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my first love letter

I’ve always admired hand-written letters, it’s classic, authentic, original, fresh, the feeling is awesome! writing a letter to someone dearest to your heart and getting a reply is one of the little things in life that gives true satisfaction.

writing love letters was a normal practice in school, it’s great when you write some, and get some. but its not awesome when you’re caught with a love letter in school. teachers in school do not condone such practice, from their perspective they’re right, you’re sent to school to acquire knowledge not to be writing love letters to mates in school. but from a student’s perspective, we just being kids, expressing our inner most feeling towards someone in a hand written format.

let me tell you a true story:

My First Love letter

like i said, i really like love letters, hand written letters ones, i like to send some, i like to read some. i’ll never forget the very first love letter i wrote to a lovely girl i had a huge crush on.

we were in the same class but in different schools. she was short, cute, very pretty, light skin, she had a pony tail on, she had an average body shape, the most important admirable feature of hers was, SHE WAS SMART, heerrrhhh the girl know book lol

her aunty and my mother are tight paddies, i only saw twice in a week, during  meetings, her aunty brings her little brother and her along. at first i thought she was annoying and flexing, cos she was very distant and not sociable. so i disliked her at first.

not knowing my dislike for her was gradually turning into a crush, i use to admire her a lot from where she sat, not paying attention most at times. soon i started making moves at her, i used the excuse of school to get her to talk to me, we could talk about school and other school related stuff, the more i talked to her, the more i got into her.

got to a time i couldn’t stop thinking about her, i just couldn’t get her outta my mind, every second, minutes, hours, days, she was all i could think of. the  feeling grew stronger i couldn’t take it any longer, i had to say something, i had to tell her how i feel, but the question was, HOW?

the feeling of being rejected was a concern, i was so unsure how she’ll take it. but i had to take my chance, that was the only way. i had a long conversation with my conscience on the approach my confession should be made, my options were, through a face to face conversation or through a love a letter.

that time my mouth die, so i had to rule out the face to face confession and settle with the letter writing. i had to pour out my heart and tell her how i really felt. even though writing a letter sounds like an easy way out, i had to find a way to write the “Perfect Love Letter”, i needed help, i knew i couldn’t do it all on my own.

to write the perfect love letter, i started listening and picking lines from Michael Bolton, Elton John, Aaron Neville, Lionel Richie, these guys are the best as far as love songs are concerned. i was able to write the perfect love letter thanks to their songs. i took some lines from their songs and my own words to write the letter.

now that the letter is done, another headache was how to deliver it. i couldn’t go to her school to deliver it, that’s insane! and i couldn’t go to her house to deliver it, that’s double insane! and i couldn’t stalk her around hoping for a better chance to deliver my letter, that’s triple insane and creepy! my only way was to give it to her after our midweek meetings.

it was a calm Wednesday night, i saw her before the meetings started and told her i had something for her, so she shouldn’t be in a rush to go home. i was nervous throughout the entire meetings, i couldn’t concentrate, all i thought about was the love letter i had in my back pocket.

the meetings was over hours later. she came to me, we talked for a while, then she said she was going home, then i reached to my back pocket, pulled out the love letter, told her not to open it now, she’s only allowed to read when she’s arrived home. she agreed and left.

since the meetings was twice in a week, i was eagerly waiting to get a reply the next meetings, i knew i’ll get a reply and i was so looking forward to it. our next meetings was in four days time, four days were like four years, but slowly the days passed.

she came to meetings as usual, and i was excited to see her. the meetings was over, then she called me to the back and gave me an envelop, she had this awkward look on her face. we couldn’t talk for long, she said she was tired and had to leave early. then she left.

i got home, and i read the reply, she had a lovely nice hand writing, the letter had a formal format. the introduction was straight forward. the girl started the letter some way bi, norr she start dey advice me, like my brains wan scatter.

in the letter the girl told me to read Colossians 3:5, “Deanden, therefore, your body members that are on the earth as respects sexual immorality, uncleanness, uncontrolled sexual passion, hurtful desire, and greediness, which is idolatry”.

if u read this quotation from a twi Bible, charle you go cry, you go feel my pain la. long and short be say, the chick bounce me, she reject me way she san add Bible quotation for top say make I go read, implying say I be bad boy, herrrh the rejection was deep, the chick dey take bible advice me, sake of i pour my heart out for paper top. that night i couldn’t sleep.

the girl show me paaaaaaaaaa, i wanted to die sef, i didnt think i could look at her if we should met again. the next day sef i no go school, stayed home all day, lied to mom that i wasn’t feeling too well. being rejected was sooo painful, i felt numb on the inside, i felt bitterness for her. i didn’t want to talk or see her ever again. i couldn’t control the bitterness i felt towards her.

the following week, during the next meetings, i ignored her, i pretended she didn’t exist, i didn’t talk to her, i never looked at her, it was as if she didn’t exist. it wasn’t my fault tho, i was just following her advice, i wasn’t gonna think about her no more & that was exactly what i was doing. when meetings was over, i got busy with something, busy for nothing as they like to say lol

A couple of meetings later, something happened, she knew i was ignoring her, and it was working. she rushed me to the back and started crying ooh, she started begging, i became confused! i didn’t know what was happening, she started begging and pleading for forgiveness, then she started saying, she didn’t mean everything she wrote in the letter.

she said, she couldn’t stop thinking about me, that she loved me, and she wants me to forget everything in the letter,

herrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh come and see me, my head make light like feather charle lol, the
feeling was amazing, the feeling that she loved me was amazing…i calmed her down, held
her in my arms, and i told her i forgive her.

and that was the beginning of a beautiful love story!




story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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