Double Trouble; I of II


“Honey I’m home!” Sam’s voice echoed in the house. The next words out of my mouth were, “HOLY SHIT! You said he was at work, didn’t you?” Jackie looked at me with those dark frightening eyes and whispered to me, “Quick! Grab your stuff and hide!” I got out from the bed and started picking up my clothes and shoes off the floor. “Hey babe, where you at?” Sam’s voice was getting closer as. “Babe, I’m here, in the bathroom!” The AC was on but boy oh boy I was sweating like a chilled bottle of beer. I had about 8 seconds to decide whether to hide in the closet or under the bed.

My instincts said “Under the bed”, but my guts said, “Fool! In the closet” 3 seconds later I was still contemplating, goosebumps all over me when I saw the door knob turn. A shadow was cast in the room, “what are you doing here?”, all was quiet, Jackie dropped her bath towel on the floor next to the bed, and my view was blocked. I was under the bed struggling to be quiet and feel comfortable. “What do you think I’m doing? Don’t you like my moves? Doesn’t my waist beads make my belly dancing nice?”, Jackie replied, apparently she was dancing trying to shift attention to any suspicion or abnormality. There was a roar of laughter from Sam in the room as I could see his feet walk over to where she was dancing.

“Babe, you’re home? What happened, thought you said you’d be gone the entire day?”, Jackie finally asked. I stretched out my ear to hear the reply, but suddenly the bed sunk and there was barely enough room for me to even turn an inch. Sam removed his shoes and pushed it under the bed, gosh! The awful stench from his shoes and socks almost killed me, his shoes smelled so bad dogs could fest on it for many weeks. “Yeah babe, I was at work and my boss left abruptly so I took advantage and faked being ill just so I could come home and see you. I missed you, I wanted to surprise you that’s why I didn’t call on my way here”, Sam answered.

There was an awkward silence, then Sam continued, “From the look on your face right now, you seem really surprised! Hahaha good. That means my surprise worked, but you don’t look excited to see me though. What have you been doing all day?”, “Uhmm uhmm nothing! Absolutely nothing, just here watching movies”, Jackie said. “Okay… so what have you been watching?” Sam poked, but Jackie ignored it.

Jackie jokingly asked, “As you can see I’m fine and your surprise worked, so you’ll be going back to work right? I don’t want you to get into trouble with your boss ooh, what if he comes back to work and you aren’t around?” Sam replied, “Hell no, home is where I belong, and with you is where my heart is, nope! I’m not going anywhere. Plus I’ve been thinking about you all morning. Last night you sucked me so hard it felt like a plunger sucking the clog outta me, man that was dope, I just wanna return the fa…”, Jackie interrupted and flirtingly said, “Bad boy, spare me the details please”

The next few minutes were the worst. The room went quiet and dim, Sam drew down the curtains. The bed was sinking slowly and rhythmically, the only sound you could hear was, “mmm ahh”, “awww baby”, “yeaahhh babe” At that moment I wished I could disappear from that room. I wanted to use my fingers to block my ear drums but I couldn’t, there wasn’t enough room to move my hands. I tried to concentrate on something else other than listen to those two freaks making out but I just had to deal with it and pray that Sam will leave soon.

The moaning and the bed sinking suddenly stopped, then Sam suspiciously asked, “What’s that on the dresser?”, “What is what?”, Jackie replied. Sam’s voice was louder and clearer this time round, “On the dresser? Whose wrist watch is that? It looks very familiar”, I heard Jackie stammering to answer Sam. I checked through my clothes under the bed like I had lost something, then it hit me, I couldn’t find my wrist watch, and I was certain it was the same wrist watch Sam was asking Jackie about, I left it on the dresser when I undressed, at this moment I knew I was busted!

Sam got out from the bed, I could see his feet, he was walking towards the dresser, he picked up the watch and went like, “This belongs to CleDre……I know it……. I bought this watch for him about a year ago.” Under the bed I started saying my last prayers, I kept biting my finger nails hoping for a miracle. Jackie began speaking, “Oh yeahh, yeah it is, it belongs to him” Sam questioned her, “How did CleDre’s watch end up in our bedroom?” Jackie responded, “I can explain, just calm down and stop yelling, I don’t like that ahhh” The atmosphere in the room was changing, I wished I could just vanish or disappear from the room before Sam, my best friend, found out I’ve been sleeping with his girlfriend. My wish didn’t come through and I was still under the bed.

Jackie replied, “Oh I almost forgot, silly me, I found it in our laundry basket this morning, must have mixed up in the pile. You remember the last time you had CleDre and your friends over to watch the Chelsea match? CleDre asked me if he could use our washroom in our bedroom ‘cos the other washroom was occupied and I said yes. He left his watch on the sink and I thought to return it to him when I see him but it’s been a while I saw him. How is he doing anyways? Truth is, I almost forgot about it until this morning when I was going through the laundry basket, it fell out, so I placed it on the dresser so that I would give it to you to return it to him. Babe relax, I don’t like the way you’re questioning and staring at me”

“Sorry babe, for a sec I was worried, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that. I know that guy he be baaaaaaaaaad boy, just be careful okay, and I’m sorry for yelling”, Sam tried explaining. He moved from the dresser and walked towards the closet, he opened it and glance through for a sec as if he was hoping to find something. At this time I said to my guts, F you, if I had listened to you and hid in the closet, I would have been toast right now, I sighed and shook my head. I couldn’t see properly but it seemed he was kissing her. That awful sight almost made me puke. I’ve been under the bed for close to 45 minutes now, all my limbs are starting to feel numb and uncomfortable, so I thought of something to get me out from this situation.

I managed to reach for my phone in my back pocket in the my trouser under the bed and sent Sam a text message. There was a loud beep afterwards, Sam reached over for his phone across the bed. After a while I heard Jackie ask Sam, “Why the sudden long face? What’s wrong?” then Sam said, “CleDre just sent me a weird message”, “What does the message say?”, Jackie asked. “The message says, ‘Come quick! I came to Oyibi with a friend to purchase a land, on our way back I decided to pass by the land you bought last year, and there were some men on it working there, I asked them who authorized them to work on that site, they said it was some Alhaji Suleman guy bi, I figured I should tell you, so that you could come over right now. Some tall well built ugly land guards chased me away with machetes when I told them the land belonged to you, you better come right away and do something about it, you need to go and see the Chief who sold you that land”.

Jackie yelled, “Whaaaat! Not your land! OMG what are we going to do now babe?” I saw Sam’s feet moving from corner to corner of the room, next thing I know, his hands are reaching out for something under the bed, he almost touched my head if I hadn’t dunked. Apparently, he was looking for his shoes, so I gently pushed the shoes within arm’s reach and he quickly grabbed it and wore it. Jackie asked Sam what his plan was and Sam said he’ll call me right now and ask me to hang around for a while until he comes to the site.

Faster than Usain Bolt, I switched off my phone. Sam uttered, “His phone is switched off! I hope nothing bad has happened to him. Babe I have to go now okay, I’ll call you when I have any update okay”, he kissed Jackie and dashed out from the house.

Jackie started laughing, “hahahahahaha he’s gone, you can come out now” I stretched my head half way from under the bed to check if truly he was really gone. She helped me get up, I was sweating and almost out of breath. I had to stretch my legs for a while, my limbs were all numb and stiff. Jackie wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck, “You were really smart, that’s what I love about you, but he won’t forgive you for making him drive all that way for nothing”  “Don’t worry about that boo, I’ll just tell him it’s about time he started a project on that land before those greedy Ga Chiefs took it back”, I proudly replied.

I started putting on my clothes, I wanted to leave before Sam showed up again but Jackie was making it difficult, she kept saying, “One more round please, Dre bɛwɔ me sɛ abɛ”, but I wanted to leave. She didn’t give up though, I even told her I wasn’t in the mood and it was too risky knowing that Sam almost caught us but that didn’t work, instead it edged her on. She started stripping, I pretended I wasn’t looking but low key I was looking at her brush her hands all over her body as she took her clothes off. She realized I wasn’t paying any attention to her, she went ahead and locked the door and hid the key between her breasts. But I still ignored her.

I was about to wear my trousers when out of nowhere she came and snatched it, she said she’ll only give it to me if I leaned over and kissed her. But I didn’t, instead I sat in a chair next to the bed, Jackie laid on my trousers and said, “If you want it, come get it”, she started licking and sucking her fingers, inserting her index finger down her mouth and sucking it like Popsicle. She adjusted herself well in the bed, and started massaging her breast and pulling her nipples up, twisting and turning it, she firmly grabbed the base of her breast and squeezed it, she pushed it up and began sucking her nipples, she used the tip of her tongue and slowly began licking her left nipple round and round on the surface, she was nibbling on the nipples on, after a while she pushed the entire mammary gland in her mouth and sucked it up…

…whiles her right hand was holding onto the left breast in her mouth, her left hand was moving down between her legs, and as wide as she can, she opened her legs, and began rubbing her clit with her finger, she flinched and moan as she rubbed faster, “aahhh aah! Aahh  aww aww! Oh yeah!”, I won’t lie, she turned me on with those melodic moaning, but I was determined not to mind her, she saw the smile on my face and decided to take it up a notch, she used her last two fingers and index finger to hold her vagina open, next she began rubbing her clit with the tip of her index finger, “aaw ahh yeaaahhhh, Dre, I need you, aww yeahh ooohhhh aagghhh”

She was as wet as a vulture in the rain, slowly she pushed her finger deep down her slimy wet vagina, the penetration was calculated, she pushed, in and out…in and out…in and deep….out and in… and out…deeper in and in…in and out, her finger was covered with creampie anytime her finger came out…

She whispered, “Dre, I’m tight as it is but do you like two fingers?”, I had a silly smirk on my face but I said nothing as I looked on, watching her do her thing. She slipped her index and middle finger down her vagina, the penetration was faster this time round, she moved in and out like the vagina was boiling hot. With each penetration she sung, “aaahhhggh…fuuuckkk!! Dammmn! Shiitttt! Fuck it baby…ooohhh aahhhhrggh”, she got tired, penetrated much slowly deeper inside the vagina, she had cum all over her fingers, she moaned, “uughh…ughh..uuughh, ooohh yeaahhh”, she wiped off the cum on her fingers with the hair around her vagina, she began to pull out the hair to tease me.

Even though I wouldn’t admit it, she had my attention and I was enjoying every bit of it. She tried using three finger but it seemed painful for her so she stopped.

She got up from the bed, held my hand and pushed me to the bed, she hopped onto my laps and started twerking and winding that waist.

I gave up resisting, I was hard as F and that boner between my legs made it very hard to resist, so I grabbed her ass and fondled it between my fingers, mashing it like Fante kenkey. The moment turned freaky, she pushed my head and I fell flat on my back on the bed. She parted my legs into two, next thing I knew, I could feel her hands under my boxer shorts holding my balls and massaging it like she was milking a cow. I swear my penis was eager to pop outta my boxer shorts, it printed like a curved rod, more like a boomerang.

This bad girl buried her face between my legs, my hand clutched to the back of her head, waving and brushing my fingers through her hair, she started sucking me like a leach, she got me saying, “Dammmn oooh shit! Right there B” I was on another planet charle and I wasn’t ready to return to earth. I wasn’t gonna let her have all the fun, I made her sit on my face, her vagina was slippery wet, her clit was throbbing and begging for attention. I used my tongue and parted her vagina into two like I was Moses. I told her to twerk on my face while I ate her vagina like a peanut butter chocolate cupcake.

We were done with round one, about to start round two when she said she wanted to try something new. She said she’d been fantasizing about this position for some time now and wanted to try it now. She was excited and that made me excited as well. She stood up on the bed as I watched her moving from edge to edge on the bed, seemed like she was measuring something. She then asked me to form an acute angle with my legs and I did. She was still standing on the bed, staring down at my penis and biting and licking her finger. I smiled and told her, “hurry up before this boner runs out of power” She then stood in the middle of the acute angle I made, jumped and did a 180° spilt on my penis. The split was so perfect I could feel my penis touch her womb, then she began to ride me like a horse, it was the bomb!

“Are you ready for round three?”, she asked me  and I squeezed my face and went like, “eiii  aren’t you tired? It’s been at least an hour now, I’m pretty sure Sam is on his way back now…funny how this thing we’ve been doing has been happening often lately. I mean you have a man and I have a girl but we can’t seem to stop what’s going on. This thing we dey do, e no be right but we dey do am, even when I’m with my girl I’ll be thinking of you. Girl this thing we dey do eehh, the day your guy go catch we di3 trouble ooh, the day my girl go see you di3 double trouble, I like you and you like me, that be the problem”.

Her mood changed, seemed like I struck an unexpected nerve. She said, “At some point we have to identify what we’ve been doing, but on the contrary me I like you ‘cos of the way you make me feel. I know this is wrong but it feels right” I glanced at her and she was blushing, then she said, “ooh don’t look at me like that ‘cos I’ll feel shy” I giggled and wrapped my hands around her body. She continued, “But the last time though, I liked what we did on the couch and dining table, Dre woyɛ guy wate”, I stupidly smiled to myself.


«» «»

 Sam sent me a text saying I should meet him in town and he gave me an address of a jewelry store in Accra. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I had no plans at that moment so I told my girl I was stepping out to town with Sam. She kissed me goodbye and I left. Half an hour later I arrived at this Lebanese jewelry store down town and Sam was already there waiting. After exchanging pleasantries, I asked him, “Why did you ask me to meet you here? A jewelry store? What’s going on bruh?” Sam had this childish boyish look on his face, he was blushing too as he said, “Boy I’m ready to be a man, talking about moving to the next level bruh” I still didn’t get what he meant so I asked him, “what next level?”. “Charle we’re in a jewelry store right, can’t you guess?” I gave him the ‘I can’t guess look’ then he said, “Jackie went to Aburi this morning, she said she had family matters to attend to, she’ll be back on Monday. After she left, my mood changed, I was suddenly bored and lost, it felt like I had lost something, I felt like some part of me, something valuable of mine was missing. It took me a while to figure it out but I did. I realized I missed Jackie, even though she left about 5 minutes ago. That was when I realized I loved her, so I’ve decided to pop the big question Monday night on a romantic dinner just for the two of us. I’m gonna ask her to marry me and you’re here to help me pick the best engagement ring, and for what it’s worth, I want you to be my best man”.

Man I was shocked, I wasn’t expecting that at all. He caught me off guard and got me thinking, ‘eii so no more dick appointments, dammn’, Sam saw a look on my face and asked, “Hey, I’m getting married but you don’t seem happy for me, what’s wrong with you?” I tried explaining even though I fumbled with the right words, I told him I was very happy for him and very happy to be his best man. I had that weird look on my face because I was shocked but aside that I was happy for him, Sam was convinced enough to drop it.

The morning was going on well. I helped Sam get the perfect ring for Jackie, it was a pretty shiny gold ring, it glittered in the sun, and it cost a fortune too. I was ready to leave but Sam said we weren’t done. He asked me to follow him to Danny’s garage at East Legon, I thought we were going to eat or wash our rides but when we reached there it was a garage for new cars, so I asked Sam why we were there. My thought was he was getting a new car but I crossed that option out because Sam bought his current car last year so it wouldn’t make any sense getting a new one since it’s still in good shape.

I asked him, “Man what are we doing here?” He smiled and jokingly said, “I’m buying Jackie a car” “Whaaat???”, I yelled out, “Hahaha it’ll be a gift for when she says yes to my proposal”, Sam said. I told him I didn’t know he had so much money and I asked him if he had robbed a bank or something. He asked me to help him pick the right car for her. There were more than 100 cars in the garage which meant it was gonna be a long day.

We were checking out this Silver based Hyundai ix35 when I got a call, it was from Jackie. I was quick enough to hide the call screen before Sam could see it. I excused myself and told him my mom was calling and I answered the phone. “Dre where are you now?”, she asked me. “East Legon, why wassup?” I asked back. “Come over now, I need you right now”, she sounded serious, but I was like, “To Aburi? Naaaaa too far, I can’t, I’m even with Sam right now”  “This is an emergency, I need to talk to you right now, it’s a life and death situation. I’m not in Aburi, I’m lodging at Oyarifa right now, come over right now and I’ll explain everything” I was confused and I tried pushing her to tell me what was going on but she refused to talk. She sounded very serious so I had to go.

I told Sam my mom wasn’t feeling well so I needed to go and check up on her. He was disappointed but he allowed me to go. Knowing Jackie, I was certain she wanted to have sex ‘cos that was the only reason that popped up in my mind. I knew it was going to be a long night and I might probably not come home, so on my way to Oyarifa I called my girl and told her I was going out of town to see my mom because she wasn’t feeling well. She asked me to extend my greetings to mom for her.

Two hours later I was at Oyarifa, there was this guest house along the outskirt, Jackie said she was lodging there. She wasn’t that excited to see me and she had this weird look on her face. I got the impression she knew Sam was about to propose to her and she was getting cold feet because it’ll mean no more dick appointments between us. I asked her what was wrong, then she started crying. It didn’t make any sense, I only asked her what was wrong with her. She said it was life and death on the phone but here I was now and she was just crying. I calmed her down and kissed her , I know she likes that. I tried again but this time in a more calmly concerning tone, “Hey babe, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did someone die?” She wiped her tears with her elbow and said, “Dre, I’m pregnant”.

“Woow! That’s good news, congratulations!!”, I said. She stared at me and said, “Dre, it’s yours”.

​story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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