Sex on the first date

A friend from school had just moved into a new apartment, he moved from Adenta to Madina. He says his former landlord was a cheat and a pain in the ass. He’s been paying outrageous electricity bills and water bills. He rented the apartment for two years, his time was up, and had no interest in renewing. So he asked some friends to help find a new apartment. And I helped him find a new space here in Madina.

He moved in, then called me to invite me over for a house warming party, and he promised there’ll be lots of girls around and plenty to drink. But I had exams over the weekend, and tempting his offer was, I declined. But he didn’t give up. He told me, there was a girl dying to meet me, she was like some kinda secret admirer of mine. He’d introduce her to me if I make it.

I told him, I’ll think about it. The next day I phoned in to confirm and acknowledge his invitation. But I told him, I was only coming just to meet the girl he was talking about, and he better not be joking with me, cos if he did, I’d cut off his prick.

I wore something nice, looked my best to create a good first impression. So I got to the party at 7pm, and as promised, there were lots of girls and lot to drink. I declined the offer to drink anything, I needed to be alert. So I was hanging around with friends. Suddenly this friend of mine stood up to go meet this fine lady who had just showed up at the front door.

He walked her to a table, and from where I sat, I could see them whispering and giggling and staring at my direction. I had this feeling they were talking about me, cos the girl was staring straight at me, she couldn’t get her eyes off me, honestly I thought that was really awkward. It got a bit uncomfortable. Minutes later, my friend walked up to me and whispered, “charle come with me, there’s someone I’d like you to meet, your secret adm…hahaha, just come with me”

So I followed him like a goat to the slaughter house. He then made a simple introduction, “Cle meet Venus, Venus meet CleDre, I’ll excuse you guys, have fun”. Shssssss the chick was fine. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I took a quick glance around the room, and I noticed most of the guys were staring at her lol, even guys who came along with their girlfriends. It was kinda funny honestly.

So that’s how we met. We exchanged numbers and kept constant communication. When we started talking, this girl knew almost everything about me. But I knew nothing about her.

Weeks passed by. She seemed like a nice girl, she wasn’t boring, so when she invited me on a date, I agreed. She lived at East Legon so she suggested we met at the Koffee Lounge at the A&C Mall, East Legon. It was only a few minutes from where I stayed. I left home at 8pm, 8:20pm I was at the A&C mall.

She was already there. She stood up when she saw me. I meet her, gave her a nice kiss on the cheeks, gave her a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates, which she taught was nice and romantic. Then i pulled her chair back so she could sit down and feel comfortable. Then she said, “I didn’t know you were such a true gentleman, and I must admit, it’s very romantic and it turns me on”. I didn’t know what to say, I only smiled and said, “thank you, you really looking beautiful, I like your dress, it compliments the color of your eyes”. She smiled and said, “flattering me, won’t get you anywhere”. We both laughed and ordered something.

I saw a bottle wrapped on the table and asked what it was, she said, “oh my, I almost forgot, it’s just a little boost for the evening”. So I unwrapped the bottle, it was a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

But I told her, I wasn’t much of a drinker. And besides, I’ll be driving. But she said, “me too, I don’t really drink, I didn’t know what to bring, Jack Daniel’s was all I could think of, it’s the best Whiskey in town, and i know men love to brag about drinking Jack Daniel, it’s a classic”. Then I said, “no problem, since it’s already here we wouldn’t waste it”.

The evening started great, we talked about everything and anything that popped in our minds. I actually enjoyed her company. She was funny too. The more we talked, the more we drunk. At first I was tipsy, an hour I was feeling sober. I noticed she kept on refilling my glass, I didn’t want to drink any more, but my sensors were dull to say no or resist.

I could hear her talk, which means she wasn’t drunk, at least not as drunk as I was. I honestly didn’t know what the time was, I looked at my watch, but I couldn’t see properly. Deep down, I kinda had the feeling that I was intoxicated. My first thoughts were, how will I drive home? So I told her it was getting late, we’ve had enough drink for one night.

So I told Venus I wanna go home, but she said, “not like this, you can’t drive, you’d have to pick a taxi or I drive you home”. On impulse I just threw her my car keys and told her to take me home. So I got up and I got into the car. I pulled the seat back, the last thing I saw was her turning  onthe ignition.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a room, the room smelled different and looked different. I noticed my shirt and trousers were off, I was only wearing my boxer shorts. I wanted to get up, but my body wouldn’t let me, all I could do was to roll my eyes around the room, that’s when my eye met Venus. She was naked.

I felt kinda heavy so I couldn’t get up, and I was really tired, I wanted to sleep. But these thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep, kept asking myself, did we have sex? Why is she naked? Or she’s also drunk to the extent that she wasn’t aware she was naked? I was deep in thought. That’s when she joined me in bed and started touching me, I didn’t want to act weird towards her so I forced a smile. That’s was when I knew things were about to get nasty.

She looked at my face and said, “I’m sorry I had to bring you to my house, I had no idea where you lived, and I couldn’t ask you because you were too intoxicated to say anything. Right now you’re in my house, you can spend the night here, relax and feel at home”. All I could do was to force a stupid smile on my nice. Then she laid her head on my chest and started massaging my body. She was moving her hands across my chest, it was tickling me lol, but I enjoyed it.

I thought I had finally fallen asleep, but that was when I felt her hands down in my boxer shorts. She was mashing my penis and balls. Moments later my blood got hot, my penis was erected. She then removed my boxer short. My penis popped out like a cat outta a cage.

She was jecking off my penis and sucking it like pure water. I wanted her to stop, but charle the feeling was amazing!! The chick knew exactly what she was doing, cos I had cumed like four times already but she was still sucking my penis. Then she got on top of me, she opened her legs, and insert my penis in her vagina, and started jumping up and down. Whiles riding me she was kissing me all over and moaning crazy.

She took my hand and placed it on her breast, I didn’t hesitate touching it, her breast felt firm like ‘bofrot’, soft and tender. Our eyes met and we kissed, still smooching her breast with my fingers, she groaned softly, “mm mm baby, aahhh yeah baby, don’t stop, I love it”, she then cling to me when I kissed her ears down to her neck, she moaned loudly, so I kept hitting that spot. She was moaning “mmm aahhh mmm aahhh fuck me baby, fuccckkkk”, she was on top of me , still moving my hands all over her body, smooching every flesh I get hold of, then she place my hand on her breast again, my lips were kissing her, my right hand on her ever soft smooth ass, it felt like heaven.

I was now on top of her, I split her legs open. I parted the vulva apart as if I was about to examine the scalp. Her vagina was flowing slimy, very wet, sticky, and felt very warm. She raised her head to see what I was up to, our eyes met, I then inserted my index finger gently in her vagina, pushed in and out slowly, she moaned softly. Then I started fingering her fast, she moaned like a tractor, “OMG fuuuccckkkkk OMG, aaarrgghhhh mmmmm, don’t stop plsssssssss arrgghhhhh, make me cum daddy”, her voice was shaking, she sat on the bed, flexed her legs apart, she was ready for some fire strokes.

She laid on the bed with her legs wide open, her vagina was really wet and slimy, so I slowly inserted my penis, then slowly I pushed in and out. She was moaning my name. Then I increased the tempo, I started penetrating deeper and faster, I could hear her scream, but I kept fucking. I kept fucking for 9 straight minutes before I nutted in her vagina. I pulled out after, and laid on the bed, but my penis was still erect, I thought this chick has had enough but no, she grabbed my penis and started sucking like a nursery kid with a toffee. That was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up, I didn’t know where I saw. I felt very tired, as if I’ve been working all night, I didn’t understand. Then Venus came in with a wild smile on her face saying, “Good morning, did you sleep well”. All I could say was, “where am i?”, then she said, “you’re in my house”. Then I asked, “what happened? Why am I naked?”, then she replied, “you don’t remember anything?”, I replied, “no, the last thing I remember was throwing you my car keys”, she laughed and said, “you were a tiger last night, you made my night, last night was fun. I made you breakfast? Care to join me?”. I had an idea of what might have happened. Then I asked her, “can I use your bathroom, I wanna take a shower”.

She made a lovely meal. I took my car keys and told her I wanna go home and rest. I told her I really enjoyed her company, hope we could do this another time, she agreed and I left. On my way home, that was when I recalled what happened the previous night. The girl brought the whiskey, I got drunk, she drove me home and had sex with me, without my consent, that’s rape, that’s what I thought, the girl had rapped me. I stopped the car, turned around and took the route to the East Legon Police Station.


story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter) & Pinklydia

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha lit story. The ending tho, which guy would go to the police station to report rape.?! Chale we hammer the thing already lol

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