Different shades of men [ Part II ]


Then I said, “nooo I can’t stay here, I need to go home now, before the weather gets any worse”, then her big sister said, “it’s already worse, there’s dust everywhere, you wouldn’t see anything, but don’t worry, you can spend the night here”, I felt very uncomfortable hearing that, I didn’t really like the sound of that. Then Vanessa said, “your options are to sleep in the couch or join me in my room”.  Then I told her I’d sleep in the couch, then they all started laughing, they said, the mosquitoes will make sandwich outta me. But Vanessa insisted I joined her in her room, but I said no, then her big sister said, “you guys be here and argue about where you wanna sleep, me diɛ I’m going to sleep, I’m going to talk with my boyfriend wai, goodnight”.

I was laying in the couch, the rain had already started, and I was trapped, it was too late to go home now, my only option was to sleep over. We watch TV for like 5 minutes and Vanessa said she was going to sleep, and if I change my mind to sleep in her room, her door is not locked. Then she left. The couch was comfortable but the mosquitoes weren’t merciful, they were biting me from all angles charle, so I decided to go join Vanessa in her room. she was happy to see me.

She had a chair in her room, then I asked her if I could sleep there, she said, “no, the bed is much comfortable or you’ll wake up with pains all over your body if you sleep in the chair”. But I declined her offer to join her in bed to sleep in the chair. I took off my shirt and sat in the chair, with my eyes closed, but I wasn’t sleeping. Der norrrrr Vanessa came to sit on my laps in the chair, I asked her what she was doing, she said, since I wasn’t joining her in bed, she’ll come sit with me. I told her no, but she insisted, I just said nothing and closed my eyes.

I didn’t open my eyes or talk or even move. Then she started moving her hands all over my body, I opened my eyes and said nothing, thinking she would stop, but she didn’t, she was doing it more & more, honestly I enjoyed it, but I realized she was trying to arouse me, trying to get me in the mood. I told her to stop, her sister sleeps in the room nextdoor, it was a bad idea what she was doing. But she didn’t stop. She continued touching me.

I got angry and got up, walked out of the room, and told her to open the main door, I wanted to go home that instant, but she said, it was raining, I can’t go through, I flipped the curtains aside to observe the rain, it was raining like crazy, but I told her I still wanted to go home, she should just open the door for me, I wanted to leave right now, I was determined to go through the rain. She got upset, she was reluctant to open the door, then she said, she’ll not touch me again if I agreed to stay the night, I’ll be soaked wet before I even get home.

Her big sister came out, asked why all the noise, then Vanessa told her, I said i wanted to go home. Her sister asked me why, I said nothing, then she asked me if I was shy? I said no, then she said, if I was shy, I could come sleep in Phil’s room. Then I said “naaa”, I was okay, then I told them, I wanted to go home but I’ll come back. Vanessa stood there in thought for a second and said, if I left I wouldn’t come back, then her sister asked me, why I wanted to go home and later come back? when I know it’s raining outside?, they were both staring at me waiting for an answer, but I said nothing, then she said, what was the guarantee that I’ll come back once I get home? And why do I wanna go home and later come back here? They looked at me in a very weird way, I sighed and agreed to sleep over.

I went back to Vanessa’s room, but this time round, I laid on the bed not in the chair. She smiled at me but i said nothing. We both laid on the bed. For like 10 minutes we both said nothing. Then she laid her head on my chest. I said nothing. She started moving her hands all over my body, I said nothing. She started kissing me, I still said nothing, I didn’t even react or say a word, I just kept staring at the ceiling. She got out of bed and removed her dress, she removed her bra. She only had her panty on.

“Way temptation be this koraaa God?”, I said to myself. She tried to remove my trousers, I still said nothing. Girl no breast paaaa eeeeiiiii asɛ 🍉 watermelon 2 cedis 😹😹😹. She had cute breasts 😍. Then she came and sat on top of me and started kissing me, I kissed her back, we kissed for some time and i told her to excuse me. I got outta of the bed and took off my trouser and vest, I had only my boxer short on. Then I got back in bed with her, we started kissing and touching her all over, her hands were in boxer shorts, and her nipples were in my mouth, I could see she was really horny, her nipples were hard, I could see it in her eyes, and she was getting hyped.

We were just in bed making out for like 30 minutes. She wanted to take off my boxer short, but I wouldn’t let her, she was eager to take it off, but I was also determined to keep them on, she kept yanking my boxer short off, but I had a firm grip holding it tight, I could tell she was really horny, she was breathing like crazy, I could see in her eyes, she was begging me to raid her temple.

After a while she gave up, all we did was make out all night, her breast diɛ, I won’t lie you, I suck ankasa! I no take dash koraaa, I sucked those breasts like oranges. I kissed her all over, she enjoyed it, that was the least I could do since I denied her the sex she wanted.

We were still wide awake at 2:00 am in the, then she started crying, I was confused! She was crying for no reason and she wouldn’t tell me why, honestly I felt bad. Then she started talking, “my ex, the first time I went to his house, he wanted to have sex with me, even though I wasn’t in the mood for it, but he convinced me, it was the first time I went to his place and we’ve been dating for a few weeks now, and he wanted to have sex with me even tho I wasn’t ready”, then the tears broke out again, she said, “you didn’t want to have sex with me, I didn’t understand why, it was as if I was doing exactly what my ex did to me, but you said no, I really wish I was as determined as you, to resist, like you did”, then she started crying crazy, all I could do was to calm her down.

The time was 4:30 am. I told Vanessa I wanted to go home. But she said it was too early I should lie next to her for a while and besides it was Sunday, what will I be doing very early on a Sunday? But I told her my boss was traveling and I have to take some documents to him to sign before he leaves, she looked convinced. I got outta bed, dressed up and she escorted me to the main gate, we said our final goodbyes and I left her place to my house. I told her I’ll call her in the day. We talked during the day as promised.

Monday, at exactly 9 am, Vanessa called my phone, I picked up & told her I was at work, I can’t talk for long, but she said she wanted to tell me something, she said, “I never knew there were different shades of men, I thought all men were the same, I thought all men wanted sex, but i was wrong, I realized you were different, you didn’t even want to touch me even tho I wanted you to, and for that I really admire you for that, you’ve really earned my respect, you’re a true gentleman, that’s all I wanna say to you”, and I also said, “I also really enjoyed your company and most especially your food! I hope you’ll serve me another time, I’ll call you later at lunch time okay? Okay have a nice day, bye”

When the call ended, I said to myself, “hhheeeeeerrrrrrhhhhhhh this girl paaaaaaaa, she make lucky waaaaaaaaaa, she make lucky say I wasn’t having a condom on me that night, like she go see something 😹😹, like I’ll give it to her from all angles charle, only if her sister had allowed me to go home and come back, I would have returned with some condoms. I’m a woke nigga, I came to eat, not to make babies. Shiiiiiiit!! i left some condoms in my car. I messed up leaving my car at home.



story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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