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the sex tape

There’s always a thin line between love and hate.

Best friends make the best enemies.


So I was on my TL minding my own business, having fun as usual, then one tweet caught my attention, someone had just posted a link to a leaked sex tape. If you know twitter too well, you’ll agree with me that people thirst for sex tapes, especially when those involved are also on twitter, leaked sex tapes trends, leaked sex tapes make headlines…

Everyone likes sex tapes, mmm not everybody, but most tweeps(a term for someone who tweets) loves sex tapes, the craze for sex tapes is insane, males and females all wants a piece of sex tapes. When a sex tape drops, it’s there you’ll see tweeps who never mention or DM you before or talked to you before asking you for a link for the sex tape lol

 So I saw the link and downloaded the sex tape, within hours it trending, everyone was talking about to, everyone wanted the link, but the link jammed! Everyone was trying to login so the link was jammed! So the only way to get the sex tape was through whatsapp…you’d have to DM someone who has it, so they could send it to you…

A girl DM me, I was surprised, cos I didn’t know her, she said, “hi” and I replied, “hello”, next thing she said was, “could you please send me the sex tape”, it was funny, I was just laughing to myself, so I sent her the link to the sex tape, she replied, “I’ve already tried that link, it didn’t work, I think its jammed, if you have it on your phone could you please send it to me?”, I replied, “sure, your number”, she sent it to me.

I sent her the sex tape, when she got the tape, she thank me. The sex tape was 9 minutes 13 second in length, it featured a male and female doing their thing. (if you want video, sign up on twitter, now click on this link https://twitter.com/abokicledre and click on follow, and wait, it will automatically download to your device)

10 minutes later, she texted me saying, “the guy got fire strokes lol”, then I replied, “lol”, then she said, “I could tell the girl really enjoyed, the guy was on his feet for 9mins, he force”, the I replied, “yeah he force, and she enjoyed lol”, she didn’t text again. I knew she was only in for the sex tape so I stayed in my lane, I didn’t want to take advantage and text her just because I had her number, I didn’t want to be curved…

So the next day, she texted me, “good morning”, i swear I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting that at all…so I replied and we began chatting, started getting to know more about each other, sharing jokes and stuffs like that…it was a nice chat, I enjoyed it.

I was on twitter the next day as usual, and I said something funny, this same chick retweeted, liked and replied. She later sent me a text on whatsapp saying, “what you said on twitter earlier today was really funny, I was laughing very in class, my mates thought I was going crazy lmoa”, I replied, “lol you were tweeting in class?”, she laughed, so we started chatting all day…till night

It seems I’ve found a new friend, we were chatting and replying each others’ tweets, I enjoyed her company, she was cool and all, she was funny too, her sense of humor was lit! she liked my jokes and always laughing to it. That was some kinda weird motivation to talk to her everyday…

I started catching feelings, I was really getting into her, the more we chat or talked on phone, the more I liked her. So we were always chatting. We met online, and due to our busy schedules we couldn’t find an appropriate time to meet one-on-one, so we’ve never met before, so texting and talking on phone was the only way we could communicate.

Then things changed, it started with the late replies, I could send her a text in the morning, and she’ll reply later afternoon or at night. I could see her online paaaa and text her, but she won’t reply, It was painful charle. Hours later she’ll reply saying she was busy or busy in class, or busy at church, or busy studying, lots of silly excuses charle

It was same on twitter, I use to be her #MCM(man crush Monday) on every Monday since we met, but it all stopped, she wasn’t replying my tweets and DMs, sometimes she did but, late as usual. It was as if I’ve done something wrong and she was reacting that way. The thing was we weren’t dating, so it was kinda awkward confronting her why she’s been behaving the way she’s been behaving lately, cos honestly I didn’t get it…

I couldn’t understand why she’s been so cold towards me, so I texted her to find out if I’ve done anything wrong, she said no, she’s just been busy lately. I asked her if she’s got a new boyfriend, she asked me why I was asking her that, I said nothing, just wanted to know. For me, if she had said yes, I would have understood, and it will make sense the way she was behaving towards me, but she said no, she’s not found a new boyfriend, she’s just been busy with school.

That was the last time I texted her. I didn’t wanna bother her, instead I was waiting for her to text me first, that way I’ll know she’s less busy and wants some company, that way I wouldn’t feel so bad if I text her and she replies very late. But she also never texted me since that day.

She stopped replying my tweets, no DMs, it was as if we never knew each other. Later I found out that she’d blocked me on whatsapp. That was a shocked to me, cos I had no idea what I had done. But she was still following me twitter, but she never mentions me anymore…

It was as if, we’ve never talked before. I see her tweets but I also don’t reply them. It pains me especially when she flirts with other guys on my TL. I didn’t want to unfollow her, cos it’ll be like I had some kinda grudge with her. My only option was to mute her.

You could meet someone online become friends and after sometime become total strangers. It’s so common lately, it’s as if people will only be your friend when its only beneficial…

after reading this piece, and there’s someone you don’t talk to for no reason swallow your pride, text or call the person, surprise the person, be the wise person, cos it cost 0.00 cedis to be nice. reconnect and rekindle old friendship, cos you have no idea where help will come from.

There’s always a thin line between love and hate.

Best friends make the best strangers.


story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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email: 101cledre@gmail.com/AbokiCleDre@gmail.com

twitter: @AbokiCleDre



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