The love of my life – Awurama

We met in high school, and from there we clicked! She was the perfect high school sweetheart, and together we were the perfect couple. I considered her the missing rib from my left rib cage. The interesting part was, she was also born on Monday, so I called her Mame Adwoa and she called me Bra Kojo.

People said our relationship won’t last after high school, but to their surprise, they’re laughing at the wrong side of their mouth. We both got good grades and ended up in the same University, we continued our love affair. She was the only woman I’ve been with, and believe me I was content.


At the University, Adwoa was always in my room, my roommates even thought she was either obsessed or stalking me. But I knew it was all love, she loved me and I loved her. Honestly I couldn’t live without her. Our days in University was like a fairy tale, all happiness.

After University, we both got jobs and were working fulltime, it was really hard cause I only saw her at the weekends, and I miss her sometimes. Over the weekends she comes to my place to do my laundry and cook for me. At times when I was in a good mood, I cook for her, cuddle with her, play silly games with her, I really enjoyed her company. I started seeing her differently, I started considering our relationship long-term and permanent.

We’ve been dating for 8 years now, I practically knew everything about her, I knew her  favorite series was GOT, I knew all her likes and dislikes, I knew she hates it when I don’t call her at least once in a day, she claims my voice give her the reason to live, which I thought was romantic, I knew her favorite food was kenkey with pepper and chopped pork, I knew her shoe size was size 5, I knew her favorite team was Manchester United even tho I was a Chelsea fan, I even knew the diameter and circumference of her nipples.

I wasn’t getting any younger, I started thinking about marrying my high school sweetheart, this was what our families were expecting after dating eachother for 8 years. I needed a ring and a romantic place to propose to her.

Along came Awurama, she was the new head of our company’s human resource department. I first met her in the hall way going to my office, she asked me where the marketing department was, and I told her I was the head of marketing, she smiled and said I was the person she was looking for, I smiled back and asked her to follow me. We went to my office and discussed business. She was so smart and I found her intelligence very sexy.

At lunch time, just when I was about to step out, I met Awurama in front of my office, but I told her it was lunch time and I was stepping out to go grab something to eat, she smiled again and said, the reason why she’s here, was to invite me over for lunch if it was okay with me, she said she’s new in town and was wondering if I could take her to some place nice, and I agreed. I took her some place nice and we both enjoyed each other’s company, she laughed at my silly jokes, and I got to find out something about her, I knew she was living alone, single, no kids and her family lived in the UK.

The next day she came back to my office at lunch break and said she was taking for me out for lunch and she was paying, I couldn’t turn down the free lunch so I agreed to go with her, and I enjoyed her company she was really fun to be around. Going to lunch with her became a routine, she was very insistent and persistent so declining her invitations for lunch was meaningless.

One day, after work, at the parking lot, Awurama was trying to start her car, but it wasn’t starting. And it was too late to call in a mechanic so I offered to drive her home, she lived at North Kaneshie. On our way home, we talked a lot, talked about office work, random stuffs and even gossiped about colleagues at work, driving her home was really fun, she was open-minded and her personality was simply awesome.

We finally got to her house, I was just about to drive home when she invited me over for dinner, but I told her my girlfriend was at home waiting for me and I couldn’t wait, but she said the food was in the fridge and she’ll heat it up, it’ll only take a second. I reluctantly agree, we went inside, she brought out the chicken and heated it in the microwave oven, she set up the table and to my surprise she brought out wine.

After eating and a brief chat, she went inside her room. Then she called out my name from her room, and I went inside. Soon as I entered her room, she closed the door and locked the door and hid the key in her bra. I was confused and asked what was going on, she only laughed and started striping off her clothes.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, her firm breasts standing erect like the great Iroko tree, her nipples like diamonds mined from the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe, her flat tummy like a wooden almirah, her curved bubble buttocks like the Samsung 65 inch LED cruved HD TV with High dynamic range, she was a pretty, you should have seen what i saw.

She pounced onto me like a cheetah stalking its prey, she ripped my clothes off, I knew I had a girlfriend waiting for me at home but I couldn’t resist this sweet temptation, I just relaxed and observed what was about to go down. She flipped her hair back and tied it with a rubber band, then she came crawling from my feet, she started moving her fingers from my toes to my leg, climbed up to my thighs down to my toes. I noticed she was holding back so I decided to take control.

I pushed het to the bed, kissed along her legs up to her nipples, played with her nipples like the guitar. I spread her legs wide apart and kissed around her vagina, I licked and sucked her clitoris till she was screaming my name, then I slowly began to penetrate her vagina with my tongue, she was really soaked wet! I used the tip of my tongue to tease the tip of her clit, then I licked all the juice coming out.

I increased the tempo of the penetration with my tongue, I moved in deeper and deeper. The room had suddenly become hot, we were both sweating like we’re in an oven. Looking into her eyes, I played with her, weaving my fingers through her hair, kissing her lips gently, down to her cheeks and finally along her neck to her ears. Then I moved my fingers down from her hair to her chest, slowly mashing her breast with my fingers, slowly pressing her nipple with the tip of my fingers, she moaned softly, then I grabbed hold of the base of her breast as I sucked the very life outta her nipples, whiles massaging the base of the breast.

Then I moved to her left breast, I swallowed it whole with my mouth, then i began sucking like a baby, brushing her nipple with my tongue and biting her nipples softly with my teeth. I licked the surface round and round and slowly, squeezing her breast softly, carresing it gently and licking it like an ice cream on a cone.

Whiles sucking her nipples, I moved my other hand across her body down to the base of her stomach, then I used one finger to rub her clit whiles sucking her breast. She was shaking with excitement, then I inserted one finger and began to finger her slowly, pushing in and out slowly, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, then I changed the speed and used two fingers, moving in and out faster, she couldn’t help it but scream out loud, it was as if she was in pain, sweet pain, what I was doing was sweet but it was painful, but she wouldn’t let me stop, she whispered in my ears, “Please don’t stop I’m begging you, faster faster faster”.

She was extremely wet, I knew it was time to bless this church meetings with some fire strokes, I was hard and ready to penetrate, the sounds the beads around her waist was making was turning me on, so I opened her legs like an accounting book ready to balance some sheets, just when I was about to penetrate, my phone rang. From where I was, I could see, “Mame Adwoa calling”, my girlfriend. I couldn’t answer the call, the guilt alone was killing, I felt very bad, I felt I had betrayed my woman.

I got up dressed up and told Awurama I was going home, she didn’t try to stop me. On my way home I began to cry, not because of what had happened but because I had to pick between those two women. I had to choose between the woman who I’ve loved for 8 years now, Mame Adwoa and between a woman I’ve only known for a few months, the love of my life, Awurama.

If I picked Adwoa over Awurama, many years in my marriage I might regret it, knowing I had the chance to go after the love of my life and be happy, but if I pick Awurama over Adwoa, I’d feel I had betrayed a loyal woman who has always loved me my entire life, hold me down when ever I needed it. I love Adwoa but I love Awurama too.

Who should I pick?


Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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2 thoughts on “The love of my life – Awurama

  1. Choose the woman who has been there for you your entire life, she stayed with you through bad and good times. Office romance or relationships don’t last long, it’s fun at first but watch another person take over after you.. Maame Adwoa the perfect option.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. But charle the love of your life di3, those people dey come once in a life time oh, but marrying adwoa nd later in life you kai Awurama e go be some way bi oh lol


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