Joy Fm Old Skuuls Reunion

Joy Fm old school reunion is one of the most popular events in Ghana, it’s an event that provides the platform for all old students to reconnect and meet after a long while, all years, no age restrictions or year restriction. Word on the street suggests that Joy Fm old school dey pap. So when my friends invited me to turn up, I didn’t think twice, I just said I’ll be there.

I’ve never been to one before, so I was really excited. I just completed senior high school not long ago, and I kinda miss my friends, so I really wanted to meet up and chill up! I had a week to plan. The event is a night outdoor event. The venue is at the Independence Square.

I heard it usually starts around 5pm till mama calls. But my headache was, I had to find an excuse to get outta home, so I could go. Charle I can’t just tell my parents I’m off to the old school reunion at the independence square, which I’ll prolly be back the following morning lol, that’s suicide, that’s like digging my own grave!

So I came up with a plan. I told my parents, a friend just invited me over for a sleep over, his big brother went to Kumasi and he’s all alone at home, he wants some company, so I’m going over to crush for the night, and I’ll be back the next morning. My dad fell for it and agreed, but my mom was a hard nut to crack but after some persuasions, she gave in.

But I told my big brother exactly where I was going, so I told him to fill in for me if mom or dad was being too nosey. He told me not to go, but I snubbed him. My mind was made up, plus, I’ve been planning this all week, I can’t just forfeit. I went to my room, picked up what I wanted to wear to the event, took everything I needed, 10 minutes later I was outta the house.

I went to a friend’s place to change, wore the clothes I took, wore my Jordan sneakers, wore a stripped black and red v neck top, with a skinny trouser, be like na I get some hausa perfume for my bag pack inside, way I spray my body with it. To complete the look, I had this black hat, charle I was feeling fly.

The time was like, 5:10pm, I called one friend to be sure if they’ll be coming, he confirmed. Then I told him I was about to pick a troski, I’ll be there later. I asked him where he was, he said he’s at home, I asked him why, he said, he’ll be arriving a bit late, say around 7pm. What he said didn’t sound right to me, but all I told him was to be there on time cos I won’t be there all night.

I was at Rawling’s circle, I boarded an troski heading to Accra Tema station. About 45mins later I had reached there. I knew where the Square was, but it was a bit far from the Tema station,  but I wanted to walk, just to pass the time.

15 minutes later I was at the square, the time was 6:25pm. The place was getting packed, people were driving in, the place was busy, there was lots of canopies at the grounds, and as usual business was ongoing. The aboki guys were selling their khebab and sausages, others were selling kenkey, alcohol, beer, recharge cards, pure water, stuffs like that. The programme had already started, you could see DJs from Joy Fm doing their thing on stage, and  some of the popular radio hosts on Joy Fm were there.

I went to take a sit at the stands to wait for my friends, I called them again, they said they’re on their way so make I relax.



Something caught my attention, I saw some group of naked guys with red cloths and bands around their heads, wrists, waist, and they tied a sock to their penis lol, they were just drumming, singing and dancing, they were loudly singing profane sex explicit songs, tho I wasn’t sure who the group was, I knew it will by all means be the Vandals from Legon or the Bobo kingdom at UPS or the Zulu guys at Accra poly, either ways any of these groups are crazy lol

Before I realize the time was 7:30pm and still my friends were still not in, I called them to find out why the hold up, they told me they’ll be there like 9pm…the way I bore eehhh, charle I’ve been sitting there was like 2 hours all alone, no one to talk to, why won’t I bore? Mtcheewww

So i decided to go walk around for a while, been sitting for a while now, i had to stretch my legs. The independence square is close to the sea, places around the sea are very windy, chilly winds and the weather there was really cold. Then something fell on my face, that moment I knew things were about to get fucked up!

It started drizzling! Can you believe that? The winds grew strong, it started raining, so I tried going back to where I was sitting, I got there the place was full charle, every bro dey dodge the rain, every bro dey search shade under dey hide. There was nowhere to hide, the rain was just pouring heavily, I was soaked wet! My hat, shirt, sneakers, everything was soaked wet, I was just looking like a cock in the rain.


45 minutes and still it was raining, everyone was wet! You see the independence square, where people sit, I was hiding beneath the seats, even there mpo the rain wasn’t merciful. accra-independence-square11

The area circled in red was where i was hiding when the rain came pouring down crazy.

I had to use my hat to wipe my face to prevent the rain dripping down my face lol, I dey derr  norr one kenkey seller say she begs me, make I help am carry in kenkey from the rain to where I was standing, way I bore, and pretended I didn’t hear what she said, but she was persistent. But I was like, e dey rain, there’s no shade around, so where u dey carry ur kenkey go? aahhh

It’s been raining for an hour now, and from the looks of things, it wasn’t going to stop any moment from now. So I had to walk from independence square to Tema station to pick a troski home, I even doubt if I’ll get a troski home. I got to the station and lucky enough I got the last troski to madina. If I had missed this trotro, like my only option would be, to bed in the open cold at the station, cos my money was sufficient for a taxi.

When I got home, mom asked me, why I was home? She thought I was sleeping over…I was too angry and confused to give a legit answer. The way my brother laugh me eehh…


All I did was to call my friends and diss each of them one by one.


story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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