#HurtBae – Broken

“So babe, I’m leaving, there’s some leftovers from last night in the fridge, help yourself”, Lily said to me. I was still in bed, acting like I just woke up, stretching myself and smiling, “Okay hun, so what time you gonna be back?”, I asked her. “I don’t know, I’ve got lots of stuffs doing in town today, maybe in the evening, will you be okay? Call me if you need anything okay”, and she left, I got up, sneaked up to the window to see if she’s really gone. I could see her modeling down the street nodding to her headset. I leaped for joy and dabbed before reaching for my phone on my bed. I called Elorm.

“Hey hun, what’s up?”, my first words to her, she giggled and said, “you sound very jumpy this morning, well…not much, in bed at the moment, what you doing?”, gosh her voice was soothing, “I’m also in bed, tell you what…why don’t you come over to my place, my sister is out for the whole day, and I miss you, I’ll make you breakfast if you come before midday, what do you think?” I said softly. There was a short pause, then she spoke, “So when do I finally get to meet your sister? I mean we’ve been seeing each other for two months now…”, then I interrupted her, “Babe soon, very soon, I promise, why don’t you come over first, then we talk about it?”, there was another awkward short pause, but she agreed to come over.

Four hours later, it was midday, Elorm knocked on my door, I invited her in, but she saw looks on my face, I wasn’t really excited to her, she asked me what was going on, but I just shook my head and said nothing, I asked her to sit on the bed, but she wouldn’t sit, she said I should tell her what was going on first, why I have that look on my face. I tried to rub it off with a smile, but she wasn’t buying it, she was very persisted and inquisitive, so I told her, “you’re late, I was expecting you hours ago, but you now showing up, I made you breakfast but it gone cold now, and that’s not cool okay, I spent time doing it for you..”

She had her hands over her mouth, silent for about half a minute and said, “Babe I’m so sorry, it was my turn to do chores today, I couldn’t just up and leave, I’m really sorry, I should have called you to tell you about it, I know you’re upset but, for what it’s worth, I think you’re the sweetest, you made me breakfast, that’s so sweet, thinking about it turns me on…tell you what, why don’t we skip breakfast and jump in straight to dessert? Me!! So I’ll start by taking off my clothes and you’ll help me take them off, kiss me on my lips and neck…and…I’ll leave the rest to you, you think you can handle what you see right n…..?”

I didn’t let her finish talking, I just pounced right at her, ripping her clothes to shreds, truth is, that was all I wanted, and now that she’s giving it up this easily, no way I was saying no. We started with the tongues kisses, the neck kisses….gosh she melted when my lips touched her neck, she was wiggling like an eel, to make it extra nice, I got some ice cubes, placed it on her bellybutton, she moaned softly, she sounded like heaven. I was circling the ice cube on her tummy with my tongue, guiding it down between her legs, she cowered like a snail between it shell when the ice touched her clit…

“Hey hun, I’m home…”, before I could lift my face off between her legs, she was already in the room, she froze with her jaws wide open. Elorm pushed my head aside and quickly covered herself with the sheets. Linda spoke first, shouting, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!! DRE!!!”, I felt really stupid, I didn’t know what to say, the only words that came out was, “Babe, it’s not what it seems, I can explain…”, Elorm looked at me like I just killed a man, she said, “Dre this is embarrassing, this must be your sister, hi, I’m Elorm, I’m his girlfriend, heard so much about you, nice to meet you, it’s really awkward meeting you in this circumstance”

Linda’s face turned red, she was so angry, why wouldn’t she? I can’t blame, she walked in to an awful scene and finds her boyfriend between another girl’s legs, and this girl introduces herself as my girlfriend and calls her ‘my sister’ the one she’s heard so much about, she had every right to look angry. Linda screamed again, “HEY BITCH GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY BED BEFORE I LOSE MY COOL”, Elorm was confused, she asked me what was going on, I stammered whiles speaking, “She’s not my sister..She’s…she’s more than, she’s…She’s my girlfrie…”, before I could say friend, Elorm gave me the slap of my life that literally turned my face 180© to the right and said, “How could you..? You have a girlfriend and you didn’t tell me? You said you were with your sister, and now you telling me you have a girlfriend? I’m not leaving until I get an explanation.

Linda threw her hand bag away and walked straight to the kitchen. I quickly turned to Elorm and said, “Hey, if you wanna live, leave now, this girl is crazy, if she comes back and you still here, you gonna die, please leave, I’ll call you later please”, but Elorm wouldn’t listen, until Linda walked in few minutes later with a very sparkling sharp knife, Elorm freaked out! She quickly grabbed her clothes and stormed out the door without looking back. Linda followed her outside, chased her with insults and name calling. I hastily wore my clothes before Linda came back. She was crying, pointing the knife at me, heading straight at me, whispering, “Why? Why? How could you do this to me? Does 4 years not mean anything to you? How could you disrespect me like this? Why?…” I couldn’t say anything, not with that knife pointing straight in my face.

“Calm down, boo, I’m really sorry, let’s talk this through please, put the knife away babe, please”, I tried calming her down. She broke into tears. My heart ached when she started crying. She dropped the knife and sat on the bed with her face bowed down. Inch by inch, I got close to her, apologizing, trying to calm her down. When I got close, I kicked the knife under the bed and sat next to her. Wrapped my arms around her and told, “I’m really sorry boo, I didn’t mean to hurt you, it won’t happen again.”

She pushed me away and screamed at me, she told me to leave the house; she didn’t want to see my face. She was upset, angry, pissed, hurt, broken; so I understood her if she didn’t want me around. I grabbed a few shirts and left the house to a friend’s place.




“Yo bro it’s been a week now, you still haven’t heard from your girl?”, Maleek said to me. I shook my head and said, “No man, still nothing, I left about 500 missed calls and 200 hundreds texts but I still haven’t heard from her…”, he continued, “Maybe you should go by the house today, maybe she lost her phone or something”, then I replied, “I don’t think so, I know she’s only trying to ignore me”, then he said, “Okay so what are going to do now? She’s not answering your calls, replying any of your texts, you scared to show up in her house uninvited, the odds are against you man, but thinking about it, you really screwed up, I kept telling you’d be caught someday but you didn’t believe me, what will you tell her if she decides to see you again?”, just then my phone beeped, I got a text messaged from Linda, it said. “Come over, we need to talk”. “She has decided to see me, I’m going over, and to answer your question, I’ll tell her the truth, no more games bruh”

I took a long bath and borrowed some new clothes and kicks from Maleek, I told him to wish me luck, I said, “Charle thanks for letting me crush here all these while, I really appreciate it, if I don’t come back here, it means I couldn’t tell her the truth, but if you see me here this evening, it’d mean I told her the truth about everything, wish me well bro”, Maleek turned and said, “Yo nigga if I see you here again tonight, I’ll make you start paying rent okay”, we both laughed.

I took a taxi to Linda’s place. I was really nervous, scared and careful, so when I got to the house I called her first to let her know I’m in front of the house before going in, but she said the door wasn’t locked, so I could come in. Every step seemed like forever, the uneasiness I was feeling was getting real, I never thought facing someone you loved who caught you cheating would be this challenging. I knocked on the door before getting into the room, she was in the couch watching TV, the looks on her face tore me apart, her eyes were all sore, I could tell she’s been crying, right there and there I made up my mind to tell her the truth than to lie to her, putting her through so much pain.

I said, “hi”, she turned off the TV and responded, “Hey”, then I asked her, “How have you been?”, she sighed and said, “I’ll be fine”, then I asked her, “Have you eaten?”, she said, “Not really, but I’m not that hungry I’m fine”, then I said, “Linda, trust me, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I am so so so so sorry, I never planned for this to happen”, there were tears in her eyes, but she kept composure and said, “what happened to us?”, I didn’t know what to say, but the voice in my head kept telling me to tell her the truth, finally I said, “I don’t really know, I guess it got to a point where things were not the same , I changed, things weren’t as they use to”, she wiped a tear of her eye and asked, “what do you mean?”

I sighed and said, “Just like you’d go through my phone, check everyone I was chatting with, go through my gallery, asking about any female picture I had on my phone, or going through my computing, asking me why I ‘liked or LOLed’ a girl’s picture on facebook and instagram, you’d get angry about why I haven’t uploaded your picture on facebook for everyone to see or use your picture as my DP on whatsapp, snooping around my stuffs, checking the pockets of my trousers anytime I came back home from town, you’d get pissed off if I got a call from any girl, you didn’t trust me, I mean why would go through that measure to find anything that would suggest I was being unfaithful? You didn’t trust me few months after we started dating, in your heart you didn’t trust me, so why didn’t you leave?”

She got another tissue paper to wipe off her tear and said, “I don’t know, I guess I was stupid, I thought I was just protecting what was mine”, I shook my head and said, “No you weren’t, I felt like you were controlling me”, there was a long pause, then she asked me, “How many times have you cheated on me?”, I wasn’t too surprised about this question, I knew she’d ask me so I replied, “I don’t know….”, then she asked me, “if you had to put a number on it, what will it be?”, I stared long and hard in the air trying to recollect, but I said, “I don’t know I wasn’t counting…”, she just started crying when those words came out, I felt numb, I didn’t know what to do.

“But honestly this wasn’t entirely your fault, I contributed to this, some part of me just wasn’t ready to commit to anyone, ‘cause at the time we met I didn’t want to, I just wanted to have some fun, and I feel you did everything you could for this relationship, you did your part to be a good girlfriend and I was really fortunate to have someone like you, and I really didn’t mean to hurt you”, she gazed at me long and hard and asked the most difficult question yet, “Did you love me?”, honestly I didn’t know what to say, the answer seem farfetched but I knew she deserved to know the truth, so I answered her, “No I didn’t, I was just in for the fun, I wasn’t ready to commit when we met, I thought I could with time, but I realized I just couldn’t, I wasn’t ready”, she held me by my shirt and started hitting me with her fist as she cried, then she questioned me, “Why didn’t you leave? Why didn’t tell me, how could you do this to me”, there was nothing I could do, I said, “I didn’t want to see you cry like the way you are doing right now if I told you the truth, I knew something like this would happen if I told you the truth, I’m really sorry”.

At this moment her top was soaked in tears, she couldn’t stop crying, I tried to calm her down, I told her she deserved to know the truth ‘cause I didn’t want to hurt her anymore, it was time we both moved on, I said to her, “I apologize for hurting you and I hope in the future we can remain good friends and I get to see you grow into the woman you’re becoming”. I went back to our room, packed all my belongings and left. That was the last time I saw her.

The end.


​story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

email: 101cledre@gmail.com/AbokiCleDre@gmail.com

twitter: @AbokiCleDre

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