This thing called Love

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything….I just wanna lay in my bed……” I like soaking myself in music and I have already ‘soaked’ listening to Bruno Mars, how I love this song on a Saturday morning, especially today, because my next paper was scheduled for 17th December which means I have a whole week as holiday, I was in bed nodding my head and snapping my fingers to the tune.

“Panam panam….panam panam”…then my phone rang, “ooohh ah!, who wants to disturb me?”, I asked rhetorically, it was Ama, “hello dear how are you doing?”, “I’m good, I just want to know if you would be less busy during the course of the day, you know today is my birthday and I want you to escort me to the Mall to get some one two stuffs for the party.” ” Ohh  today is your birthday I nearly forgot, so we meeting at the Mall? ok I’ll be expecting you at exactly 2:00pm, I said”. “Ok thank you Kwame, I appreciate it and I will be expecting you goodbye”. These were the last words of Ama and she hang up the call.

I descended from the ”storey bed”, I always like the top bed, still having my earpiece on nodding and snapping my fingers. ” eeih Legon no dey give you pressure koraa oo”- you don’t feel the pressure Legon puts on students, one of my roommates said mischievously and I only retorted by simultaneously pulling out my tongue and closing one of my eyes  . I took my bath and answered my calling stomach and prepared myself to hit Madina by 1:00pm. I called Ama and she said she was waiting for me . I got to Madina at exactly 15minutes to meet Ama at home. To my utmost bewilderment she has already configured her mother’s Camry SE 2016 to transport us to the place. “How did she know I knew how to drive?” I murmured, “hey don’t you think I don’t know you can drive, I last saw you I just didn’t call” Ama said in response as though she was reading my mind, miss psychic. All set for the journey ahead, we drove off. In no time we were on the N1 highway and at exactly 2:07pm the giant billboard with the inscriptions “WELCOME TO THE WEST HILLS MALL” has already beckoned us to the parking lots.

We got down and started treading majestically towards the entrance, what we wanted to buy was dress and a pair of shoes, so without more ado we proceeded to that section and started browsing. I just couldn’t stop feasting my eyes on the numerous beautiful items at display each of them saying “t) me t) me”- buy me, buy me. In about 15minutes Ama was in a dilemma as to what dress to choose and I couldn’t help either because they all looked nice.

As we proceeded with our browsing something caught my attention and I realized that I can’t face the same dilemma Ama was facing because what I saw was a definite choice. What was that?, it was a golden necklace meant for ladies. I stood there for a minute, my heart beating unsteadily and surprisingly it was then my memory power seemed to be working more effectively, why so?, it was then I realized it was December and that Christmas was approaching, it was then I remembered Adwoa Serwaa, she told me she wanted me to buy her a gift later in the month. Is this the time to surprise her?, maybe this will prove to her I really meant what I said on that 31st October night, maybe this will compel her to accept my proposal, these were but few things that were running through my mind as at that time. I had already forgotten I’m with somebody and surprisingly Ama was nowhere to be found, or I was rather nowhere to be found? Whichever way, the necklace was my target.

I drew closer and saw Ghc 850.00 attached to it then I was convinced that was its price. 850….. 8.5million eish….kwerr sanieba, my pocket haven’t seen that kind of money before since my infancy, but I needed it too. I touched it left it, touched it again “herrr this is beautiful” I said to myself. I turned 360 degrees to see if someone was watching, I drew closer again.” This thing will look really nice on Serwaa paaa oo but the 850 di33 mmh.

I turned around again this time taking some steps away in an attempt to police around the place to ensure no one was watching, after all safety first, I scrutinized the surroundings very carefully and when I was satisfied I rushed to the place calmly took the necklace and dumped it into my pocket sharp sharp and left the place as soon as possible. I rushed to meet Ama who has now finished and was probably waiting for the attendant to do the calculation and tell her the bill.

“Where have you been”? Ama asked, “I’m sorry I was watching the boxing match between Canello Alvarez and Mosley on the other side you know I like boxing” I explained. She didn’t say anything than to scrutinize me with her charming eyes and that added to my sweating, I was feeling quite uneasy until she said okay and turned her look away from me. As we waited for the shop attendant I felt a huge figure behind me, he patted me by the shoulder and I knew for sure that it won’t bode well for me cause the hand didn’t feel like a friendly hand.

” Where is the necklace”? he asked but I pretended I did not hear him. The hand came again and the same hoarse voice repeated itself “where is the necklace”?, I looked the man from the askance and asked “which necklace”?, “the one you just stole” he said, “I’m sorry I don’t know what you are talking about” the man got apoplectic this time and demanded it forcefully but I wasn’t prepared to surrender. Ama who was probably confused came into the scene again searching my mind and heart with her eyes which were now filled with suspicion and disbelief at the same time and asked “kwame what is happening over here”?

“This man has stolen a golden necklace” the man said, the place was getting heated up, people were getting closer to have a taste of whatever was transpiring between us but I only told Ama not to mind him “how can I do that”? I asked Ama “hey you cheeky puny cockerel don’t push me to the wall okay” he said and before I could open my little beak I felt a heavy hand on my face which sent me crawling on the floor as though I was searching for a fallen pin. As I struggled to get up a second one was given me and Ama couldn’t help but confront the man whilst crying, the whole place got “charged” people tripping in to see what it was that was going on all this while I was on the ground my whole body has already conducted the heat I feel on my face, my face must be a power house then.

A weeping Ama also couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing for me a whole Kwame like me to steal in a Mall no no that wasn’t possible for her to believe but it was true. In about a minute or so I was surrounded by security men who bundled me and dragged me to the police station with the necklace still in my pocket. Maybe they have either forgotten or intentionally left it with me. When we got to the police station everything was explained from how they were monitoring my mistrustful movements to how I actually wanted to sneak away with it “but our intelligence outwitted him and he got apprehended” one man explained.

I was asked to produce the item which I did, I was asked to stay at “counter back” Ama was only sobbing and hiccupping, she was deeply affected and I felt sorry for her, in my heart I apologized for ruining her birthday, because I wasn’t sure after that has happen she could celebrate her birthday like she had wanted to. I spent the night at the police station and in all these times it was Ama I was thinking of, I felt very ashamed and sorry for having disgraced myself.

My night was sleepless and full of sorrow as I buried my face in my palms and doused myself in tears. Early in the morning Ama came with my mum and her’s to see me they brought me some food which I gulped down my throat in the shortest possible time. After a minute or two talks with the police the security man who had apprehended me the other day was called and together they talked issues through. I was released 15minutes after and we thanked the police and the security man and left for home.

It was all emotional, our mothers and Ama shedding tears…. When we got home I apologized especially to Ama and her mum for my disgraceful act and it was only gratifying to know they had already forgiven me I also promised never to let such an incident repeat itself ever again.

 Adwoa Serwaa whom I was actually doing this for, whom I stole the necklace for, when she heard about it got so furious with me and warned me never to call or whatsapp her again not to think about coming over to her house cos I was a disgrace, as if she was joking, in about a month or so she never answered my calls, never called or whatsapp too then I realized that “madi nkwasias3m”. Ever since December has become an emblem of reminiscence and anytime December is approaching it gets me remembering what happened on that day my awful day.


story written by: Kwame Ebenezer Yeboah (Mr KEY)

Copyright © 2017 by Kwame Ebenezer Yeboah 

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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