DNA – Chapter I

I was leaving Accra for school, the next morning. Few months ago I got my admission letter into the university in Kumasi, I was really excited. I was the only child of my parents, and going to the university made my parents very proud of me because I was the first person in my family to go to university. Thoughts about leaving home, made me nervous, ‘cause it was my first time going outside the capital, I’ll be living on my own for the very first time. I was only 21. I was tensed all evening, but my best friend, Teddie, was around to keep me company, he was my best friend and a good one at that, he always got my back, he was like the brother I never had.

We were sitting in front of my house chatting about the fun stuffs we did in high school, Teddie didn’t pass his exams but he wasn’t bother that I did or jealous that I was leaving home for school. Our relationship was like a two-man team, I was the brains, he was the brawn, I was the nerd and he was the muscles. I was the kid in class who sat in front, answered all the questions and always did his homework, whiles he was the tall well-built guy, deep voiced teen who always sat at the back and made silly jokes when class was in session, the guy who made all the girls laugh, the guy all the girls adored.

It was 8:07pm, I wanted to go to bed, but Teddie insisted we go somewhere to get drinks since it’ll be the last time he sees in many months to come. I wasn’t a drinker, but the circumstance at the moment required that I did, I wasn’t buying and we were celebrating my departure, so it’ll be rude not to drink with my friend. The waiter came for our order, I ordered a bottle of malt, but Teddie laughed at me and said, “Malt is for girls, you need something strong”, then he told the waiter to bring me a chilled bottle of Club beer, he teased me, “Beer di3, 3noa ne Club”, as he laughed hysterically, but I had a better idea, I told the waiter to bring me a chilled bottled of Orijin instead. I didn’t like how it tasted at the first sip, but I got use to it. Before I was half done with my bottle, Teddie had drunk three bottles already.

After my bottle, I told Teddie it was getting late, I needed to catch the early bus the next morning so I wanted to go home and rest. We were about leaving when a little girl walked up to Teddie and said, “Bra Teddie, please Ama Naomi is calling you, she’s waiting for you outside”, Teddie excused himself and went away, but from where I sat in the bar, I could see him talking to her. Few minutes later I could see both of them shouting at each other and throwing their wits about, they almost caused it scene. The bar had two huge loud speakers playing loud music, so I couldn’t hear what Teddie and Ama Naomi were arguing about. I knew Teddie was drunk, so I wasn’t really surprised. Ama Naomi walked away and Teddie came back in with an angry face, I asked him what was going on but he said, “oh nothing, that crazy girl is acting up, make you no mind am”, I wanted to go home but Teddie insisted I take one more drink, I didn’t want to upset him more so I did. After three bottles of beer, I was drunk.

Teddie took me home after that third last drink. Teddie walked me home, I was very tipsy. It was my first time getting drunk. Soon as I reached home, I went straight to bed. Two hours later I heard someone whispering my name behind my window, I thought I was dreaming so I ignored it, but the whispering became louder and irritating, that woke me up. It was Teddie, he asked me to come outside, he’s behind my window waiting for me, he said he had a surprise for me. I looked at my watch, it was half an hour to 12am, I was really sleepy and tired, so I told him, “ah can’t it wait till morning, I’m very sleepy”, but he responded, “herrhh you fool ooh, I get surprise give you right now, you dey flex your body ehh, massa come out right now”, a bit curious at this surprise, and because I didn’t want his loud whispering to wake up my parents, I came outside as he instructed. What I saw actually surprised me, it was Ama Naomi and she was with Teddie. I thought I was still dreaming, I rubbed my eyes and just then Teddie pulled me away to the side, about 5 meters from her.

He asked me, “charle what do you think?”, then I said, “Could you be more specific? Think about what exactly?”, he chuckled and retorted, “heerrhhh gyae gyimiie nu, I said what do you think about her? Naomi”, I was still confused, so I acted dumb. Then Teddie said, she, Ama Naomi, was the surprise he had for me, and before I could say anything he said, “you’re still a virgin aint you? So I pulled a few strings of my own to make this happen for you tonight, consider it my final gift from me to you, she’s all yours tonight”, then I whispered, “are you crazy? Did I ask for this? You managed to get me drunk, the drinks were the perfect gift, I’m grateful, but the girl must leave, I’m not interested charle but I really appreciate your efforts in putting this together for me, I’m sorry bro”.

“herrrhhh you fool ooh, think about it, consider her as a preliminary match for the main tournament at the university, if you go to the university as a virgin, and the girls there realize it, charle your end that? They’ll laugh at you saaaa or you wanna turn a roman father”, Teddie said to me. I was mute for a second, then I said, “But why Ama Naomi? All the girls in this area why her? This girl has slept with every guy in this hood, including you, she’s like the chop bar napkin, obiara use bi, so why her?”, Teddie laughed hard and said, “abi she be loose girl, you fit give am 1cedi p3, you go fit chop am saaa for like one week, charle do wild before she changes her mind”

“Cle, listen, you see back at the bar, Naomi came looking for me? It was because of the deal I made with her on your behalf, I didn’t want you to die a virgin so I managed to convince her to set this thing up, you remember asking me what was wrong when I came back in the bar with an angry face? the thing was, Ama Naomi was asking too much, so I had to negotiate, her demands were crazy, that made me angry, but you relax, I’ve sort everything out, just enjoy yourself and I’ll take care of the rest, don’t disgrace me ooh, I managed to convince her this last minute, so hurry up and get it over and done with”

After thinking about it, the remaining alcohol in my system agreed to it. I didn’t like the idea but deep down I knew this might be my only opportunity to enter a woman. I invited Naomi to follow me to my room.


​story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

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