Every man has a secret

With each scroll on the screen, my heart arched. My eyes were teary, raining down my cheeks. My hand was trembling uncontrollably. I tried putting away the phone, but my hand and eyes wouldn’t let me, my eyes wanted to see more, my finger was eager to scroll down. My heart couldn’t bare it, my mind was going crazy. Suddenly, the world was spinning all around me. I tried to take a step, but I dropped to floor with a loud ‘THUD’

Everything was spinning, everything was blurring, I couldn’t see properly. The last thing I could remember was a figure that looked like my daughter, kneeling over me, screaming “mummy wake up, mummy please”. I struggled to keep my eyes open, I tried to move my hand but it wouldn’t move. Then I saw the figure move away from me screaming, “Daddy come, daddy, mummy is dying, daddy please”

My eyes were wide open but still couldn’t talk or say anything; I was dragged out from a taxi into a stretcher, pulled by two figures wearing white. Everything was blank afterwards.

I regained consciousness; the clock in the ward said 7:12AM. I looked around and noticed someone sleeping at the edge of the bed, I got scared. I tried to get up, and that woke the person up. I looked confused! The person was excited to see me, he told me to relax. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my left wrist; I looked up to find a drip on me. Then I asked, Isaac is that you? The person smiled and rushed outside screaming, “Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!”

Isaac came back later with a doctor and a nurse. They were all smiling. Then I asked them, “what happened to me?”, then the doctor said, “don’t worry you’ll be fine, you just need to rest for now, how are you feeling now”, and I answered, “I feel weird, and my head feels funny”, trying to touch my head with my right hand, the doctor was close to me to stop me from touching my head. I got puzzled! He said, “You hit your head very hard, it’s not a good idea to touch it right now”. Then I asked again, “what happened to me”, and as a typical Ghanaian would answer a question with a question, he asked, “you don’t remember?

I shook my head. He then asked Isaac to go and get me something to eat, then gave his folder to the nurse and told her to send it to his office. He walked close to me and sat on a chair next to me. He began to speak, “The gentleman brought you in last night in a taxi, the nurses brought you in, I was the doctor on duty last night so you were under my care, you had hit your head pretty bad, your scalp had a huge swollen on it. We did everything we could to stabilize your situation and we did, we then tied a bandage on your head, it’ll prevent further swelling and it’ll heal faster, I’ll advice you not to touch it”

“The gentleman who brought you in claimed he was your next door neighbor, around 11:30pm a little girl rushed to his door banging it, she said, her mum had fallen down and wasn’t moving so she needs help, he said, he rushed to the scene and all the little girl said was true, so he brought you in, according to tests we did on you, you had a minor heart attack, looking at your medical history that wasn’t suppose to happened, so madam, please, do you remember anything?”

I was confused and I couldn’t really remember anything clearly. The doctor got up and walked towards the door, he suddenly got a phone call, then he took out his phone, just at the sight of his phone, I suddenly remembered everything that happened the previous night, I screamed, “I remember now, I remember!”, the doctor answered his phone and said, “lemme call you back later”, he walked over to me, sat down and said, “what did you remember”.

I began to cry and said, “Everything”. The doctor tried consoling me and asked why I was crying, but all I could say that moment was “19 years gone to waste”. I began to speak, “I was waiting for my husband to come home late as usual on Fridays as I always do, he always goes out to have fun with his friends every Friday, yesterday wasn’t any different. He came home very late around 10:30pm, he was drunk as usual, he could barely move so I held and helped him inside. He fell flat on the couch and started sleeping, but I managed to drag him to the bedroom, I wanted to drag him to the bathroom but he was heavy to lift so I left him there…

The bedroom smelled like alcohol, the stench was unbearable last night so I decided to sleep in the couch. My daughter was in the living room watching a movie, I told her to go to sleep, but she pleaded with me to allow her watch the movie, she said there’s no school tomorrow so I should please allow her to watch the movie. I was feeling generous last night so I allowed her to watch the movies. I slept in the couch, but I kept moving and turning, I felt uncomfortable. It was as if I slept on something, I moved my hand behind my back and touched something…

I took it out; it was my husband’s phone. It must have fallen out of his pocket when he laid in the couch. Doc, when my husband and I started dating he had three most important rules, 1. Never interrupt him with anything when he’s watching a football match, 2. He always goes out on Fridays to have fun with his friends, and the 3rd most important rule, to Never ever go through his mobile phone without permission. We’ve been married for 19 years now, and I had never broken any of those rules before until last night. I had my husband phone in my hand, contemplating whether to go through it or not…

I thought to myself, what bad thing could I possibly find on it that he might not want me to see? Maybe porn…he’s asleep; he wouldn’t know I went through his phone. I went through his media gallery first but I didn’t find any porn, only funny memes and videos, I even watched some and laughed. I was ready to put his phone down after enough browsing through his phone, but something told me to go through his chats on whatsapp. I did, I knew most of the people on his chat list, and most of them were our friends. I saw a really funny joke someone sent to him, it was so funny I decided to forward it to my number, I long-pressed the joke, the forward button appeared on top and I clicked on it, the ‘Forward to…’ page opened, below it was the ‘Frequently contacted’ list, the frequently contacted number had a female name, “Mabel”, I didn’t know any Mabel, so I felt the need to go through their chat after I sent the joke to my number”

I started coughing, the doctor asked me if I was feeling uneasy, I told him no, but my throat is dry, he called for a nurse to bring me a cup of water. I drunk all the water and sighed heavily. I was looking up at the ceiling fan spinning above us, I was silent for about 2 minutes, then the doctor said, “Continue, so what happened when you saw the Mabel contact”, I smiled softly and said, “Doctor w’asum y3 wo d3 papa, you’re the very curious type aren’t you? You’re on duty, maybe some patients need you more than I do right now, or?” the doctor laughed and said, “my shift ended few minutes ago, the doctor on duty came in few hours ago, I’m off duty the entire day, so I’m free, I’ve got plenty time to listen to you, but for what it’s worth, I’m only trying figure out what happened to you.

I continued to speak, “I began to read the chat between Mabel and my husband from the beginning, there wasn’t anything suspicious to worry about, so I thought to myself, until I saw a text she sent to my husband saying, “you missed your son’s birthday last Friday, he turned 13, where were you?”, my husband’s reply to that text was, “I’m so sorry, I forgot, know what? Tell Michael I’ll be home soon with his present okay? Least I forget, what’s Andre’s birthday? I don’t want him to think that since I missed his brother’s birthday I’ll also miss his, he’ll be 4 years old this year right?”, Doc, reading those messages made my heart ache, my husband didn’t have any sisters or brothers, he was the only child of his parents so there was no way I could conclude those kids were his nephews”

The doctor gave me his handkerchief to wipe off the tears rolling down my face. “Doc, we’ve been married for 19 good years now, the beginning of our marriage was very difficult, I couldn’t conceive, and any doctor who run tests on my husband and I said we were both fine, there was nothing wrong with both of us. After 5 years I still couldn’t get pregnant, I wasn’t barren, my husband didn’t have low sperm count, but we still didn’t know what the problem was. My in-laws weren’t happy, they wanted grandchildren. I got tired of waiting and told my husband we should adopt a baby from an orphanage, but he refused…

My husband was the calm type, a man of very few words, he always told me not to worry, God’s time was the best, he assured me we’ll always keep trying, and won’t give up. He said, eventually God will answer our prayers. I loved my husband very much, he loved me too. After 11 years of good marriage, God blessed our wait with a beautiful bouncy baby girl at 3am on a Monday morning, I remember when my husband held our baby for the very first time, he had tears in his years, he was so happy, that was the first time I saw my husband cry, tears of joy, we decided to name our baby Patience…

We’ve been happily married since, until last night I only found out my husband has 2 sons with another woman. You can imagine how I felt. My husband sends money to this woman every month for their up keep. Doc, do you know why I’m angry and hurting? My husband’s first son is 13 this year, that means he was born in the period when I couldn’t give birth, if I had found out at that time, I would have forgiven him for his unfaithfulness because at that time I couldn’t bare him a child, if I caught him then and he said it was a mistake I would have believed him. 

We’re humans we make mistakes all the time. But here’s the problem, my husband’s 2nd son turns 4 this year, that means my daughter Patience was 5 years old 4 years ago, at that time my husband would have had 2 children, for me I think that would have been enough. But my husband went ahead and made the same woman pregnant, baring him another son, which meant, my husband knew what he was doing, he deliberately got another woman pregnant just to mock me. He hid all these from me, making a fool out of me…

last thing I remember was touching my chest in pain, I couldn’t read their chat anymore, my brain just couldn’t process this new information I just read…I felt dizzy, that was the last thing I remember.”

“That’s a heart breaking tale you just narrated, I think you should rest for now, the nurses will take care of you….” the doctor said to me. As he was about to leave, my husband came screaming my name to the ward, “Francisca! Francisca! Francisca! Oh Francisca”, “I came as soon as I heard you were brought here”, my husband said to me. I was disgusted by the sight of him; he said Patience told him I was brought in last night by Isaac because you collapsed. He asked me how I was doing but I didn’t want to answer him. He realized I was angry at him; he began to apologize for getting drunk the previous night. 

With tears and disgust in my voice I asked him, “How could you do this to me? How do you live with yourself? How do you sleep at night? You’ve broken my heart in many pieces”, my husband was looking at me dumbfounded, obviously having no idea what I was talking about, so I asked him, “when were you going to tell me you had 2 sons with another woman?”, my husband was stunned, he started to stutter, “what are you talking about”, he said to me, I shook my head and said, “don’t play dumb with me, I went through your phone last night, I read your chats with Mabel, so now tell me, when did you plan to tell me?”

He was still stuttering, “I…I…I…Please…Please…forgive me, I…” I shouted I at him, “forgive who? Our daughter is older than your last son; you deliberately got another woman pregnant and you here stuttering?” I yelled at him, “Mr. Man you better start explaining yourself right now before I get out from this bed this instant! Who is Mabel? Where is she from? How did you meet her? How long have you known her?”, my husband was still stuttering, he was sweating at if water had be poured on him, all he kept saying was, please and sorry, but I wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

My husband held his chest, and pretended like he was in pain, I knew he was trying to find a way to stop me from asking questions, he started moaning like he was in pain, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh Francisca please”, then I said to him, I know what you’re doing, get up right now and answer my question you shameless man. My husband was laying on the floor for about 5 minutes he completely ignored me, he said nothing too.

Isaac came in moments later with a basket full of food and saw my husband on the floor, he panicked and rushed for the nurse, the nurse came to check on him, but he had no pulse. She rushed for the doctor, the doc came and did his thing, he confirmed he was dead, I couldn’t believe my ears, I told the doctor that can’t be true, he was talking to me few minutes ago, he can’t die just like that. As if I was dreaming, two men from the morgue came for his body, the doctor said it was a heart attack. 

One nurse came to me and asked what happened, all I could say was, “Never go through a man’s phone without his permission”, I burst into uncontrollable tears.

story written by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2017 by @AbokiCleDre

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  1. Hmmm,so Hu Killed Him?,,,honestly U Shld Go Tru Ur Man’s Fone Wt Or Wtout His Permission,i.e, If He Has Natn 2 Hyd


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