Different shades of men [ Part I ]


I passed by their shop on my way home from work, that’s where I met her big sister & she accused me of being a bad customer and friend, she said I’ve stopped coming to their shop, and I’ve stopped asking after her younger sister. Her accusations had merit, ‘cos it’s been a while I came by their shop to buy anything, but I promised to come by often. I asked where Vanessa was, she said she was in the house cooking dinner, so I told her to extend my greetings to her for me.

The next day I needed some items, so I came to their shop again, and I meet Vanessa, she was excited to see me, she said her big sis told her I came around the previous day. I bought 2 tins of Milo, 2 bars of Rexona soap and 2 packs of air fresheners. I paid for it & wanted to go, but she wouldn’t let me, work got me very tired, I wanted some sleep and a good hot meal, but Vanessa wouldn’t let me go, we stood there talking and talking for minutes. She asked me to come to her house the next day she’ll make me dinner.

I laughed it off and said it wasn’t worth the bother, but she was serious. I told her I had other plans but she wouldn’t listen, she was very persuasive and persistent. So I finally gave in & agreed to her dinner plans. She then snatched my phone from my hand and dialed her number on it. She told me, she’ll be calling to remind me of dinner just incase, she asked me to come around at 7:00pm. Honestly I thought she was just kidding, for me I thought it was just a smart move for her to get my number, ‘cos for months now she’s been bugging me for my number, but I always give excuses.

I bought food on my way home, got there, showered, ate my meal, watched TV for a while, and dozed off to bed. Day break came sooner than I expected. My phone woke me up, apparently it’s been ringing none stop. One of my friends was calling me, the time was 10 am, I usually play football every Saturday with my boys, and this friend of mine was calling me to find out why I was late. I had no idea I’ve been sleeping all morning.

Among the missed calls I got, two calls were from Vanessa, she called twice and sent me a text message saying, “Good Morning dear, hope you slept well, I was calling to find out if you slept well, anyways, I want to prepare Banku for you, if you don’t like it, let me know, reply me as soon as you get this message, take care”. I smiled foolishly to myself when I saw the text and I replied, “Banku is fine, see you at 7”

I took a quick shower, wore my Chelsea jersey and shorts, and took my boots. I got to the football field 20 minutes later. I sat on the bench while I watch my friends play. It was a lovely day, the sun wasn’t that hot, it was bearable at least. 30 minutes later, one of my friend got an injury, so I was asked to replace him, the game lasted for about 45 minutes. After the game, one of the boys said they’ll be going to eat Omo Tuo at Tema. Like joke like joke, we drove from Madina to Tema just to eat Omo Tuo. And I must admit, the food was nice! So the trip was worth it. We were 9 boys and 3 girls in all. We ordered lots of drinks and food.

One old timer, after eating came up to our table and asked, “how many of you guys are married?”, we all laughed, then we all responded none of us, then he replied saying, “if any of you were married, you wouldn’t be here spending so much money on food and alcohol”, the laughter in the joint alone could cause an earthquake, it was so funny even the old man laughed.

I just realized my phone had been ringing, Vanessa had been calling. She told me, she was just calling to check up on me, she’s on her way to the market, she’ll call me back when she gets home. She then asked me where I was, I told her I was at Tema. She asked what I doing there, I told her I came to eat with my friends. She laughed on the phone saying, “Omo Tuo nti na watu car, kɔɔ Tema no? eeii”, I laughed & told her I’ll be at Madina soon.

I left Tema around 4:00pm. My next destination was at Vanessa’s place. It was a long drive, it took me an hour and half just to get to the Tetteh Quarshie interchange. I was done with about 70% of the journey, it won’t be long, I’ll be at Vanessa’s place. She doesn’t live far from where I live, so it was convenient. I got home at 6:51 pm.  I took a bath, and wore something nice. To avoid any further lateness, I decided to drive to her house even though it was just a 5 minutes walking distance.

I got to her house at 7:38 pm. I meet Phil, their youngest sibling, practicing his guitar. So I walked inside, first person I saw was Vanessa’s elder sister, she was talking on phone with someone, I greeted, “good evening”, she turned and beckoned me to hold on. After the call she turned facing me and shouted, “eeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii Cle! today you’re in my house, ɛnɛ deɛ nsuo bɛtɔ, today rain go fall, Vanessa told me about your plans tonight, your own good ooh, as for me I’ll be outside, if you guys need me, just call me; she’s inside, go on you’ll see her, enjoy yourself ooohh ”, I was blushing & feeling shy.

I walked inside, and I saw Vanessa watching TV, she was very excited to see me, she gave me a hug and said, she thought I wouldn’t come. But I just smiled and apologized for being late. She offered me a seat and asked me if I’d like to eat right now, but I was like, “naaa let’s wait a while”. So we started a casual conversation.

After our talk, I asked her to serve me. She gave me two balls of Banku and some Okro stew. But I told her the two balls was too much, I won’t be able to eat all, I can only manage one. The food was so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!, the stew was just awesome, crabs, meat, pork, fish, wele, the food was just awesome, I enjoyed it thoroughly. She gave me some juice to wash down the food. After the meal, we talked for a while and I asked to take my leave home. She cleared the table and told me to wait, she will go to escort me to the gate. But I told her I brought my car so that wouldn’t be necessary, but she insisted on walking me to my car.

Vanessa joined me in the car and sat next to me. I said my final goodbye and told her how I enjoyed her meal, and I was really grateful, but she just smiled. I was waiting her to get out of my car but she was still sitting there, then I told her I was leaving, but she told me to start the engine, she ignored me and told me to move the car. I said nothing; 3 minutes later I got home and packed the car.

 She asked me why my house is so quiet, and I told her I lived alone. She then asked to see my room or at least offer her a drink inside, but I refused, I told her it was late. I began getting funny ideas in my head, from the looks on her face, I could tell the girl was up to no good. I didn’t want to take her inside with me, ‘cos I knew one thing might lead to another, and I wasn’t really in the mood for that. So I told her, “since you here, I guess it’s my turn to escort you home”. I parked the car, and locked my gate.

I decided to walk her half way to her house. On our way there, we started talking, she held my right hand, and was swinging it to and fro. It was kinda nice and romantic, like two couples in love. I realized the weather had changed, it was getting chilly, but I was enjoying her company so much that i wasn’t bothered at all about the weather. Before i realized, I was standing in front of her house again! ‘I couldn’t think far’, ‘cos the plan was to escort half way to her house, but here I am standing in front of her house again, it was kinda funny tho.

She then said, “since you here again, there’s something I wanted to show you, come with me”, so I followed her back to her house once again. Then she sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I was waiting for the ‘thing’ she wanted to show me. But she laughed and said it was nothing. The time was 10 minutes to 10:00 pm. I heard Phil playing his guitar in his room, he was still learning but he was good, I went to his room just to watch him play.

Vanessa started calling my phone, but I ignored her, she called like 13 times but I didn’t pick up. She came to Phil’s room to call me, and I followed her. She then asked me, “did you come here to see me or you came here to see Phil?”, I could see she was upset. I didn’t say anything. The time was 10:30 pm. I told her I wanted to leave now ‘cos it’s late & I wanted to go and sleep. But just then, her big sister rushed inside the room saying, “the rain is coming, the wind blowing outside eeehh, charle gyae, there’s dust everywhere, you can’t see anything”, and I told her, “that’s my cue to leave before it starts to rain, but her big sister was like, “Vanessa, I thought you said he’ll be staying here for the night, or Cle are you shy”, looking at me straight in the eye, charle my heart sunk!




story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

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