Never compare the past to today Make it a point to laugh at pain Your gains should make you gay Success in life ain’t a race. Find love Stay positive Trust your maker. Focus on people Not performance Be specific in your gratitude. Don’t just live off templates Create your own presets Always be yourself. … More Goals.


I have a couple of things to say, Questions to ask, Decisions to make, Yet time seems to always leave my side. My actions are calculated day by day, By the Known and Unknown. Positive or negative; The words and decisions I say or take, Haunt me each and every day. Life has a way … More Today!


Life is full of surprises Most things in life come as a surprise Life keeps on surprising me even though nothing surprises me anymore The wiser you become, the lesser you will be surprised. -CleDre TalesFromMadina® 2019

Friends & Crows

Listen to Friends & Crows by Aboki CleDre on #SoundCloud Don’t let them see you down Don’t let them see you cry Deprive them the pleasure of seeing your tear roll down your eye Fear not friends who talk behind your back Fear friends who stab you in the dark with poison bamboo arrows They … More Friends & Crows

His Love…

Under the heavens and above the earth Between the sun and moon His works amaze us as earthlings. There is no one like Him; The Supreme Being. The Master Artist; creation reveals His artistry A few men and women came close to righteousness Most of us are knee-deep in sin, Yet His love knows no … More His Love…


BOOK THREE: LEGENDS, MYTH, REALMS, WARS AND TIME The night was dark, daring and devilish, with it’s silver moon hanging high spitting it’s silver Ray’s down the city of Timbuktu. The year was 1308 B.C.E. during the reign of King Mansa Musa. Timbuktu was located at the southern edge of Sahara, which is now presently … More FINAL CLOCK: CLOCKWORK SHRINE: THE TIME WALKERS


CLOCK EIGHTEEN :ORO YEAR: 1300 C.E LOCATION: KATUNGA CAPITAL OF YORUBA EMPIRE OF OYO. REIGN: KING OBUALAFON II ONI OF OYO EMPIRE. DYNASTY: OBUALAFON DYNASTY. The tall massive walls of the Empire forged out of clay, resided some miles away from the Forest. Oro together with Aziza stood at the top of extremely tall trees … More CLOCK EIGHTEEN: CLOCKWORK SHRINE: THE TIME WALKERS


CLOCK THIRTEEN: BEGINNING. The world is filled with completely strange phenomena, that basic science is incapable of explaining. And when such things cannot be explained humans call and believe it as miracles and magic. But the fact is there is a unique science capable of explaining the unexplained. A unique science only extremely intelligent ones … More CLOCK THIRTEEN: CLOCKWORK SHRINE: THE TIME WALKERS