There’s this fine babe for my hood inside, some light skin girl bi like that ooh, the girl fine! In name be Aisha. Boys dey rush for this girl eeh, I won’t blame them tho, who wouldn’t like to date a fresh chick? But the problem be say, the girl dey rush!!!! Sake of boys dey give am attention, she no dey pet any guy la, flexing sorrrr. This girl disrespected me in public paaaa, the thing pain me eehh, I never go forget!

It was a lovely morning as usual, and I was hungry, I wanted to drink some koko. So I went to the koko seller’s place, I met some of my friends there. I ordered my meal, koko one cedi, koose 1 cedi, tea bread 1 cedi. I took the bread, sliced it into half and inserted the koose in the middle, abi u see the thing, koose burger be that lol… ahiaaa I go chop?

So I was enjoying my meal and chatting with my guys when Aisha came along, she also wanted to buy some koko, but na the koose no make ready, so the seller flow am say, make she wedge small, the koose will be ready soon, she obliged and took a seat not very far from where my friends and I were sitting.

So as we dey chop, way one friend whisper say, that Aisha girl be too know waa, she dey feel in body, my friend said, last time bi, the chick bounce am evening bi, just because he asked for number, oh yawa oooh. Way we start dey laugh am lol.


Aisha turned to our direction when we were laughing, but we were whispering so, I’m very sure, she didn’t hear all we said. But she turned away when the laughter ceased.

So as we dey talk, way I flow my guys say, this Aisha girl no fi bounce me, she can’t bounce me, I fit approach am once and get in contact number easily koraa, without breaking a sweat. My friends told me I can’t, be like they were challenging me, and I wanted to prove, my reputation was at stake, so they dared me. And I took the challenge! The plan was to go in, get her number and bounce, that’s it.

So the koko seller serve am finish, way she dey go, way I stood up and followed her, not very far, closed enough so that my friends could observe what was about to go down! So as she dey go, way I bell am, I bell in name but she no mind me, called her twice, still no response, but the third time, she turned and shouted, “what do you want from me? why you following me?”, she was very loud, so what she said attracted the attention of everyone around, so now everyone was looking at our direction.

The girl wan do me yawa ooh, so I told her, “oh relax, eno be anything, I just want to talk to you, that’s it, make she relax gimme”, it was as if the girl no hear me, norrr she shouted again, “stop wasting my time, I saw you and your friends laughing at me when I was sitting down, and now you wanna talk to me? I don’t have time for kids”.IMG_20150722_083552

Heerrrrrhhh the chick say I be kiddi ooh? Only if she knew the size of the machine gun I have between my legs, she wouldn’t have said what she said, the chick disgrace be p)t)))), that morning, my eye die ruff. The way my friends laugh me eeehh? herrrhh I nearly cried, the chick disgraced me. Another thing that pain me be say, my friends where telling others that Aisha bounce me way every bro dey laugh me, herrhh that day, I stayed indoors, never came out the whole day.

What the chick do me, pain me, I won’t lie, I was planning revenge. The chick had ruined my street credibility and reputation, I had to do something about it. So low key I was asking some of my friends who were close to the girl, asking for her facebook ID, I heard she was a facebook freak, always online and uploading pics and getting 500+ likes on her pics. I knew I’d get my revenge on facebook


So I got her facebook ID and searched for it. And I saw her profile. I didn’t add her at the spot, I created a fake facebook account, and used a really attractive white guy’s pic as my profile pic, and I uploaded a few of them on my TL. And I used the name Owen Wright. I set my location to, Greenwich, London, England, UK. Worked as an Estate developer. Schooled at University of West London. Relationship status was single.

 I really made the Owen Wright profile very attractive. When I was done, I sent a friend request to Aisha. An hour later she accepted. That evening I inboxed her, and she replied. Then we started talking, trying to know more about her. She was really excited when I told her I was based in London. Her attitude change, she was friendly and polite just because I told her I be UK borger! Hahaha siaaa

We’ve been talking on facebook for 5 days now, we were now farmilia with each other. So I knew it was the right time to ask for her whatsapp number! And with the speed of light she gave it to me hahaha. So we switched the chatting from facebook to whatsapp. A friend of mine went to London last year, so he had a UK number, so I borrowed it for a while, so on whatsapp my number showed as +44 800 036 8888 even tho I was in Ghana using a Vodafone SIM card loool.

I told this girl I wanted to come to Africa, but I don’t know which country I should go to. Then she told me to come to Ghana, I asked her why she said Ghana was a nice peaceful place, but I told her I don’t know anyone from Ghana, guess what she said, she said I know her, and if I wanna come, she’ll be my host here in Ghana lol. I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said noooooo, she’s single. But i knew she was lying.IMG_20150630_060606

So the chick thought I was in UK for real. But I wasn’t, I was somewhere in Madina chatting with her lol. One night we were chatting as usual, then I asked her to send me a picture of her, and she sent like 30 pics lol even tho I wanted only one. The girl in thighs and duna paaaaa eeeiii heavy duty charle. I kept telling her she was very pretty, and I could see she enjoyed those compliments. Then she told me she was going to bath, she’ll be back soon. Then I asked her to send me pics of her without clothes on, and she sent them, I knew she would, I be UK boy why won’t she send them lol


She sent like 20 nude pics, different sizes, different angles, charle the girl dey form, I no go lie. Duna aah duna, nufour aah nufour, hips aah hips whaaaaaaaaaat! I knew my trap had caught an animal. I was just laughing to myself. I was going to mess up her life with those nudes she sent me, it was payback time, revenge served cold! I stopped chatting with her soon as I got those nudes pics and delete the Owen Wright account off facebook. I got what I needed, that account was of no use to me now.

The next day, I saw her walking around, prolly doing some errands, I called her, but she no mind me, I called her again, but still she no mind me. Way I bore, so I rush go cross am. She was angry cos of what I did, but I no care. First question I asked her was, “Do you know Owen Wright?”, the girl was dumbfounded, speechless, she wanted to play tough so she replied, “I don’t  know what you talking about”, then I said, “I am Owen Wright, I created that fake facebook account and whatsapp number, and now I have all your nudes, if you don’t pay me 1000 cedis, I’ll upload the pics online and send the rest to your father, the Imam.

The girl in face changed colour lol, she knew I was serious, so I told her to come up with the money in 3 days time, if I don’t get money by then I’ll leak the pics to her father first before uploading it online. Norr she start dey beg me loool, I laugh saaaa. I wrote my number on a piece of paper and told her to call me when she gets the money. I showed her, her nude pics on my phone just to prove that I wasn’t bluffing.

2 days time she called me, saying she has the money, so we met up, and handed me an envelop, there was money in it, so I counted it, it was 700 cedis, I asked for the rest, she said, I should give her some time to raise the rest, so I agreed.

3 days later she met me and gave me the rest of the money, and I agreed to delete the nude pics right in front of her, so that she knew I had really deleted them. But she no no say, I get back up, I save the pics for my laptop hahahaIMG_20150726_222236


story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

All rights reserved. No Copy and Paste. Unlawful copy of this piece is prohibited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


twitter: @AbokiCleDre


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