Arriving to school late was a habit, sometimes it was deliberate, other times the traffic on the roads are just insane. I always fought my way to board a troski. I remember I got into a troski through the back window of the bus lool, others followed me, the hustle was real.

I remember some time back, I went to madina zongo junction to get a bus to school, stood there waiting for a bus, finally one came, and as usual the struggle was on, pushing and forcing your way through to get a seat in the bus was a normal thing, during the pulling and pushing, one dude pushed one old lady into a gutter close by, it was and awful and sad scene, at the same time very funny hahahahaha
Going to school was hectic, I was a day student, and I didn’t like the boarding house, that place was so nasty, that could make me puke, their dormitories had this stiff, still, strange smell, it was really awful.
People have this crazy superstition that, going to the boarding school will make you ‘hard’, your ‘eye go tr)’, lots of crazy shit happen at the boarding, good guys turning into thugs, girls turning into hoes lol, the only advantage of the boarding school in my opinion was, you get time to learn, do your homework, get involved in study groups, stuffs like that. Academically that’s an advantage.
I didn’t have many friends in school, I chose to make friends with people in my class, had few friends outside my class, I was a low key guy, always walking around with Frank, Boroo or sometimes Theodore.
The mention of Theodore make I kai something lol, Theodore Didi One Z lol. If not for this guy like some form one boy wanted to beat me
I wasn’t the thick tall macho guy in school, I was more like the average kid in school. One time the school organized inter-houses, I was in house 2, yellow was our colour, house name was ADDO.
One friend in my class, Wesley, I heard he was running the tracks, 100 meters for my house, he was also in house 2, I was surprised, the dude was short, I was taller than him, my other friends told me he was dammmn fast. I wanted to see for my self, so I asked Theodore to go with me to the tracks to see this dude race.
So we got to the field in time to see this guy race, OMG he can run, as short as he was, he was fast, he won the race for house 2, I was really really really impressed, I never thought this short boy could run, let alone win the race.
Theodore and I were on the field just observing, then this form one boy, walkled pass the field, but suddenly stop, and from where he stood, he had blocked my view. I wanted him to move away, so I said to him, “nigga move, you blocking my view”.
This dude turned looked at my face and ignored me. Then I said again, “nigga I said move”. At first I didn’t know he was a form one boy, I’ve never seen him before, and because I didn’t have lots of friends around, I couldn’t tell which form he was in.
Then this boy got angry started ranting like a girl, asking me why i was using the ‘N’ word on him, asking me who the hell i was, asking me who did i think i was, ranting and throwing his hands about
i could see the dude was clearly angry, he didn’t like the ‘nigga’ word i used on him, outta frustration this guy took 2 pace forward looking straight at me
i wasn’t the tallest guy around, i had the average boy size body, but the guy had the height and the body, the weight and the macho and all, i thought it was all jokes until shit got real
looked like i bit more than i could chew, but the boy took 2 pace forward, coming at me, i wanted to run but i couldn’t, run to where?
This dude took 2 pace forward, oh my God, I was scared, I wanted to pee on myself, from that moment shit got real, really fast. I was mute as the guy took 2 more pace forward, asking me who i was to use the N word on him, the guy was furious, I could see it from his eyes fam lol.
I knew the guy wanted to beat the hell outta me, it was so obvious, and there was nothing I could do about it, I wanted to run, but I couldn’t, I was just mute as I stood rooted staring at this boy
The he took another 2 pace forward, just when he was about to take another pace forward, then Theodore, my friend, asked the boy, where he was going, cos he’s noticed he’s coming forward. The guy said nothing, then Theodore was like, “why? Do you wanna fight?”, the boy said nothing as he stared at him, then Theodore went like, “if it’s a fight you want, we could do it here and right now”
Heeerrrhhhh I was relieved! My friend stepped in just in time, this guy was ready to fight for me charle, I was really excited.
The funny thing was, Theodore had unbuttoned his school uniform ready to fight this form one boy, I could see he wanted to beat this boy lol…so I had to stop him, calm him down, tell him it wasn’t worth it, he should let it go…
It was my fight but my friend stood up for me, reading to fight for me, this kinda gesture really impressed me, I had to convinced Theodore to come with me to the classroom before he beats someone’s son into a coma.
If i had tried to fight with the boy, I would have lost, and that would have been a big yawa, like people will see me and go like, this form 4 boy was beaten by a form 1 boy. Theodore force give me, shout out to Theodore Didi One Z where ever you are, I see you bruh

story by: @AbokiCleDre (follow me on twitter)

Copyright © 2016 by @AbokiCleDre on twitter

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