My mother’s betrayal

Aunty B, had three beautiful daughters, Ann, Jane and Dede. In that order Ann was the oldest, Jane and Dede, the last child(her last child, Dede was among the three ugly).

Aunty B was known to be a strong-willed woman, opinionated and determined woman. She’s been able to look after her daughters education and taken care of her daughters very well.

Ann, 28 years, Accra polytechnic fashion designer graduate, she lives on her own, and works as an intern for Elikem, The Tailor. She has high hopes of becoming top fashion icon and reputable designer. Jane, 23 years, High school graduate, Madina secondary school, year group ‘2×12, unemployed, lives with parents. Eats and sleeps everyday like a queen.

Dede, 18 years, High school graduate, year group ‘2×15, unemployed lives with her parents. Aunty B and Dede sells fried yam for a living at the near by government school. Madina No.1 LA primary and junior high school.  Dede is an ugly spoiled brat.

Dada K, the father of the three, husband to Aunty B, retired long distance truck driver, currently unemployed, care taker of the compound house where they live. He’s scared of his wife.

Ann is a very ambitious young lady, working hard to make a good life for herself, she’s been dating Daniel for four years now, with plans hoping to end up in a marriage. They really love each other.

Daniel through friends and a ‘connection man’ got a chance to travel to Kuwait to work. He was to be a care taker at the home for the retired and elderly. Before Daniel left Ghana, he told Ann to wait for him for two years, when he comes back from his travel, he would marry her.

Ann analyzed what Daniel had told her, she was distorted in mind, confused as ever, she didn’t like the idea of Daniel leaving, she wanted him to stay, Ann had heard stories about how bad blacks are racially abused, used and not respected in Kuwait. She begged Daniel to stay, but his mind was already made up. Ann accessed her situation and concluded to a break up, saying she couldn’t wait, because she wasn’t getting younger and she wasn’t sure if Daniel would remain faithful, Ann couldn’t agree to a long distance relationship.

Ann came home to her family with tears to narrate what had happened to her relationship with Daniel. Instead of her family consoling her, Aunty B, Jane and Dede started raining insults on her, for allowing an opportunity like this pass her by, they argued that, Daniel was a nice generous man, and he traveling outside the country was an added advantage. He was a man with a bright future, a potential soon to be rich man.

Ann’s mom and siblings treated her bad, they verbally abused her, called her names, teased her, mocked her, Dede even dared referred to her eldest sister, Ann, as a retard, an imbecile and a mental psycho. Ann felt worse, her mother and siblings had added insults to her injury, so Ann  decided to keep less contact with them and visit home less.

A year later, Aunty B called Ann to inform her that Jane was getting married, an engagement ceremony, so she should be present, she was given details of the date, 31st of next month, and the venue, dress code for the bride’s sisters was white.

When she heard of her sister’s marriage, she was happy for her, she even offered to design an outfit for the ceremony. But there was one question she wasn’t getting answers for, she’s been asking of the lucky man her sister was getting married to, but no one told her, she was simply told, she’ll meet him at the ceremony.

The engagement day arrived, everything was glamorous until the Abusua Panyin sent for the young man who was asking for the hand of Jane in marriage. The young man came, cloth in white like a swam, with African designs. This was the look on Ann’s face when she saw him


The young man was Daniel, her ex. Her sister was getting married to her ex! She almost fainted, no one told her anything, tears was rolling down her face, you could see her struggling to hold down the tears, but she mastered courage and quickly wiped them off to prevent them from ruining her make up.

Ann was a strong woman, she didn’t cause a scene, she didn’t protest against her sister’s marriage. She simply hid herself out of sight, and cried her heart out when no one was watching.

Ann was a woman of substance, a classy lady, she endured the pain of watching the man she once loved for four years get married to her younger sister. What really broke her heart was, she had unprotected sex with Daniel, their entire relationship, and she knew he’d had sex with her younger sister before the marriage. Daniel had this unsual hunger for sex. He had sex with her when ever he got the chance.

The idea than one man have had sex with two sisters really struck her nerves, but she played it cool. She decided to confront them after the marriage ceremony. And she did, she went home to confront them, and Aunty B and Dede rained insults, painful than the previous ones on her, his dad wasn’t in support of Jane’s marriage but what can an unemployed broke old man who has lost all respect from his wife and lives from the pockets of her wife do? Ann and her Dad were bitterly insulted to the core.




Now here’s what happened: Aunty B hearing that Ann had broken up with Daniel quickly went to apologize to him for her daughter’s childishness(Few weeks before he left for Kuwait). She said her daughter was a fool, a retard, an immature girl with a brain problem suffered at birth, so Daniel should forgive Ann. Daniel surprised at this, forgave Ann on her mom’s behalf.

As compensation, Aunty B told Daniel he’ll be cooking for him since he’s now alone, he’ll need help with house chores and food, but Daniel declined her generous offer, but Aunty B was very persuasive and very persistent so Daniel gave in even though he didn’t like the idea.

Since then Aunty B has been preparing food for Daniel and she’s been sending Jane to deliver food to him and sometimes she does his chores and laundry for him. That’s how it all started and how they got involved. Aunty B had been pushing her second daughter, Ann’s immediate sister, Jane, to Daniel.




After the marriage Daniel went back to Kuwait, but before he left,  he rented a two bedroom self-contained apartment for his wife, Jane and she lived there alone. She’s tried countless times to join her husband in Kuwait but she’s been bounced many times by the Kuwait Embassy, now she’s lonely and unhappy, and Daniel isn’t coming home any sooner.

Aunty B has pushed her daughter into an unhappy life and marriage. Her first daughter is still upset with her mother, she doesn’t want to see her anymore.

How would you describe Aunty B’s behavior? Pure witchcraft or pure greed? Or perhaps a loving mother struggling for the best for her kids?


Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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