these ridiculous food names”, I laughed and said, “Simple, I like food and I’m smart”, I winked at him and he replied, “Touché!”, he asked me, “So what happened next?”. I was done with my 3rd bottle of Club Shandy, I said, “I took her home and made love to her like she owed me money”, James couldn’t stop laughing.

He said, “So what seems to be the problem, sounds like you had mad fun, I even envy you right now, I don’t think this is enough to be gloomy or moody about”, I smiled softly and said “Something happened after we were done making each other cum. It was basically pillow talk, the day had been great, I was glad I was able to put smiles on my baby’s face. In bed she said to me, “oh I almost forgot, I got you something after my spa treatment”, I was really excited I had guesses of what it might be, number 1 was a ps4, she said if I become a good boy she’ll buy one for me, and I had high hopes that tonight was the day.

She got out of bed and brought out a parcel. When I opened it, it was 2 polo shirts and a brown leather belt”. James exclaimed and said, “Nooooo not a brown leather belt”, “I know right, a brown leather belt”, then he said, “She got you a shitty present but that aside, a brown leather belt? Didn’t you tell her?”, I said, “Charle I did, on three different occasions I remember telling her I hate brown leather belts with my soul”, James said, “Are you sure you told her why you didn’t like brown leather belts?”, I said, “Man I did, I told her during my childhood, anytime I did something stupid, my Dad or Mom would whoop my ass with my Dad’s brown leather belt, that shit traumatized me for life, so how can I forget to tell her I hate brown leather belts, how James?”

James said, “So what happened next?”, I almost fainted when I saw that belt, I had to fake tiredness, I went to bed that instant”, “Man that’s bad, so what are going to do now?, Valentine is in 10 days”, James said to me. With a straight look on my face I said,

“I’m going to dump her”

story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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twitter: @AbokiCleDre

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