The ….. of a ‘wait’.

Author: Panfo Yeboah


I am wondering which of these words would best complete my heading; ‘usefulness’ or ‘advantages’. I want to highlight the fine ways of using up ‘waiting’ time. I don’t know how you spend time waiting though, but the truth is, there are some good uses to which we all can put the time that we spend in waiting.

waiting times.jpg

Many situations in our daily lives call for us to wait. Waiting for a bus in the morning, waiting to meet the doctor, waiting in traffic, the list is endless. What do you do when the need for waiting arises ? Well, it is good to keep yourself occupied whiles waiting, you could read a magazine, listen to music, listen to the radio, engage others in a chat, browse the internet with your phone etc. These are fine ways of using up waiting time. They help to keep us informed, entertained (which contributes to a happy mood good for our health) and refreshed. Recently, I had to wait for a tailor to fix my clothes, I decided not to sit by him in his shop, but to stand outside and look at the cars passing by…before long, he was done. It was truly refreshing. Keeping ourselves occupied whiles waiting is beneficial!

However, it is possible to do NOTHING whiles waiting. Considering the experience I just related, it appeared I was doing NOTHING, actually that wasn’t the case , I had a purpose for which I stood outside- to watch cars passing. The kind of NOTHING I am referring to here is that act of being ’empty’- having nothing in mind, nothing to do. This is bad. The pressures that we face each day adds to our stress, we can add to it by doing NOTHING whiles waiting.

A well worn statement from the Bible says that, the span of our life is 70 years, or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow; They quickly pass by, and away we fly. We’ve got to make every minute of our lives count!


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One thought on “The ….. of a ‘wait’.

  1. Abt the age..its actually 120..gen 6:3…ps 90:10 says 70 0r was davids thoughts…anyways it pays to wait..nice


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