am i the father?

John was a gentleman who had four kids, Yaw Ofosu Amoah 19, Ama Joana 16, Obaa Yaa 14 and Timothy 9 , all his kids were gorgeous, beautiful kids, except for the youngest one, Timothy, who was nothing short of gruesome. He was the exact opposite of his other siblings, many referred to him as “the ugly duckling of the family” by his peers

John always wondered how and why his last child was that ugly, he sometimes cried about it all night, but in the end, when he sees his other  beautiful kids, it serves as a compensation. Sometimes Timothy will come home crying to his dad, saying his peers have been laughing at him in school, saying he has a huge head and an ugly nose, tho this worried John, he always found a way to console his confused son.

John had always wanted to ask his wife if truly Timothy was indeed his son, but he’s always been afraid to dare ask, because it will mean he doubts his wife’s faithfulness, he knew his wife won’t cheat on him, they’ve been through a lot together, cheating was never an option.

But one major reason he’s always been afraid to ask his wife if timothy was his son was, Timothy had a unique cheekbone, John also has the same unique cheekbone, John’s other siblings had the same unique cheekbone, call it heredity. Due to this distinctive feature it was difficult for him to dispute the fact that timothy was his son. But he still had doubts.

But the problem was with his other children, Yaw Ofosu Amoah, Ama Joana and Obaa Yaa, these kids were the exact opposite of Timothy, they didn’t have this unique cheekbone like Timothy, they were all as beautiful as their mother. It was easy to say these kids resembled their mother, and had no features of their father.

John had been sick for a while, he’s been battling this chronic illness for some time now, doctors have done all they could, but couldn’t help him.

The doctors told his family he had only some few hours to live, enough time to wish him their final farewell. He had said his final words to his extended family member present. It was the turn of his own family, he requested to see his kids first before his wife last.

Ofosu Amoah was first, followed by Joana, then Obaa Yaa, finally Timothy. He wished them all final farewell and blessed them.

Marie, his wife was last, while on his deathbed, the husband asked his wife, “Marie, tell me one thing. And please be honest, I deserve to know this before I die, tell me the whole truth, am I Timothy’s father?”

 “Yes, honey,” replied his wife. “I promise you, Timothy is 100 percent yours, we can have a DNA here and right now to prove it, he’s really your son, I promise, I swear on my mother’s grave that it’s true”

 Convinced by all his wife had said, he said to her, “I can die a happy man. Thank you for loving me and for remaining loyal and faithful all these years, I wish you love and long life. Thank you for your honesty, Goodbye my love.”

 And the man peacefully passed away.

 Marie gave a big sigh and said quietly, “Thank heaven almighty he didn’t ask me about the other three kids.”


story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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