My Old Man [Part II]

I called Lily on phone to arrange a rendezvous pronto! I was so excited about my idea, I couldn’t wait for her to hear it, but on the real, I wasn’t sure how she was gonna take it, It was kinda stupid but circumstances stirred that idea in my head and I had to survive. I got to her hostel around 3pm, her room mate was around, due to the delicate nature of what I had in mind, I had to wait for her roommate to leave before we talked. She left about half an hour later for campus. We were now alone. I was lying next to in bed; she had this see-through straight dress on. She wore no bra’ so you could see her nipples and bully button up close, it was beautiful. She was light-skinned so her colour was glowing in that black dress.

I caressed her a bit, just to get her in the mood. She was all over me like rashes. My bae was a naughty freak; she knew the right buttons to turn me on. We made out for about an hour before I asked her to hear me out; I had a favour to ask of her. Arousing and getting her in the mood was all part of my plan to get Lily to relax and reason with me on what I was about to ask her. I trusted her, we’ve been dating for two years now and I knew she’s got my back. I began to fill her in on what’s been going on with my family, how my dad has been behaving like a jerk these past few months. She looked very surprised and upset that I didn’t tell her. She sounded concerned so she said, “if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know”

I looked in her eyes and said, “Bae, I’ve been thinking about something, and I want you to hear me out with an open mind, hear what I have to say before you say yes or no okay”, she looked puzzled and said, “you’re scaring me, what have you been thinking?”, then I answered, “do you remember the last time you came over to my place? You said my dad was looking at us and it made you uncomfortable so you had to leave? Yeah, truth is, my Dad wasn’t looking at us, he was looking at you, I caught a glimpse of him staring at you when you walked out my house, my point is, my dad likes you. Don’t ask me how I know this, I’m a guy, I know these stuffs”. She was about to speak, but I told her to hold on.

“Okay, now here’s what I’ve been thinking, my Dad likes beautiful ladies and you’re no exception. My Dad has money, lots of it but he wouldn’t want to spend it on his family for reasons only known to him. Now here’s my proposal, I want you to get close to my Dad, as close as you can be, milk some money off him, get as much as you can without sleeping with him, any amount you get, we’ll share it 50/50”. Lily looked pissed off, and she had all the right to be, what I was suggesting was stupid and ridiculous. For a second I thought she was about to give me a dirty slap, but she kept composure and said, “are you stupid? You want me to get involve with your Daddy? Did you really think this thoroughly before telling me? Or you imagined I will let loose and agree to this? Did you smoke some cassava leaves before coming here huh?”

Honestly I expected this reaction from her, I would have said same if I was in her shoes but unfortunately I wasn’t. She told me bluntly, “I’m not doing this, all this goes against my morals and standards, I’m sorry but I can’t”. She turned me down but I wasn’t giving up that easily, so I used another angle to persuade her, told her, “Think about the money, my Dad could get you anything you wanted just by you merely standing next to him, we both get to get 50% each”, she got furious when I mentioned money, she made it clear she wasn’t prostituting herself for any man, even though I made it clear to her that she wasn’t going to sleep with him. It wasn’t going as I planned, so I had to play my trump card.

I started crying uncontrollably like a baby, I told her, “My Dad had refused to pay my school fees, which means, that’s the end of my education, I really need money if I want to continue school, my dad had refused to help me and looking at my options now, you’re my only hope”, I cried some more. She felt pity for me. She placed her hand on my shoulders and said, “ you look ugly when you cry so stop it, I’ll help you for now, I’ll help you get some money for your school fees and that’ll be it!”. I was extremely happy.

I told her my Dad was mostly home on Mondays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturday from the morning to the late afternoon so she could come over to my house and pretend she came to see me and in the process she’ll be doing everything necessary to get his attention. First few weeks I think Dad had some concerns since Lily was at his house almost everyday and at times I would leave the house for both of them, so that Dad will feel comfortable acting like the dog he’s become.

It took two months for Dad to notice Lily and it was worth the wait. Lily called me to inform me that my Dad had invited her to dinner at the Mall. According to her it went well, my Dad had shown interest in her. Things were going as planned. Could you believe Dad gave Lily 300 cedis for taxi fare? This old man was really throwing money away instead of doing the honorable thing of taking care of his family. Lily and I share the cash 50/50! I began saving up for my school fees. At times Lily will give me all the money my Dad gave to her. But there was a problem, my sisters didn’t like Lily, they complained that she was almost at our home with Dad everyday, but they have no idea she was my girlfriend and she was helping me get some money for school, and I dared not tell them!

Life was good until I got half my school fees, Lily stopped giving feedback on her dates with my Dad. She hasn’t sent me any money in a while, it was worrying cause I knew My Dad and lily are really closer than before. I really needed money so I called Lily to ask for some money. Guess what, she insulted me like I just took the last piece of meat from her food.

I didn’t understand what had just happened, I figured she was in a bad mood so I thought it would okay to go to her hostel and talk to her in person. I got a taxi and rode straight to her hostel, what I saw really startled me, my Dad’s car was parked right in front of the hostel. I almost peed on myself, I started sweating, my heart pounding like I was about to take a penalty kick for the Black Stars of Ghana. There was nothing left to do than to go back home.

I went straight to bed when I got home. Around 7pm Abigail came and woke me up, saying Dad had called for a family meeting. I put on some clothes wore my slippers and walked to living room. I almost got a heart attack when I saw Lily sitting next to my Dad, he had his arms wrapped her shoulders. Lily bowed down her head when she saw me. Everyone was present, my three sisters, Doris, Mary and Abigail except for Sister Akua. She phoned in to tell Dad she couldn’t make because she had night duty at the hospital that evening.

So Dad decided to proceed without her. Awkwardly, Dad was in a delightful mood. Then he started talking, “Sweetheart, these are my kids, Doris, Mary, Abigail and of course your friend here CleDre…kids meet my fiancée, your mother-to-be, she’s called Lily, from now on she’ll be staying with us and I want you all to show her the maximum respect, respect and do what ever she asks of you like she was your mother okay”. I almost had a heart attack

Mary chuckled and left for her room. Doris couldn’t believe her eyes. Abigail was trying so hard to hold back those tears from rolling down her face. I thought I was dreaming, I got up and started walking to my room, then I heard Dad calling me back, he asked me to take Lily’s luggage and bags from his car to his room. If my Dad was close to me I would have punched him in the face.

I went to bed thinking about it, it didn’t make sense, shit wasn’t adding up! I was getting agitated. My only option was to confront Lily and ask her what the hell was going, and she better have good explanations for me.

Dad went out very early in the morning, so I sneaked up into his room, Lily was half naked lying on the bed, half asleep. I woke her up, she freaked out when she saw me, she said, “Hey! What are you doing here?”And I replied, “I should be asking you that? What was that circus show you and my Dad pulled on us last night? What the F do you think you doing?”, she chuckled and responded, “I don’t owe you any explanations, our agreement has been cancelled! Each one for themselves now, leave this room right now before I start yelling on top of my voice”, she looked very serious but I wasn’t leaving until I got some answers.

I asked her, “What do you mean cancelled? We had a deal, 50/50 was the agreement, so why are you being greedy?”, she replied, “greedy me? Stupid boy when your Dad was dancing ‘Onaapo’ between my thighs where were you? Did you get 50% of the pain? When I was sucking his prick and swallowing cum where were you? Don’t you dare call me greedy, when I was giving you money you didn’t call me greedy, did you? Did you ever thought of how I got the money? Do you know the things I had to do before getting you that money? If you don’t leave this room right now I’d scream RAPE!” I left the room extremely broken and sad. The last time I was this sad was when Chelsea lost to United in Moscow, 2008

I knew I had messed up big time and there was nothing I could do about it. I didn’t know if I should be said for not being to get all my school fees or be sad because the girl who use to called me Daddy in bed will now be calling my Dad, Daddy in bed too and later will be my step-mom. Thinking about it gave me headache.

I couldn’t tell my sisters about this because I caused this mess, I knew no amount of I’m sorry will make them forgive me if I should tell them, they’d be disappointed in me. I had to endure it and play along.

Lily has been acting like the queen and boss of the house for six months now. She’s made everyone’s life a living hell. She made my Dad bought her a new car and since she can’t drive she made him hire a chauffer for her. She gets everything by just snapping her finger whiles we his kids struggle to get money out of him. Dad said they were getting married the next month. Which means my ex will now become my step-mother. Karma is really a B!

About a week to Dad’s wedding; he went to bed and died the next morning. He was aged 71. The doctor said he died because there was increased strain on his heart whiles in the threos of the midnight passion, the strain then lead to a sudden cardiovascular attack, slowing killing him in his sleep. In simple language my Dad died after having sex with Lily the previous night. I won’t lie that day was the happiest day of my life, the last time I was this happy was when Chelsea won the champions league in Germany at the Alianz Arena against Bayern Munich back in 2012.

Guess who’s getting the F outta my house tonight? – You know the name right
Guess who’s inheriting Dad’s fortune? – Me!
Guess who’s the man of the house now? – Me!


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