“I’m Pregnant”

I had an older brother who lived in the city. He only come to the village to visit us during the festive seasons. On one of his visits he told me something that made me very happy. He said if I pass my junior high school certificate exams, he promise to take me to the city to further my education in a nice senior high school. The promise change my life.
I passed my exams, and as promised my brother came for me. My results were good so I got into a high school with ease. But studying wasn’t easy, and I was a day student so it was extra hard, I sometimes miss the first two periods in class. This reflected in my grades, and my brother wasn’t happy.

I had to improvise and think of something to improve my grades. So I joined a study group from my class, they were five guys and three girls, and two of them were the best students in the school, so I knew i could learn a lot from them to improve my grades. The term came to an end and my grades had gone up, and my brother was proud of me.

I decided to mingle with them more outside of school. But what I found out shocked me, I found out they were the ‘party type’, they go clubbing, drinking and basically party around.

This was a challenge for me, because, I was a virgin, I don’t drink, I don’t party, and it was really tough since I constantly turn them down, they noticed. One time in class, they teased me the whole day that I was a virgin. I acted like it was nothing, but deep inside, the thing pain me ruff!

So I decided to prove them wrong. There was this girl in our study group, Patricia, she’s really attractive, and very smart. What I loved about her was, she was very quiet, and I like quiet girls, they give less pressure, and I don’t like pressure. I approached her and told her I liked her, and I wanted her to be my girlfriend, and to my surprise she agreed, she said she’s always admired me.

With time everyone got to know Patricia was my girlfriend. She was my first girlfriend so I really loved her, I provided all her needs, even tho I wasn’t working I managed to save up and gave her anything she needed. I sometimes paid her school fees with the money I was suppose to use to pay my own school fees, I did it all because I loved her. The love was deep!

My brother was a security guard at a factory so I knew he had enough money for all my needs. My brother had made me a signatory to his bank account so I could withdraw money anytime I needed it, my brother trusted me. But the problem was, we were living in a single room in a compound house, and other tenants had been snitching on me, they’ve been telling my brother I’ve been sneaking out at night to party with friends, when he’s on night guard duty at work. They also told him I use to bring a certain girl to the house. But my brother trusted me so, he didn’t believe them.

One Friday night, I went out with my friends, we stayed out late, but the girls left early, it was left with the boys, we were still popping bottles. We eventually got drunk and started talking silly. One of the guys asked me if I’ve had sex with Patricia yet, but I said no.  Just like a comedy theater, all the guys started laughing at me, they told me why should I be spending so much and not get anything in return. They said I was a fool to be dating and still be a virgin.

When I got home, I had a lot of time to think about what my friends said, and in a funny way, my friends were right, I’ve been spending so much and getting nothing in return. I decided I’d find a way and convince Patricia to suck me. I planned everything, picked a date, set up everything so that she wouldn’t know my true intentions. I planned everything so well that I made everything seem like a normal date where we just hang out and just have fun.

Patricia came over at 7:00pm to my house, my brother was at work, and I had the room to my self, everything started smooth, just watching TV, then I told her to excuse me, I’d be with her soon. I immediately rushed to the nearest pharmacy to buy a condom. I got back and acted like everything was normal. She was sitting next to me, then I made the first move, I leaned over and started kissing and touching her, long story short, one thing led to another, we ended up having sex. The interesting part was, she objected when I wanted to use the condom, she said it’ll be much fun without it. But I didn’t listen to her.

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed, I felt really good on the inside. I couldn’t hide my excitement, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends. We got to meet up for some drinks like we usually do, and I told them I had successfully managed to knack Patrica an that I was no more a virgin. They were very happy and they asked me for details, and I told them everything including the part where Patrica objected when I wanted to use a condom, but I refused and used it anyway. They started laughing at me and told me having sex with a condom was like licking a lollipop with the wraper on it, eno dey be!

The next time we had sex, I did it without a condom, and my friends were right it was so amazing, it was better than wearing a condom. I enjoyed every bit of it.

We had completed senior high school, just at home waiting for our final results. I was at home sleeping when Patrica called me on phone crying, she said she had something to tell me, she said, “Cle I’m pregnant”, my heart sunk. I told her to stop joking, but she said she was serious, but I didn’t believe her, so I hanged up the call.

Later in the evening she came to my house to tell me the same thing, She said she was 2 months pregnant and I was responsible for it. But if I do the calculations inside my head, the figures don’t add up, cause:
1. We’ve only had sex 3 times
2. It’s been months we had sex
3. And even if she was pregnant, I wasn’t sure it was mine.
so I told her to leave my house and go look for the guy who was responsible for her pregnancy. She left my house crying. Charle the thing eno be me, aahh the thing sef I chop 3 times p3, way the first one sef, I chop using a rubber, so technically I chop am 2 p3! Way the 2 sef, I dey kai say I pulled out. I was there thinking like


For like two weeks this girl was just disturbing me with the pregnancy, but deep down I knew it wasn’t mine, I chop am 2 times p3! But I told her to stop calling my phone and go and look for the guy responsible for the pregnancy.

The following day, Patricia came to my house with her mother to look for my brother, she told him, I had gotten her daughter pregnant and I was refusing to take responsibility, so it’s either her daughter stays with us and take care of her till she gives birth or she’ll go to the police station to report that I had rapped her daughter. At the sound of Police my brother got scared and agreed to let Patricia stay with us, my brother was disappointed with me. What really pained him most was, he was sharing a single room with his younger brother and his pregnant girlfriend. I wasn’t working and I couldn’t afford a room of my own, so he endured the disgrace I brought upon him.

Month after month, Patricia’s stomach got bigger, She was 7 months pregnant, her time was almost due. My brother managed to get me employed as a security guard at the same factory he was working. Life was hard but charle how we go do am.

On my off-day, I was at home and decided to clean our room, the place was messy, so I told Patricia to wait outside so that she doesn’t inhale the dust. During the cleaning Patricia’s phone fell from the table, after fixing it, I wanted to check if everything was working, so I was going through the phone, what I saw got me so angry, I called Patricia back in the room and showed her the text messages on her phone.

The texts messages from her phone suggested that, I wasn’t the only guy Patricia was having sex with, she had lots of sex partners, she was blackmailing the other guys with the pregnancy so that she could get money from them, and I was the only fool to fall for her trap. She denied it all even though all the evidence was on her phone, I gave her the chance to tell the truth but she still denied it, so I got angry and gave her 9 solid dirty slaps on her pretty face, but she still denied it, so i added another 3 heavy weight slaps, after getting those swollen face, she confessed, THE PREGNANCY WASN’T MINE!!

I didn’t know if I should be happy or not, cause the girl had played me for a fool, and I had spent so much on her, taking care of a baby that wasn’t mine, that really hurt me, it really did, it really broke my heart. When my brother returned from work I told him all that happened, he was very happy, he told me to start packing her things, she’s leaving tomorrow.

Tomorrow never came, anything my brother asked me why Patricia was still with staying with us, I told him, I’ll send her away tomorrow, I kept postponing it. I even had a heated fight with my brother about it, my brother wanted me to send her away but I couldn’t, why? Because I still loved her, and I’ve spent so much on her, letting her go wasn’t something I was considering, I was thinking about another option. I was 20 years and she was 19.

My option was, my brother was disturbing me about sending her away and I wasn’t ready to do that, I haven’t saved enough to move into another apartment, so I planned to murder my brother, so that i could get his room and his money at the bank so that I could take care of the baby when it’s born.

I want to kill my brother, please should I use a knife or rat poison?



Story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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